French Knot

papermuseOctober 14, 2006

Have begun to hand-embroider the French knot. First one was perfecto! The succeeding ones quickly degraded. Lol. Beginner's luck?

Usually use 3 strands. Tried more strands. Still my knot forms too soon or in the wrong place. Then as I try to pick it apart or loosen it, it tightens. Instructions say do not let knot go through to other side but this keeps happening.

Any tips?

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Using three strands, twice around the needle, and use your thumb nail to hold the wad in place while the needle is going through. Don't get discouraged, keep practicing.

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Yes, use your thumb to hold onto your thread and slowly pull the needle through the knot. I find that if I dont do them too quickly, they turn out much nicer! French knots were not fun when I started either- I used to make my Mom do them for me!

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Thanks to both of you. Will practice that.

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I don't go back down in the same hole, like most instructions say. I always take a tiny little stitch which is hidden by the Fr knot on top.


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