Chocolate flavored gum?

miscindyApril 12, 2006

Does anyone remember chocolate flavored bubble gum? I think I had it once in the 1980's. It was probably BubbleYum or Hubba Bubba. Has anyone seen it? Wouldn't it be a great dieting aid!!!??? Can you imagine the pleasure of chewing on chocolate for an hour with few calories????!!!! (I'm currently chewing Trident cinnamon to avoid putting chocolate chips in my mouth while I make dinner!)

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I am chewing some other brand of sugar free gum right now as fast as I can~~~there are jelly beans for my DH and DS in the kitchen calling my name!!

Lunchlady smacking away!!

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that sounds like a great idea but i've never heard of it! (although i haven't really been looking and i wasn't alive in the 80's) maybe you should get it trademarked and start a brand or something, i'd buy it!!! Keep me informed if you find something! (p.s.- i've been chewing gum a lonnngggg time too. It's getting annoying and my mouth hurts from me biting it. :( )

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