Can anyone open a Brother embroidery file?

mayleenOctober 25, 2007

I have a embroidery file that I'm told was made using Brother software. When the store that was embroidering this logo for me closed they sent me the file. I am not able to open it and none of the embroiders I've sent it to have been able to open it. I've been told that only someone with Brother software can open it.

Is there anyone out there who has this software and is willing to try and open the file for me? The logo is for a parrot club that I belong to and I need to find someone who can embroider the design onto apparel for us. If I could only get the file to open!

Thanks to anyone who can help or has any advice.

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Anyone with EMBIRD should be able to open the file. If you need to change to another format then Embird can change to the format you require to read in your machine.
Embird is free for a 30 day trial.

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send it to me ill open and covert it to whatever you want.
normaly the brother format is either pes,pec or phc. just let me know what machine you have so i can convert it to the format you need.

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