ClipArt & Quantum XL6000

kcfugeOctober 31, 2006

Hello all,

Does anyone know how I might tranform a piece of Microsoft ClipArt into something a Singer Quantum XL6000 could use as a patern?

Thanks so much.

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Isn't that item covered in your operating manual? You could also join one of the Quantum groups on Yahoo. They are really great when you have a question.

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You'll need some digitizing software, and to make sure that the clipart is royalty-free so that you have the right to digitize it. I can't remember what the Singer software is called, is it PSW2 or something like that? I use Embird, so I'm not completely sure of the Singer version, although I do have the XL6000. I just love Embird and never saw the need to spend more $$ on their software.

Suffice it to say that without some version of digitizing software and knowing how to use it, there is no way to take a piece of clipart and have the machine sew it out. If it's royalty free and a fairly simple pattern, you could send it to me and I might be able to digitize it for you. I'm fairly busy the next few days tho, so it might take a week or so.


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