Rude Weight Remarks

firemanswifeApril 11, 2006

Ok I need to vent...

Myself and a group of woman I work with all joined Weight Watchers a couple of weeks ago. Grant it for those around us that didn't join I am sure we are driving them crazy with all the point counting and everything else. But there is one lady that I work with that isn't going to Weight Watchers and every time I see her she makes horrible comments about my weight. For instance this morning we were all in the breakroom talking about our weigh in tonight and we were wondering how we had all done. This woman looks right at me and said, "It's ok that your big because your body is shaped for comfort not speed!" What in the heck is that suppose to mean? She made the comment when she found out that I was going to WW that it was a good thing because I had really started to pack on the pounds. Since she has started working at my office I have dropped almost 15 lbs. I have lost 2.6 on WW.

I am not good at quick come backs when someone says something that really upsets me...I will go home and cry about it and about 3 days later I think of something really witty to say then it's to late.

What are somethings I can say to maybe back her off a little?

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Dang! That lady is harsh! I might give her a reality dose next time. "You must really have low self-esteem if you feel you need to cut down other people like that." I'd try that real nicely, like you feel sorry for her.

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WOW!! She is not nice at all~~I would not even think witty, I would just tell her to be quiet that her comments were not necessary nor wanted AKA Shut Up!!. Confide in one of the other WW gals how she makes you feel and maybe they will say something to her for you. I have been on WW for 4 weeks now and love it keep up the good work!

Lunchlady, who will come there and take care of her for you!

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I went to my WW weigh in last night and I lost 3.2lbs. for a total of 5.8! I have been so excited!
This morning we were all in the breakroom talking about our weight loss and she came in and made a couple of really rude nasty comments about if we would all just turn around we would find the weight that we lost...meaning it was still there in our rear ends! I just ignored her and kept visiting.
Thanks Lunchlady I might have to call in back up with this lady! :-)

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Good For You!!!!

WOW!!! 3.2lbs!!! I go on Friday nights, so I have a few days to go~~:) But I did notice I had to re adjust my bra today:) I think I am losing more inches than pounds tho:( Which is good:)

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I have lost the weight in my fingers and "in" my bra! It's like some big cosmic joke...I don't lose the weight in my butt or hips where I need to lose it but not a problem with losing the weight in my fingers and bra.

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OH, you will lose your butt soon enough, I am in week 5 and just noticed today my butt is smaller. I want to lose more in my stomach. I think that no matter what I weigh I will have a pot belly, I carried all three of my kids just straight out and it will never go back esp at my age:( Lately I can not even suck it in LOL I have to make people move their chairs when I want by:(

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I haven't noticed a change in my body so much yet but my clothes are starting to fit differently.
I had a rough and then Easter dinner. Not a good thing!

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Well, I did good at my weigh-in on Friday, I was 2oz shy of having lost 10lbs!! YEA!!!!

But I also had a very had time Easter Sunday, started out great BUT my son and I met my DD and her BF at a Mexican resturant half way between out places and it is just too hard to watch your food in a Mexian place! Then as if that was not bad enough it was like (and this is my worst habit) Oh Well I messed up so might as well just keep messing up for the day:( I ate too many jelly beans and my worst Red Light food potato chips!! YUP!! I am never buying them again! I buy them for my DH and DS, but I can not have them in the house ever again!! I lose all controll I can not just eat one!! Boo HOO!!

So we will just get back on track this week and do it!!!!

Fireman's wife~~I wanted to mention I am a Sheriffs wife :)

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Congrats on your weight loss. I can't wait to reach my 10 lbs. mark. Right now I weigh 208 and I just can't wait to get under 200 lbs.
Oh I got into the jelly beans too. I packed up all the Easter candy and brought it to work. I put it in a basket by my desk and by the end of the day it was all gone....all my coworkers ate it! :-)
I worked out really hard this morning at the gym. My poor arms are so darn sore.
I will check in tomorrow and let you know "if" I lost anything. All that pizza, Easter dinner and jelly beans it's not looking good!
How long have you been married to the Sherriff? :-)

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We will have been married 27 years this May 4th:) He will be retiring this time next year~~~maybe good for me and maybe not LOL!!!

Good Luck at your weigh-in~~~a week ago (it was during our spring break) I only lost 2oz!! But I still felt good about it, I had eaten several meals out so I felt that was pretty good:)

I went to my quilt guild meeting tonight~~I meet some gals for dinner before and was mad at myself I forgot to get my dressing on the side, but did remember to have them leave the cheese off~~once step forward one back. But I will not forget next time. It was also our turn to bring snacks I brought two cakes one big fudgy choco one, I cut it all up and did not even take one lick!!! Thats progress!!!

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Good for you! I think at least for me it's the little things that are making me feel better like using diet margarine instead of butter, fat free milk instead of whole. We have made some major changes in our diets. My DH is really supportive and helps out a lot which makes it a lot easier.
I lost 1.7 last night! I was kind of surprised. With as much as I have eaten I was really surprised I had lost at all.
I bought a watermelon last night at the grocery store. I brought it home cut it up and put it in baggies so I can take it with me.
I have to tell you though this morning the coworker from hell told me not to worry about my weight that I was made for comfort not speed. She's going to drive me crazy...I will be skinnier than her but crazy.
We will be married 13 years this July! :-)

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I wonder what is wrong with that lady~~I think she is jealous!

Which diet are you doing?? I am doing the Core Plan. I was going to go Flex but Core seemed easier. I have once in awhile counted up my points for the day too see how close I was and I have been within 2-3 of the amount I could have on Flex, so that is good:)

Good for you losing that much after Easter and pizza:)

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I am on the Flex plan. I thought about doing the core plan but for some reason if I have to be accountable for every little thing I put in my mouth I watch myself more.
Plus let me tell you my points are precious so I am very careful of what I eat.
I bought a treadmill last night so hopefully that helps too.
This woman I have learned is just very lonely and sad. Why else would you think you had to be so mean to someone. She is at least 75lbs heavier than I am. A couple of weeks ago she brought in a couple pairs of levi's and told me she didn't want them anymore and wanted to know if I wanted them to wear. Mind you I am a size 16 she is much larger. I smiled and thanked her and told her that I just loved big levis to make quilts with. I ticked her off and was hoping to get the point across but it didn't! I am however still making quilts from them! :-)

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I think sometimes we put too much pressure on ourselves to have a witty comeback. When I've been in a situation like you described, and I can't think of anything to say, I think it's definitely okay to approach the person later. Just go right up to her and say, "You know, I didn't know quite how to react to your comment this morning. I was offended by what you said, and I hope that you will refrain from that in the future." This approach usually has a pretty drastic effect -- people aren't used to being approached in such a professional and bold manner. For those who don't apologize appropriately...oh well, they'll never learn.

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My DD uses a treadmill and she went down a couple of dress sizes without even dieting. She was heavy for years and lost about 40 pounds just by doing no white and low fat and walking at an indoor mall on her lunch break~~~she looked great. By the time she got on the treadmill her weight was where she wanted it she just wanted to tone up and she did!!

I go to CURVES 3-4 days a week and work in an elementary cafeteria so that is my exercise.

So FW you quilt?? I am a memeber of a quilting guild but I do not quilt at all~~I just go with my pals for dinner before and the fun of seeing everyones quilts and the friendship:)

My weighin is tomorrow night:( I do not think I lost and I really watched it this week darn!!

I will let you know

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Oh I am sure you will do great. I feel the same way everytime it gets close to weigh in. I think it's because I just don't want to get my hopes up.
We got the treadmill together last night...that was exercise in itself. I only played around on it for a while but didn't really do anything serious.
I went to Curves for over a year and with working and everything else I just never found the time to sad is that? But there is a gym where I work and I use it every morning.
I do quilt..have for years. I learned from my great grandmother so it's always been a really neat thing for me.
Good luck at your weigh in! Let me know how it goes! :-)

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I lost 1.2, that puts me at 11 lbs even!! YIPPEE!!! I feel so much better. I am amazed at how much better I feel. So much more energy:) I made it to CURVES 4 days this week and last. I have a pal that goes with me, but she does not work out good at all:( Talks too much, stops and talks! She has been gone the last two weeks and I can not believe the difference in my work outs~~she is gonna have to get with it or I may have to stop going with her. But, I can not do that it is such a problem for me, how do I tell her to pep it up!! Even the gals that work there have tried and it made her grumpy:( Why pay and go if you are not going to do it right???

Do you buy any of the snacks and things at WW's?? I have bought the twists (yum), but now I am hooked on the pretzels they really help me at night when I get the munchies. I also buy these little snack bars that help when I want something sweet.

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Congrats! I knew you would be just fine! :-)
I go tomorrow night and after the weekend I had I don't know if I want to go. We barbecued hamburgers Saturday night...I only had the bottom bun not the top. I had a small baked potatoe, dinner salad and corn on the cob. But I ate all day long! We worked out in the yard and we worked hard but I was just munchie hungry all day.
I do buy the snack bars and other goodies at weight watchers our local store only carries the WW TV dinners so I buy the other goodies to keep at work so I don't raid the vending machine.
I love to walk at night when I get home from work and my dear FIL loves to walk also but a year ago he broke his ankle really bad and ended up with blood clots, it was just a big mess. He can't walk very fast and I can only walk with him on pretty flat ground. I love to hike up in the hills behind my house it's a four mile hike and by the time I get done I am just wiped out. So when he wants to go it's around town and it just drives me crazy. I want more out of my walks than that so I know how you feel. If I am going to put on my sneakers and go I want to make it worth my time.
Hang in there and remember your getting healthy for you!

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I had the bad munchies this last weekend too:( I need to find something to do when I feel like that:) But, it is dark out and I am lazy so I will not go for a walk not even a quick one, but maybe I should try that??

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If I don't leave the marshmellows alone I am going to take the shape of one! :-)
I did my little hike last night. It was raining really softly which was kind of nice. I took off and enjoyed my quiet time.
I have weigh in tonight and I don't think I have done very well. Besides the marshmellows I went to Chinese yesterday with a bunch of girlfriends. I guess we shall see! :-)

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Good Luck!! Good for you going on your hike sounds fun:) I am drinking more water today I think I have not been drinking enough early in my day.

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I lost .8 last night. I was kind of frustrated at first but I haven't exactly been very faithful this last week. One of my very dear friends is going through a really nasty divorce and this last week has been tough so we have gone to lunch a couple of times.
I hit the gym hard this morning and tonight when I get home I am going for my hike.
I need to drink more water too. I bought a big bottle to keep at my desk and some days it just sits there! I need to make it a goal to empty it every day before I go home.
The awful lady I work with has been gone so I haven't had to contend with's been so nice and quiet. :-)

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This is somewhat OT; but maybe you should try being nice to the "awful lady". I have had people I have worked with that said things about me behind my back, etc. etc. I just kept being nice and not reacting. Many of these people ended up becoming friends of mine.
Best of luck to both of you on your weight loss. Just found out my DS is getting married in Sept. Joined a club this am and am dusting off my old WW stuff. Great incentive. Just hope I can be diligent after the wedding to keep my great new me

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HI! Connie let us know how you are doing with the WW. What club did you join???

FW, one week I only lost.2oz at least I did not gain:)I have been doing more water and noticed it right away with how my wedding band feels. The fact that I got it on was great LOL!!!

I have made it to CURVES all three days this week YIPPEE!!!

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I could see being nice to "awful lady" in order to take the high road, but why on earth would you go out of your way to make her a friend? There are enough wonderful and loving people in the world to make friends with, personally I wouldnt waste my time on her. I think in this case success is the best revenge.

good luck!


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I did not start out trying to become friends with anyone. But by being nice, or taking the high road, with some of these people, we found common interests and goals. And at least in a work environment, became "friends" which made it a whole lot more pleasant
I joined a club called Snap Fitness. It is a franchise which was started here in MN. They had a special that was 4 weeks for $4. Plus a initial cost of $49 and $10 for a key. They are open 24/7; altho not staffed. They do not require a contract; just 30 days notice. Free weights, cybex, treadmills, bikes, elliptical trainer. They have a trainer starting next Monday. And for 2 weeks he will be available for free. I hope to have him help me set up a program.
I am not actually going to rejoin WW. But, I know the drill. Mainly need to cut out fast food restaurents and french fries. Have not had any in a week. I don't plan on losing too fast. Want this to last

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Good for you LL. I need to drink more water but sometimes I just can't gag enough of it down! :-)
I went for a 3 mile walk before work this morning instead of going to the gym. The weathers starting to get nice and it felt great to stretch my legs.
As for the lady I work's not just with the weight theres a lot more going on than just that. That's just what she comes at me directly with. She's a trouble maker so I keep my distance and stay really close with my other friends. She's the type of person I couldn't trust no matter how friendly she got with me. I wish it wasn't like is to short to be mad at everyone all the time. But that's the road she's taken.

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WOW!!! A Three mile walk before work!! Good For YOU!!!!

I depressed myself today by jumping on the scale at CURVES BOO HOO!! I know it reads on the higher side and esp with my shoes on than WW's but DANG!! It looked like I have lost nothing! BUT! Everything feels looser!! And when I turn sideways and look at my belly it looks smaller am I dreaming???

We shall see tomorrow night:)

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The scale might not of moved but I bet you have losts inches. It all adds up!!! I am sure you look GREAT!!
Remember it's not all in what the scale says.
I have learned that I build muscle mass really fast and would get really discouraged because the scale would go up when I was trying to lose weight but muscle weighs more than fat. Plus I remind myself that muscle doesn't jiggle like my fat makes me smile! :-) So I bet as you exercise and are dieting your gaining more muscle and are getting tone.
Knock em dead tomorrow night!

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YAHOO!!! I lost 2lbs!!! WOW!! I love the WW's scale compared to CURVES!! I will not get on it again~~~well, I have to Monday to get weighed and measured:) I know I have lost inches, I tried on alot of my tops that I used to look like a sausage in and WOW they looked good:) After WW's I went shopping I want a new pair of jeans to wear next weekend when my Sweetie and I go off on our 3 day anniversary trip:) But, I do not want to pay much I am maybe just about ready to go down a size:)

I tried on some of those panties that hold your tummy in just a bit LOL!!! They just gave me an extra roll so I put them back.

I worked out 5 days this week, drank more water and really watched portion controll I think it paid off.

I keep wondering don't we get to a point where we stop losing or have to eat less??? I am afraid the goal weight that want is too low for me:(

Have a fun weekend my CURVES pal and I are going to a quilt sale and show, then too lunch~~~salad for me with dressing on the side YEAH!!!

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CONGRATS!!!! I bet you look great! It is so exciting to see it on the scale and then see it in your clothes.
My weigh in is tomorrow night. I did really good Saturday...I worked in the yard all day but yesterday I grazed all day. I do really good if I'm busy but I was so tired yesterday from being outside the day before that I ate more than what I should of.
I need to get in the habit of drinking more water. Right now I'm on an iced tea kick.
I am going to go home tonight and finish mowing lawns so that's a workout in itself.

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Firemanswife, I made a WW's post for us like the gals that do SSing~~~post there so we can try and get some gals to join us:)

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Good thinking! :-)
See you there!

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I think that the next time she says something nasty you should get a shocked look on your face and ask "now why would you say something hurtful like that?".

That gives her a chance to apologize or change her tune.

If she continues with the nastiness just tell her "I may be fat but you're ugly and at least I can lose weight".

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