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miscindyApril 15, 2006

when you feel like you'll never be able to be a normal size person again? I look horrible in all my clothes! When I look at catalogs I see clothes I like, but I can't wear because they would look terrible on me. I am embarrassed at my children's events and to wear shorts out in the yard. I am the fattest woman on the block. Even the pregnant people are thinner than I am. I've just barely started to count calories (only 2 weeks now) and haven't lost anything this week. My goal was to lose 20# by June 16, I've only lost 2#-so I'm 3# behind schedule already. What do you do when you just want to cry?

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I can't tell you. I have sever thyroid problems and it does not seems to matter how many calories I CUT IT IS NOT ENOUGH. I struggle so hard. My MD'S give me no support, but there is a new article published that says the fatigue and the weight gain are the worst senerio and just becaus you are on meds does not mean it is going away. The dose I am on is the nest to the highest they make and it is of no help for energy or weight controll. I love clothes and looking cute but I know I do not and I absolutly hate and dispise it. I called to get the lap band but I do not weigh enough big joke. I am sorry it effects your whole being, self esteem andhow the world sees you. miscindy do not feel alone a whole lot of us are bearing the same chain you are.
Get your knee better and go from there, you can't move around yet to get the exercise you need, take care of what is important now and deal wiwth the othr later.

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