Looking for a school mascot design

rubyjudOctober 9, 2004

Hey there fellow obcessive embroiders....My daughter teaches at a middle school...the mascot is Trojans....any help with finding that design???...She would love for me to do some thing for the school.....thanks if you can help...Judy in Louisiana

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Hi Judy, I can help you. email me at costumgrl@earthlink.net. Chris

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I registered a follow up here...do not know where it went...but I will tell you....I made a terrible mistake....my daughters school mascot is NOT the Trojans....it is the Spartans.....what a mistake!!!....what a school that must be....She just laughed herself silly when I told her what I did...anyway...looking for a Spartan...not a Trojan....wow....thanks for any help...Judy

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Singer has a set of Mascots. It has some with head gear. Describe a Spartan for me!

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I would suggest contacting the folks at Allcustomwear.com. I know they are doing all of the apparel at my son's high school and at our church.

Here is a link that might be useful: Allcustomwear

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do a search for spartan embroidery design. I found 2 at one site.

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It's been 4 years since the people were looking for this design....Watch dates when you respond. I wouldn't be referring back to this site still looking 4 years later. When I want something, it is usually right then that someone has asked me to do something.

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