Expecting and only want to eat high-fat food! Help!

beths96April 13, 2004

Hi everyone!

I'm a frequent poster at the Home Decorating, Kitchens, and Cooking forums. I've never posted here. But now I have a problem and I could use some advice, please! :)

I'm pregnant, and I'm due in early November. This will be our first baby. I couldn't be happier! But, like many other woman, I am sick to my stomach almost constantly. It seems to be worse in the evenings that in the mornings.

What I've found is that I'm craving very high-fat food. That's all that seems to settle my stomach. Crackers work, for a few minutes, but a Big Mac is what really makes me feel better! And that's not good. And to make matters worse, even though I'm sick, I still get hungry about every 3 hours.

So, does anyone have a tip for me? Have you found any meals or recipes that are filling and not so high in fat and calories? I'm a bit overweight to begin with, and I just know that my doctor is going to tell me to try to stop gaining any unneccesary weight.

Thank you!


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Congratulations Beth on your happy news!
I have never been pregnant so I cannot relate in that department. It sounds like your body is going through quite a few changes. Crackers may be good, but like any bread, they burn off quickly. Can you maybe break down your major meals into smaller, more frequent eating patterns - breakfast, mid-am, lunch, mid pm, dinner, evening?
Can you tolerate fruit? veggies? leaner meats?
You may want to consider how you group your foods so they burn slower, eat slower....if you want crackers, can you have a slice of cheese or a few almonds or some thing with protein? A piece of fruit? How you group your foods will help slow down the digestion of them. You may even be interested in doing a web search on the 'glycemic index australia' (the university in australia has the best site). The glycemic index groups foods by how your body digests them. Simple things like changing the type of rice you use to Uncle Ben's converted or Balsamic (they take longer to burn in your body).
I would not be surprised if your food tastes change dramatically over the next little while.
Keep us posted!

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Thank you for your suggestions. I will definitely search the web for what you mentioned. Frequent meals seem to be what I want now, as opposed to before. Food in my stomach tends to keep me from feeling ill, so I will take your suggestions about adding some fruit and cheese with the crackers.


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Good luck Beth! I bet your doctor could give you a good balanced diet plan to follow since you are eating for 2. Think high fiber, smaller meals like McPeg suggests. The fiber takes longer to digest. Your baby will take the nutrients it needs from your body but won't take Big Mac's from you. You will keep them for your own and they will go right to the butt. I just started reading a good fat bad fat book and when I read how fat and cholesterol lines your arteries I would not look at a Big Mac if it fell in my front yard. If you get a craving think - what is the minimum I can do to soothe this? If a grilled chicken (skip the mayo) won't fill it then a hamburger might just be enough. Don't put yourself under house arrest - eat out if you want! Get something to keep your hands busy - a counted cross stitch picture for the baby would keep your hands busy and you wouldn't want to keep washing your hands after you eat. Let us know how it goes. Kathy

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Hi Beth--
Congratulations on your wonderful news!!
If it's high fat food you're craving, remember that there's good fats and bad fats. Avocados, olives, nuts, seeds, cheese all have redeeming nutritional qualities. Try red pepper strips dipped in guacamole. Tuna salad on an avocado half. Chopped walnuts and fruit mixed into your yogurt. Almond butter spread on celery sticks. A dark green salad tossed with kalamata olives, pine nuts, feta cheese and an olive oil vinaigrette. These good fats should satisfy you and not leave you craving more. Really try to avoid sugar and refined carbohydrates. I've been low carbing for three months, and it's true, if you don't start, you don't crave. Try to make all your calories as nutrient dense as possible, and you and your baby will be the picture of health!

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