Embroidering on Hankerchief material

czarena12aOctober 20, 2006

I have asked this question and no one seems to want to answer. I really hope someone here has some Idea.

I would like to make hankerchiefs for xmas. another message group on PR gave me information on how to edge the hankerchief. If anyone is here from that I thank them. Now I am stuck as to what type of stabilizer to use. I want the underside to look nice to so I am not sure what or how to use it.

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I have only embroidered once on a pre-made handkerchief and I used a lightweight stabilizer on the back. When I was finished, I cut away as much as possible around the edge of the embroidery. I hope this helps.

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Will this be a monogram or other type of design? Have you figured how you are going to stick the hankerchief down in the hoop while it's embroidering?

I would make test samples using scrap fabric and different stabilizers to get the best combination that will stitch the design out flawlessly, secure the hankie in the hoop, and stabilize the design.

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czarena12a, I sent you a private email through the web. Hope you get it. Let me know if you don't, and I will send another one. Hope it helps!!!

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Are you hand embroidering or machine embroidering? With hand embroidery, I never use a stabilizer on the back of a handkerchief, and they work out fine! But with machine embroidery, this may be different!

Here is a link that might be useful: Video Library of Hand Embroidery Stitches

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A water soluble on top and bottom works best. I'm assuming it's a delicate design, since you're sewing on a handkerchief. Try using a 60-wt thread for your top thread also -- it does much better on smaller lettering.

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