flooding in ohio

mjseeJuly 24, 2003

I live in NC--own a condo (which mymom lives in) in NE Ohio. Strom drains couldn't handle heavy rain there Monday night--her apartment got flooded--though not as seriiously as the other buildings in the complex. We've contacted (and contracted with!) a company that cleans after flooding/fires...and I have insurance for this kind of thing. MY concern--what about the other unit owners that DON'T have insurance? In a communal building (these used tobe apartments) what happens when someof the owners clean-up repair, and others don't? I can't get the management to even talk to me--to be fair they have their hands full--but am stressing a bit. Anyone with experience in this sortof thing?


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I assume the problem has been solved by now and all is dry in your area. Did you have to pay for the others?

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We will have to pay for the communal space...because the condo board voted not to invest in flood insurance. (!)

MY insurance covered all but $250.00 (my deductible) of the $6000.00 cost for repair of my unit. Our building wouldn't have flooded at all, if the drains the condo association is responsible for had been properly maintained. I hope the condo board has enough liability insurance--my guess is that the un-insured will sue for negligence. (The blocked/inadequate drains had been reported several times, over a period of weeks prior to the flood.)

Our maintenance fees will be increased by about $150.00/month for the forseeable future...but that just covers the public space. We were declared a disaster, and are eligible for FEMA loans--that should help people re-build. The whole thing has been an exhausting mess, and highlights how useful proper insurance is.


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