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karenschaeweJuly 5, 2003

My brother has been working on 2 sections of his roof with help from our dad. They have most of the prep work done, the roofer is scheduled to come out next week to put the roofing on (it's less than a 2/12 pitch so not a DIY job). Last night while we were at a fireworks show a huge storm rolled through, blew the plastic sheeting off the roof and the rain just poured in. The ceilings fell down in the kitchen, dining room and guest bedroom. They cleaned up the plaster and drywall but still have to dry everything out.

So what we need to know if how to dry everything completely so mold won't delevop. The DR and guest room are carpeted, the kitchen is old vinyl. In the guest room was a mattress that is just *totally* soaked, can it be saved?

So far all they've done is run the Big Green Machine over the carpets and mattress to suck up water. I think they need to pull up the carpet and pad to dry underneath, maybe even replace the carpet. What about the mattress set? It was soaked through, can we get it dried out or is it a mold colony waiting to happen?

They have a wet/dry vac and I'm bringing them a huge fan this afternooon. Is there anything else that will help?

TIA for advice!


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Contact your insurance agency to see if help is available. When my father had water damage, the insurance company pulled up all carpet, and set up large fans to blow moisture out, and this ran for abour 4 days. This was to prevent future mold damage......

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