doggie doo doo in rat hole????

rhonniJuly 10, 2002

i could swear i heard before that to get rid of the rat hole/homes" in a backyard, you fill the hole with doggie doo-doo and they will stay away. did i dream this, is it an old wives tale or is it true???????? can anyone clear this up for me?? i would really appreciate it!!!!!!! this is in a friend's yard and we want to make sure we gave the right advice!! p.s., these/this rats/rat are/is going between backyards with their neighbor's yard. coincidentally, the neighbor "just cleaned away all their old weed/bush display" behind their the neighbor is complaining that doggie doo will in fact actually attract rats............thanks!!!!

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I am not sure which is more fun to have around. What would you rather step in out in your yard- a hole or a doo?

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I put it in the holes when planting bulbs and it helps keep critters from digging them up. Our pocket gophers make long tunnels and I do not have enough dog doo to fill them. We just flood or trap.

Gutta cavat lapidem (Dripping water hollows out a stone) - Ovid

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This works for moles. They dig away from the poo so you continue until they go else where.
As far as rats and dog poop. They eat dog poop. So putting it down their hole wouldn't be the best idea if you want to get rid of them.

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I know I stay as far away from dog poop as possible. So the theory may have some validity. But this is the twenty first century for Pete's sake!! You can probably "do" a little better than that for advice! LOL Rat's are gross and unsanitary. Maybe they should try a good old fashioned exterminator.

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