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lunchlady1948April 30, 2006

WW's ladies lets try doing like the SS ladies and have our own running post for the week. Everyone that is doing WW's either at a local meeting, online or on their own come join us.

Let us know how you are doing, ask any questions, give hints of what helps you and let us know what your challeges and your successes are!!!

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I am Lunchlady1948 AKA Ladbug1948 at other forums. I live in Southern Cali I am 57 years old. I work in an elementary cafeteria (lunchlady get it LOL)

I have been as my mom calls me fluffy all my life and after each kid 3 (38-25 and 22)I just added more fluff. I am what they call a YOYO dieter, losing and gaining for years.

This is my 4th time back to WW's. I went many many years ago. The plans they have now are so much better and easier to follow. I am loving it. I chose the Core Plan it has all the foods I love on it and I do not miss the ones that are not allowed. I can always use my extra points for them.
I wanted something that could be a lifestyle of eating not just a diet and I think this is it for me.

I started March 10th at 164. I weighed in on Friday at 151. I have not talked about my goal weight with my leader just the 10% 148, I will pick the high end for my height 5'4" as my goal that will be 146. Much less than that and it will be a struggle for me to maintain.

My Sucess this last week was drinking more water, working out at CURVES 5 days instead of my usual 3 days and really watching my portion control. It paid off I lost 2lbs last week.

My Challenge for the week is my DH and I are going on a 3 day trip up the coast to celebrate our 27th wedding anny. That will mean alot of eating out, I have to really plan for this.

Tell us about yourself??

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I am of course a firemanswife! :-) I will be 31 in a couple of weeks and I joined WW for the first time a month ago. I have lost 8.8lbs so far. Weigh in is tonight so I am hoping that goes up! :-) The number of pounds lost not my weight!
I was very petite on my wedding day 13 years ago and about 2 years into our marriage my husband was diagnosed with cancer and I gradually put on the weight. I am an emotional eater and through the years have managed to put on 60 pounds. I felt for a long time that food was the only thing that I could really control and it became a comfort to me through some really tough times.
I work out everyday, whether it's in the gym, going for walks or simply jumping on the trampoline.

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Hopefully other WW's will join us.

I have a headache sometimes I think it is from sugar withdrawl:(

Have I asked you this before (remember I am old:) What do you do for snacks?? My son asked me tonight as I ate ANOTHER chicken salad for dinner if I am not saladed out yet LOL!! Do you do all your fruits and veggies?? I do them and more~~~but have trouble with the milk I do not care for milk. I bought the smoothie mix but it was so thick tasting ICK! I have bought a few StarBucks soy lattes to get milk in, but they are pricey.

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Greetings! Just joined WW for the first time ever Monday. Was happy to see a number of familiar faces there! Since the meeting was in the evening, yesterday was my first full day - 24 points and 5 weekly points used (thought I wouldn't use them, but baked choc. chip cookies and had to have 2 tiny ones, then later had a small glass of wine...). I have also yoyo'd all my adult life. Currently am at my heaviest and need to lose 43 pounds to get to my target, according to the WW chart (which is the same number I came up with before I saw the chart).I live in central Calif and work at a church. I'll look forward to an online support group of WW buddies!

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Welcome Churchlady!
For snacks I eat lots of fruit and veggies. I also eat those 100 calorie snacks that you see on tv. My favorite are the cheese nips and oreo cookies. Plus they are only 2 points. I also eat the WW ice cream...2 points each. I have been hooked on watermelon lately too.
I went to weigh in last night and I am down 2.6 lbs. I was so excited!!!

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Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to start a day before my birthday - a coworker who is the best baker in the world brought some wonderful cream puffs in for me this morning! Her face just fell when I said I'd just joined WW so I had to have a small one... I couldn't find any points anywhere for THAT, so I counted it as 6. What do you think? Here it is not even 2 PM and I only have 4 points left! I couldn't do the core program -- too fresh and natural to be realistic for my lifestyle, I'm sorry to say. But maybe after being on WW for a while I'll learn some new tricks. :)
I love the vegetable soup, which I made yesterday! I hope I'll still love it a month from now.

When do you think I'll find out about activity points? I don't see that covered in any of the intro materials I received...

That is so great that you lost another 2.6 pounds, Firemanswife! Congratulations! You must be losing more than 2 pounds a week to be where you are now - I'd be thrilled if that happens with me.

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I have done that. I had a friends bring homemade hot out of oven brownies and how do you say no...really! :-) So I had two so the weight would be evenly distributed on my thighs!
When I have run myself short on points I have the soup and a salad. I try not to use the activity list just so I wouldn't be tempted to go run around the block to have another brownie.
My MIL is horrible! That's just kind of enough said in that brief little sentence! :-) When she found out that I had joined WW she brought homemade chocolate cookies to the house one night. I kindly explained that I was on WW and that I wasn't keeping goodies in the house like that. So the next day I wrapped them up and sent them with David to work to share with his crew. A couple of days later here come brownies I did the exact same thing. A few days after that a homemade cheesecake. I sent it home with another friend of mine right in front of her. Last Saturday night here she comes with a homemade German chocolate cake. I was so frustrated because I was struggling anyway and just tired of her being so insensitive. I threw the whole thing in the garbage right in front of her. I lost it! Needless to say she isn't speaking to me which is just fine with me.
The only time the woman cooks is when I am trying to diet and she turns into Betty Crocker.
Sorry for the rant...I am craving chocolate and it's been a rough day! :-)

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Welcome Chruchlady~~it all gets easier as you notice your first weight loss. Activity points are in the third week.

Congrats FW on the weight loss!!! I have never made that veggie soup yet, I keep forgetting about it. Next week I will forsure, I will need it after DH and I get back from our three days of celebrating:)

I have not had anyone tempt me with food yet (DARN:) But I did eat the last choco Easter egg left in the house last night! I was so mad at myself and it really did not even taste that good:( Only good thing is now it is gone and not calling my name.

My good news is I got weighed and measured at CURVES today. I weigh the same as I did at my last weigh in, last Friday, but I have lost 4.25 inches this month YAHOO!! That is a tolal of 14" since I started WW's.

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Congrats! Remember that on average for every 7 pounds you lose you drop a dress size! Keep up the good work.
I worked out this morning..I am exhausted but it felt great. I am off tomorrow and first thing in the morning I am going to put my sneakers and go for my walk! I love my moring walks.

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Firemanswife, I couldn't help but think of "Everybody Loves Raymond" when you were talking about your MIL. Does she live across the street?

Lunchlady, where are you and your husband traveling too? Sounds like up my way... Great news on your progress. Both you and FW sound like you have really have a lot to show for your efforts, or rather, a lot less to show. You ladies are inspiring me! Thanks!!

OK so yesterday evening I took my my son and myself out for a birthday dinner - I splurged on a 5 oz. filet mignon but was proud that I skipped my favorite part, the bread. I didn't even cry. I also
didn't eat the potato. At the end of the day I figured I went 10 points over for the day, which I took off of my weekly points. I think I can do ok the rest of the week!

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As a matter of fact I can see her front door from my front door and yes she's a little like Marie! :-) This has been an issue between us for years.
It sounds like your doing great! Keep up the good work!

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We are leaving for Santa Barbara in the morning:) I am so excited, but have to re-pack the weather is cooler than expected.

CL where do you live?? You did great on your dinner you will make it through the week forsure!!

FW Keep up those work outs!! You are doing great!! HMM I do not think I have lost a size yet in my pants, that may just mean I have been wearing them too tight:( Way too tight, how did I breathe???

DH and I just got back from going out to dinner for our anny and I did great:) I had half a potato with salsa and a green salad:) Dressing on the side. I felt fine but when my hubby got the bill he was ?what? your dinner was only $6.50 cheap date ain't I:) I want to save my points for a nice dinner on my trip.

So keep posting and I will be back on Sunday.

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Hi LL - I thought you might be heading to Santa Barbara. If you make it up to the Santa Ynez Valley you'll be in my neighborhood. I think the weather will be nicer than we thought it would. Have a great time!

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I go to weigh in tomorrow night I think I have done better this time. I have been really careful and yesterday we went out in the mountains and hiked our fannies off.
Keep up the good work and enjoy your vacation!

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