pavlos01April 28, 2014


I�m looking for a product that may not even be on the market.

Here is my issue! I installed a swimming pool a couple of years ago at my home and at the time I supplied my pool shed (About 10 meters away from my house) with its own power source to run a few difference pieces of equipment.

Two years on I know what to install a Swimming pool controller that will control all my pool equipment.

Most of the equipment is based next to my home and this is where my pool controller will live but the issue is I need to contact each piece of pool equipment by its power source to the controller.

Because the pool shed has only one main power source to power three pieces of equipment I�m a bit stuck.

I�m hoping there is a product on the market that can help me out.

Ideally what I need is something that can plug into my pool controller on my home and then when it wants the piece of pool equipment to be switch on it will send a signal to my pool shed (About 10 Metres away) to switch on that piece of pool equipment.

Is there anything on the market for this. I see you can get a plug that you can control with a handset but this will not help me.

Any help would be great


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