Ok, it's a start!

kframe19April 28, 2004

After roughly two weeks of spotty workouts and watching what I'm eating, I'm seeing some results.

I've dropped almost 5 pounds, with another Umpagabilazillion* to go, and I'm noticing some firming going on in my arms and chest.

*Umpagabilazillion is defined as "A number so huge that your head would explode were you to try to comprehend it."

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tee hee he kframe, you didn't need to explain Umpagabilazillion to me cause that's my exact number too. Toooooo funnnnny

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Hi Kframe!
Welcome! Glad to meet you! You are definitely on the right track. Sounds like you have a lot of heavy work planned at home - reading your page - lot's of opportunities to get stretching and exercising. Happy to meet you - always looking to chat with new folk. I am halfway to my goal and this is my worst part of it because my metabolism has slowed down and trynig to keep motivated can be challenging. But knowing I am not alone and having friends to share everything with has been wonderful, to say the least.
Really happy to meet you!

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