Why not just exfoliate?

SheeshareeIIMarch 1, 2014

I've been cosidering purchasing one of those Olay Pro X face exfoliators. They're the cheap version of the Clarisonic with good reviews.

My question is, why not just exfoliate daily? Out of all the products I've tried I find I prefer plain old baking soda the best. Would you not get the same results if you did this daily? I guess I'm not understanding what makes the little machines better.


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Here's a little tip. Just use a wet washcloth on your face each morning and voila, it's exfolliated.

I've been told many times how young my skin looks and I finally figured out it's because one of my morning rituals to help me wake up until coffee kicks in, is to wipe my face with a cold wash cloth several times. Gently go over the eye area but don't use pressure on them.

I also read somewhere that using a washcloth does the trick.

Once I'm awake I always put moisturizer on. Right now I'm using "Clean & Clear Morning Burst" hydrating gel. I love it and the scent is so fresh!

Think of all of those beautiful little old ladies who have the smoothest skin. They didn't use a high dollar contraption. :)

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I agree with Oakley but I use a buff puff available at CVS and exfoliate every night. All I use is Oil of Olay for skin care. I too get many compliments on my skin.

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Everyone skin is different and it changes as you age. While I do use a washcloth everyday that is differently not enough to get off the dead skin cells. Probably was ok when I was younger. If I don't exfoliate enough my skin looks dull and feels rough. One of the things that causes aged skin is that dead skin cells don't flake off easily.

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I won a Clarisonic several years ago. I had no idea what it was at that time. They were a fairly new thing then, but my daughter was thrilled for me and said 'use it, Mom' so I did. I've replaced the heads several times since but I love it and my skin looks great. I've left it at home (forgot it) a few times when we've traveled and I can always tell. Lately I have been getting chemical peels about 3 times a year, and the nurse who does them can't get over the condition my skin is in for my age. Guess you can tell I am a believer.

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Having worked for a dermatologist many years ago, I've always been meticulous about skin care (and IMHO it has paid off). I thought the Clarisonic sounded gimmicky, too, but after reading so many glowing reviews and given Ulta's generous return policy, I purchased one over a year ago and have never looked back. My DD laughed when I gave her one for Christmas but she wasn't laughing after using it for a short time. She has at least one friend she's recommended it to who has thanked her.

Lastly, the ProX isn't comparable to the Clarisonic. I purchased a similar one for travel (didn't want anything to happen to the Clarisonic) but I can't stand it and now take the Clarisonic with me and leave it in the safe when we vacate the room. (I know!..paranoia much?! But that's how much I love it)

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I know nothing about the Clarisonic. Do you use product with it?

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They sell cleansers with it, but you don't have to use them IMO. I use my normal cleanser and just let the Clarisonic do it's thing as per the instructions then rinse and use my normal moisturizers.

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My cleanser of choice is Cetaphil though, as mentioned, the Clarisonic does come with a sample of their cleanser.

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I got my Clarisonic before they sold their own products. A non-foaming or low-sudsing cleanser is best because a foamy cleanser will really go crazy under the motion of that brush head and too much foam can drip into your eyes, noes or mouth. It's even easier to have a problem if you use it in the shower instead of at the sink in front of a mirror.

I got Philosophy's Purity cleanser near the same time and thought they make a great pairing. I still use Purity but am also trying Philosophy's Miracle Worker cleanser.

I found both Philosophy and Clarisonic in a search for something to help my son with worsening acne. ProActiv wasn't working for him and the dermatologist said he would be a candidate for Accutane. After reading all the disclosures and getting the cost, I told him that had to be a last resort. The Clarisonic and Philosophy line up for acne were far less money and helped. I was curious about this mega brush I'd bought him so I used a clean brush on my skin to try it -- then bought one of my own and later one for the younger son. I'm not one to spend that kind of money like that, but we did and after trying the first one.

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Lascatx, may I ask how the Clarisonic and Philosophy helped with your son's acne? My daughter is having a lot of outbreaks, but is convinced the Clarisonic will aggravate her skin. Thanks.

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Jshore, They have a sensitive skin head that she could start out with and then move on to the one for deep cleaning as her skin got used to the bristles.

I've had one for about a year, and definitely can tell when I don't use if for a few days. I had the Olay one first because I too didn't want to spend $100+ on something I didn't know if I'd like. I've noticed a huge difference in the smoothness of my skin and my pore size.

I think my skin creams work better now too since using the Clairsonic.

I wish I had just bought the Clairsonic first. I now have spent the $30 for the Olay and then the $100 for the Clairsonic!

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I have a clairsonic, it was a gift.
It jas been a Godsend. In addition to being rashy, and red, my shin was always peel-y too. Using the clairsonic am and pm with a cleanser (cetaphil skin cleanser) has gotten rid of all the flakes and irregular texture. I exfoliate a couple of times a week too. I used to just exfoliate, but it didnt have the effect the clairsonic has.

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OK....I am now jazzed to buy a Clarisonic...anyone know the difference in the Clarisonic Plus, Mia, Mia 2 and Aria...other than price?

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Like Oakley, I have very youthful skin for my age and hardly any wrinkles. I've never used an exfoliating machine. Mine, DH feels, is due to never having smoked, drinking lots of water every day (it's easy for me because I love it), always wearing a good (Neutrogena) sunblock outside, using a good but reasonably-priced moisturizer (Neutrogena) morning and night . . . and washing my face every morning with St. Ives Blemish Control Apricot Scrub. I do think that, as Oakley mentioned, a washcloth could give me the same benefit as the scrub, but I love my scrub.

DH was actually a pharmacist for 5 years before he went to medical school, so he's been a fountain of good , dependable info for me on the things I use on my face and body. Being in family practice now for over 20 years, he takes care of many skin problems with his patients every week. How handy for me (LOL)! I frequently call him up while I'm out shopping to run ingredients in lotions and makeup by him. The guy is brilliant and so down to earth when it comes to stuff like that. Instead of being impressed by new devices and exotic ingredients, he sees them for what they really are and what they can actually do ~ or not do.

When our DD was in high school and having blemish problems, she really wanted to buy an exfoliating machine. DH told her to instead use the same routine as I do. He's had many of his patients create more skin issues than they solve with them and feels St. Ives Blemish Control Scrubbing grains work better. Other brands may work equally well, but many add unnecessary ingredients just to inflate the price.

Anyhoo, that's what I use and why.

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Lynn....thanks for the free physician advice! I have often heard and read that the expensive brands are no different than the drugstore brands. I thought a Clarisonic might be helpful based on the opinions here and elsewhere...I've just put off buying it.

Like you, I dont have many wrinkles and people do not think I look my age. I do have redness on my chin and around nose/cheeks. I am going to try the products you mentioned and have started using a washcloth to "exfoliate." I have dry skin and will now stick with night creams which seem a little heavier and have more staying power.

Do tell, what foundation do you use, if you use one?

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Thanks, Joanie! Yes, DH definitely comes in handy sometimes (LOL)! I don't use a foundation, just my Neutrogena moisturizer and a little blush and under eye highlighter. But, the other day here Tina convinced me to try a new product I'd heard of. It's a pressed powder by Pur that does not look or feel like a powder and doesn't look heavy or cakey. My sis just started using it and is crazy about it . . . although she lives in Atlanta and so I can't actually see it on her. I'm just waiting for DD to get home on Spring Break to go get it at Ulta, though.

BTW, the reason I use the St. Ives Blemish Control Scrub rather than one of their other scrubs is not because I have acne. I don't. It's because the others are mainly creams and minimal scrubbing grains in them. Whereas the blemish control has more of the almond grains I like.

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I had a dermatologist tell me not to use St. Ives products because the exfoliates in it have a jagged shape that can cause micro tears in the skin. I have sensitive skin, and had used St. Ives every couple days in the shower for the last few years and was noticing weird issues with my skin separating any makeup on my face etc. He said that with exfoliates it was better to use one with rounded edges, like round beads that would be more gentle on my skin. I took his advice and switched to a different exfoliate and my skin issues improved.

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I don't have a Clarsonic but I do exfoliate daily using glycolic acid products.

Jan Marini manufactures wonderful skin care products. I have been using the Glycolic Gel Wash for oiy skin for years nightly even though my skin is not oily. It's the strongest wash. My Dr. got me started on this brand. She always asserts "if your skin can tolerate it" and start it slow in one area at a time. They have a bioglycolic cream also which I used nightly. Now I use a glycolic acid cream that comes in different strengths 5,10, and 15 which I get from her office. Just started using the 15 a couple of weeks ago after being on the 5 than10 for over a year. Use the cream 3x a week since it is strong along with a dab of RetinaA .

My skin is in great shape for 62 yrs old. When I tell people my age, they are amazed. Hardly a wrinkle. My jowls are another story. LOL. Exercise helps it all also.

During the day I use Purpose by J&J to clean my skin and Neutragena Moisturizer "Pure Screen" that has both Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide and SPF50. These 2 ingredients are true sunblocks and are found in much more expensive moisturizers. I used Philosophy Purity for a long time but found Purpose to be as good, as gentle, and cost much less.

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Roobear, was it the micro exfoliator that had pointyedges?
St yves has a few exfoliators.

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Mitchdesj, the two St. Ives products I was using at the time were the blemish control scrub and the fresh skin apricot scrub. I rotated between the two. He said the nut scrubs can have irregular jagged shapes, unlike other products that have more uniform spherical shapes.

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I've enjoyed reading all the different responses.

I really like using the baking soda as a scub because it's so fine and still takes care of any dry patches without tearing my skin apart.

I have a body scrub with jagged edges and I can imagine would be rough on your face. It smells wonderful though.

I may some day splurge on a Clarisonic. I've heard of people having both and saying they see no difference and other people saying the complete opposite.

Either way, I need to continue exfoliating on a regular basis.
I have Alpha Hydrox glycolic acid and go through spurts of using it. I was using L Asorbic acid for a while and stopped mixing it. I just need to stop being lazy. :) I do wash my makeup off nightly, apply moisturizer, drink lots of water, and use sunscreen during the day.

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