A Disaster finally conquered!

Momma_Bird_OHJuly 3, 2002

I just have to share because I'm so excited. DH and I have owned our home for 10 years. It's a Cape Cod (1 1/2 story) with attached breezeway between the house and garage. The roof over the breezeway has leaked the entire time we've owned the home. The prior owners, a MINISTER and his wife, just scraped and painted over the place on the breezeway ceiling where the leak shows when they put the place on the market - we could tell where they had touched-up after it started bubbling a few months after we bought the house.

We tried sealing the roof, tarring the flashings where the breezeway meets the house, etc for 5 years. Nothing worked. Then we had a new roof put on, with a complete tear-off of the old roof. Fortunately, the wood had not rotted, but the roofer said he couldn't tell exactly where the leak was coming from. The first rainstorm after the new roof was done, it leaked in the same spot again. The roofer has been back 2 X a year for the last 5 years, replacing flashings, tarring, caulking, etc but nothing has worked.

The house has aluminum siding over wood siding. A friend suggested to me last week that I caulk all spots where the siding meets from the breezeway roof to the top of the house (this had never been done). I got out there last week and used 4 tubes of calk and sealed every tiny junction of the aluminum siding - not a crack remains.

It's rained twice, and THE ROOF DIDN'T LEAK!!!! I am overjoyed - finally one of the disaster areas in my money pit of a house is fixed! It turns out it wasn't the roof leaking at all - water was getting in some crack in the siding, dripping down to where the roof meets the house, then traveling 1/2 way across the breezeway and dripping down.

This is just a story to inspire all of you who may be strugging with what I describe as my God-forsaken he!! hole of a house!!

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Yeah! Doing a little "happy dance" for ya! Bring on the rain!!!!!!! Michelle

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hehe. glad it worked!

side note:

A house that I was looking at purchasing failed the inspection. The sellers were also a minister and his wife. Maybe they don't pay those people enough to keep up on repairs?

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A minister, eh?

Figure he must have found a Bible passage to justify what he did?

Sorry, nothing personal, just exercising my favorite annoyance, religious hypocracy.

Good luck to you. In many states, sellers can be held liable for nondisclosure of "certain conditions" at the time of sale. 5 years may be too much time to pursue this, but if your expenses add up to much, you may want to call your real estate agent, or a lawyer, to find out what the law is in your state.

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We bought out house before the disclosure law was in effect in Ohio. It went into effect the following year.

The worst car I ever bought, I also bought from a minister. You'd think I'd learn!

And as for what ministers are paid, in most denominations, the church pays for the house and it's upkeep and repair. This guy had no excuse to do what he did, except for pure deception. The church that owned the house before us recently put on an $8 million addition, paid for with cash. They could have afforded to find out what was wrong with the roof before listing the house, they just didn't want to bother. That really burns me!

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Hey, wait...

Isn't that smoking crater where your house used to be? :-)

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