60" led smart tv

Supermom74April 7, 2013

We are in the market for a 60" LED smart TV.
We have been leaning towards samsung but the Sharp TV's are so much cheaper. Any opinions??


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Samsung certainly makes some nice TVs. Do you have a budget?

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We've had a Samsung LCD for 4 years and are happy with it.
If you have a Best Buy, or a similar store nearby, check out the different TVs they have on display.
I see they have a Samsung 60 inch 1080p (vertical resolution) and 120Kz (refresh rate) that I wouldn't mind having.
I believe the higher the vertical resolution and refresh rates are, the better the picture is.

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Yes we have a budget!
I am keeping my eyes open for a Samsung. According to all the reports, they seem to be the best. We also currently have smaller samsung and are very happy with it.

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Any reason why you favor an LED over a Plasma? Discriminating viewers typically prefer Plasma as it offers a better quality picture in many aspects. Panasonic makes some of the best looking TV's you can buy presently. Since you are on a budget you should consider the UT, S or ST series. I think the ST series is the sweet spot. The TC-P60ST60 just came out. You can also still find some deals on the TC-P60ST50,

FYI, a store room environment like Best Buy is not ideal for judging how a TV will look in your living room. But if you visit a smaller shop which specializes in custom integration, they will often have a demo room with the proper lighting conditions to give you a feel for how the set will look in realistic conditions.

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Purchased the highly recommended Panasonic 60 plasma and am highly impressed. Changed to dark curtains to really bring out the going to the movies experience...

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Tobr24u, which model did you get? We are getting close to purchasing a 60 inch also.

Thanks, Pam

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Pam, it is a Panasonic Viera 60 inch GT 50 series 3D smart. 1900 bucks! But if you can afford it, buy it, you won't regret it...

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Thanks! I do want a panasonic.

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Well, no more Gt50 available in my area. They did not continue them for the 2013 models due to the new ZT. So, now I have a vt60 on order and it is going to be delivered and mounted this friday....can't wait,even though it is the next model up in the lineup, hope it is as good as the gt model.

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I sold electronics for a long time and especially LCD and plasma TVs. The best picture is absolutely on a Samsung or Sony. Nobody ever complained when they purchased one of those brands.

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We still have the Panasonic 50" Plasma we bought back in 2006 (yeah, we paid a fortune). Fantastic TV, picture still as sharp as most (but not quite as good as our new set 6 months ago)...it's now in family room, replaced in living room with Samsung 60" 3D. Some people like 3D (me one of them), some think it's just a gimmick. DirecTV has several all 3D channels. 3D brings a new level of realism to sports. Myself, I'll never go back. Samsung glasses are also very cheap (on eBay) as are the replacement 'button' batteries that last for months anyway. The difference in weight between the sets is astounding. Takes 2 strong men to move the old Panasonic, If it weren't so bulky , I think my wife could easily move the Samsung.

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The most important thing you can do when you buy an LCD TV is to go online, look up the recommended TV settings for your model from labs / evaluators who review them, and input them in your TV.

As another poster said, the in-store TV settings are terrible for evaluating picture quality, and are terrible for in-home use.

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