Info on Brother innovis 4000D

greenchilliesOctober 31, 2007

Can some provide some info on the current price, version of software this machine comes with. Also, where and how to locate a dealer (I am in WA). I am planning to purchase this model, but not sure if 4000 and 4000D are one and the same or does "D" stand for Disney. I have no idea about his machine at all, but quite interested, if can get for around $4500, though not sure, what current market value is.

Any info might be useful to me

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The "D" does stand for Disney - I don't know if Brother even makes any embroidery machines that aren't D models.

Check out Brother's website - they can locate a dealer for you. I have heard that you can only buy new Brother machines from dealers in your state, but don't know if that's true.


Here is a link that might be useful: Brother

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I bought the Brother Innovis 4000LTD last month. The D does stand for Disney and the LTD on my machine is for the limited edition they put out. It is the same machine only in black. Apparently, no one wanted a black one so they were trying to get rid of them. I got mine for $4000. They also threw in the upgrade which would have cost about $250. I am in Virginia and I don't know if they have any left, there was one left last I heard, but I can ask tonight as I have a class if you are interested. This is my first embroidery machine so I can't tell you a whole lot but I have used it quite a bit and it embroideries beautiful. It is sooooo easy I cannot believe it. All jump threads are cut, etc. Anyway, who cares if it's black!?!?! It matches my Featherweight! :)

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Mideb, I was at a show a couple of years ago when they first came out with the Innovis 4000, and they had a few black ones that went like hotcakes! Funny that now they are trying to unload them.


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Yeah, Donna, how true...but now I just talked to my dealer and he is selling the white ones for $4700 with the upgrade...argghhh!!!!
Oh, well...I'm still having a blast no matter what color it is!
/>P. S. Let me know if anyone wants one and I will let him know.

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I have a Brother Innovis 4000D and am trying to digitize something and can't find out what version for pes. this machine uses. Does anyone know?

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