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AKSkaggsOctober 23, 2013

I am a new machine embroiderer, using a Brother SE-400. I received the Pantograms Fancyworks Studio Plus software & a PE Basic. I have digitized a vertical 3 letter monogram & successfully saved it with Fancyworks. Now I need to save it to my blank card.
I have done everything I can think of, including changing the file extension from .fws to .pes & I've tried .dst. I absolutely cannot retrieve it through PE Basic software so I can transfer it to my card.
I am quite computer literate but I am ready to throw the whole mess out the sewing room window!!
Does anyone know how to help me???????

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You must choose the hoop size on your PEBasic to match the size hoop that your machine uses. Your design can be no larger than that hoop size, or it will not write to the card. Your machine uses the format .pes and that is the only format that PE Basic writes to. I've used it for yrs, tho I do not know your digitizing program. If you continue to have a problem, pm me....happy to help.

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I am re reading your question and wondering if you saved your embroidery file and what folder you saved it to? With PEBasic, you would then choose that folder site, open, and it will display the designs on the Basic page. Hope this gets you started.

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To save the embroidery patterns for future uses you have to make sure about their file format and execution is appropriate or not. This software uses .PES or .DST Embroidery Data File Format. So download the designs and save it in the correct format . You can not see the designs in LCD in .DST format because it does not contain the thread color information hence use .PES only. To save a file on the USB card you have to Open the folder on your computer where you keep the embroidery files. Navigate to the particular design you want to download to the SE400. Right-click on the design file. Click on âÂÂSend to: Removable DiskâÂÂ. You can not send zip file in this you have to unzip to get the files properly copied.
You will lose unsaved designs when the SE400 is turned off. So if you want to use a design again without copying it from your computer, you must save it to the SE400âÂÂs memory. You can save up to 12 designs or 476KB of data.
After retrieving the design you want to save by pressing the Retrieve Key and going to the embroidery screen, press the Memory button. âÂÂSavingâ¦â appears while the pattern is being saved

Here is a link that might be useful: Stitch Graphic Interchange

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