Dear Lurkers

mcpegApril 6, 2008

We're here for each other. Please don't be shy and post a hello. Post any time you feel like it. Need some help? Feeling blah, in a rut? Join us!

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We're waiting for ya! Honestly, we don't bite. ;)

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Hi! I just joined Weight Watchers Tuesday and stumbled upon this site while looking for inspiration! This is probably a silly question but I can't figure out what "SS Support" stands for? I'm looking forward to losing weight with everybody here. I've got about 30 pounds to take off.

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Hi and hope you like Weight Watchers!

SS stands for Somer-sizing, a WOE that Suzanne Somers came out with over 10 years ago. At that time, the people posting here were on that plan, but gradually, people drifted off to other eating plans but still wanted to post with one another for friendship and support. Now just about everyone is doing something different, but we're happily co-existing and welcome new people! Just start posting tomorrow and you'll fit right in.

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Hi Crossings! Glad to see you posting. Please feel free to join our merry gang at the daily support threads. Fantastic group pulling each other along, through highs and lows. I hope you enjoy WW. I do.

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