6 Months and 33.5 lbs gone!! Update Fat Flush

lydia1959April 5, 2004

It has been 6 months since I started the Fat Flush plan and today I am 33.5 lbs. lighter and over 20 inches lost! The weight loss has slowed down and although many weeks I lose nothing ~ the next week will see a 3 lb loss!

Fat Flush is basically a low carb, good fats plan which focuses on detoxing the liver which is the bodies main fat burning organ. It's not an easy plan to start as it involves giving up many foods and it can be expensive in the beginning. I have cheated occasionally ~ a few slices of birthday cake, a couple beers or a slice of pizza ~ but the weight still comes off. If anyone is interested the link below will explain the plan much better.

I'm 6 pounds from my goal and then plan on continuing on the 3rd phase of the plan to maintain my new weight.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fat Flush

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WOW!!! Glad to see you getting to your goal! Absolutely wonderful. How to you progress from the plan back to normal eating? Do you keep some habits and gradually incorporate other foods? do tell!

Really glad to hear of your success. We can relate to your 'moments' and share in your happiness!

Thanks for the inspiring post.


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Applause and cartwheels!!!! Great job! Kathy

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McPeg ~ You keep the basic diet, but add in more good carbs and some dairy (which I haven't had for 6 months now). I also plan on doing the 2 week detox at least once a year to clean out my liver. I do realize that the hard part will be keeping the weight off. I've been on numerous diet plans and lost the weight only to regain it. The foods I'm eating now feel right, so I can only hope that I'll never go back to my old way of eating.

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Great job! I'm not familiar with the Fat Flush plan. I've lost around 15 cutting back on regular soda, adjusting meal portions, and exercising more. Hang in there!

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