Frogs making me uncomfortable

shaunJuly 19, 2004

Any suggestions on how to get rid of the frogs who visit my front porch and poop all over it? They also get on the windows and urinate leaving streaks on my used to be clean windows.

The poop stains the concrete, they are up on the tables, the window ledges, the lights, it's just awful and we can't even go out at night because their hanging around. A few times a frog has been squished on the driveway. That makes me feel bad....but there are so many of them!

There are two kinds, those tree frog things that have suction cup feet on the windows and the ones that are bigger and hope all around the ground.

HELP?? Any advice? I asked on the Reptile / Amphibian forum but they LOVE frogs. No help there. Other forums have insinuated that I should love my frogs. ew no.

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Well, I love frogs too, but here's a suggestion. Turn off the lights. The frogs are coming to eat the banquet of insects which are attracted to your porch by the lights at night. Sorry, but that's the only idea I can come up with. Personally, I'm always thrilled when a tree frog visits--but I realize not everyone is. My best friend hates frogs, but I love her anyway! Goodluck


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I love frogs too. When an animal is interested in a human dwelling, it's because it's getting something out of that human dwelling, usually food or habitat.

Do you have any local wildlife/naturalist people you could talk to? Ask them what you can do to minimize the attractiveness of your house to the frogs.

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remove any standing water on the property since frogs need not just damp, but water to survive.

turn off the lights- Tiger lily's definately right about you making a real 'all you can eat buffet' for them...

and is this the whole neighborhood? or just your property? if the latter- what's different about your place?

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Hi everyone and thanks for your input.

This is a neighborhood problem...not just my house. There is no standing water and we do keep the porch light off.

I guess I'm just doomed to have frogs. I was hoping there was some type of repellant out there that would make my porch undesirable. Maybe a big pan of garlic butter and white wine sizzling on the porch? hehehehehe

Thanks so much for all the suggestions.

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It would be a PITN and expensive, and maybe wouldn't work w/ your house style--but could you screen the porch? Then they'd be outside it!

Once while visiting an aunt in Mora, Minnesota, there were "peepers"--little frogs--EVERYWHERE! I stepped on them as I crossed the yard; the roads were nearly covered with them. And it was LOUD.

I like frogs--a few at a time. Not when there's enough for a plague!

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Why not set up a habituate for the frogs, if you have the room.
I am thinking of solar lights and a little pond.
Maybe hire a monitor lizard to control them.

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Talley Sue, screening in the front porch wouldn't work with our house style, I'm just doomed.

Earthworm, umm, nah.

Thanks again for your suggestions/input!

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too bad you can't put a mild electrical charge in the exterior of your house, or a static field around the outside of your house.

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well- earthworm does have an option- invite a predator to come live with you.

it's either that- or move north.

look at it this way- at least you know that your neighborhood isn't toxic- it's got to be pretty clean and safe for the frogs to survive.

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Last June, we had the 17 year Brood X Cicada invasion in the mid atlantic. Besides it being the single most largest emergance of insects in one place known in history to date, the males, when ready to mate, make more noise than a jet engine. They actually measure the decibels! During that time, I visited Port Charlotte, FL and couldn't believe how noisy the frogs were that covered the condo I stayed at! Although the cicadas were noisier, the frogs got a close second!

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Yeppo they are loud as loud can be! And messy. ha! remember I said we had no standing water?

well, after Hurricanes Frances AND Jeanne, we now have standing water jam packed with thousands of tadpoles, which are growing up quickly and we have thousands of baby frogs hip hopping all over the place.

I thought I had a frog problem before? OMG.

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Hop on over (sorry!) to the cooking forum and get a recipe for frog legs! Think of it as having a garden that you don't have to tend. As an added bonus, once you harvest their legs they won't be able to climb the screens anymore!

I love frogs, they taste like chicken!

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Go to the wildlife forum, they are always teasing about "ship your surplus to me". They are very beneficial to the garden. I agree with, turn off your light.

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I surely wouldn't use anything toxic on the frogs! They are declining in numbers, world wide, and quite a few are being found with deformities: two heads, extra legs, etc. Apparently, they are very sensitive to pollutants.
Frogs gather in huge numbers like that to find mates, so it is a self-limiting phenomena. If they're not gone in a few days, to be replaced by a later crop, it will be surprising.

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Rosieo! hahaha!
ps to others who suggested lights be off, the lights ARE off. Still froggie. Oh well, thanks anyway!

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Get used to frogs in Florida - they eat mosquitos and other unwelcome bugs. We have some of the same issues, loud chirping, frogs and their leavings on our windows, a few squashed in driveway and they get into the pool despite a screened lanai. I assume that the ones on your windows are tree frogs (the little green or brown type). They are attraced to the light from your windows as are the insects they eat. I guess you could encourage some snakes that will eat the frogs, but most people would rather have the frogs. On occasion a snake has gotten into our pool - probably lured by frogs! Snakes are good guys too, but you'll never convince my wife!

Enjoy the frogs...they are harmless. The link below may help you identify some of your frogs.

Here is a link that might be useful: Frogs and Toads of Florida

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I have a hard time getting frogs to survive in my water feature - because the snakes luv the site as much as the frogs, and the snakes LUV frog legs, too. I will trade you a bushel of our slugs for a bushel of your frogs!

Best wishes .......


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I have same problem with frogs at front door, both the tree frogs (which i have had 1 jump on top of my head, ewwwwww) and we have the other frogs. We have front deck where they hang underneath n do all their mating etc. I read on another site that salt rock put in the area will send them elsewhere, says it burns their feet n they move on. Have same issue whether light is on or not. I go outside at night w/golf club to move'm outta my way. I'm gonna try the salt rock, it also said a highly salted water will do same. Anything that will send'm elsewhere, dont like to kill'm

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Wow this thread was revived from a looooooong time ago.

I still have frogs. Lots of em. Salt rock, huh? Won't hurt to try.

Maduce, I'm a native Floridian and have never had this problem, before moving to *this* house in 2005. But thanks for the link.

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kiss them and turn them to princes!

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I just realized my one proven frog-killing garter snake is actually three snakes.....therefore I have surplus. Want one? Please? :)

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What arrogance we humans have, that we think the earth is here solely for us? By our own way of defining things, we are a plague on the planet.

I think having the frogs around proves the environment there is very clean, so that's a good thing. They will also be controlling bugs.

Turning off outside lights and drawing shades may be a disincentive to climb your windows.

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I wonder if you sprinkled some diatimatious(sp?) earth around on your porch that they would find it uncomfortable. They sell it to use in pool filters.

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We have hundreds of little baby toads, day and night! Any suggestions to getting them out of my yard? My neighbors also have them.

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We treasure our frogs & toads. Frogs in the pond, frogs in damp areas, frogs in the drainage ditches. Toads living on the patio. They are voracious eaters of bugs, and the toads love slugs....why would you even want to get rid of them, Bill? They cause no harm, and they have their place in the ecosystem.

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I would trade you for some of my deer but they would be hard to ship! They eat my newly planted plants so we have to spray them and then the smell is so awful I have to burn candles at a very expensive rate since I only seem to like the smell of expensive ones. We try to get plants they don't like but they seem to get less fussy. If it rains we have to spray all over again and then more candle burning!

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I suspect you have a lot of bugs, mosquitos etc that is keeping them there! A few frogs can be useful in the food chain!

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Everybody made comments on harvesting frog legs...yea....and next thing you know there will be some animal rights group picketing your front yard and petitioning the government to supply wheelchairs for gimpy frogs.

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I came across this after Googling "how to get rid of frog poop", and was pretty disappointed with all of the people that were trying to save them all. I don't mind the frogs, and love animals, (I have three adopted animals right now, and have had MANY more in the past)but come on, do any of you frog lovers want frog poop all over YOUR property?!?

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Sounds a lot more like toads.

Frogs prefer to stay IN the water.

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Neither toads or common frogs can climb on the windows, Those are tree frogs, and tree frogs only require standing water when breeding.

Now in regards to the frog poop....just get the hose and wash it off,,,,if we were to dry it and put it in a nice plastic bag labeled as "organic fertilizer" ppl would pay through the nose to get it.

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"come on, do any of you frog lovers want frog poop all over YOUR property?!?"

So very much not one of the things in the world that concerns me.

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I have been living in my apartment for 3 years and park my car in the same spot in front of my apartment (it's a handicapped spot) and have never had the problem of tree frogs getting into my car. For some reason I am being invaded with them this year. My windows are always shut and the car locked. I have even found them inside the cover of my gas tank. I'm not afraid of them but because they are in my car, I'm afraid that they will jump on me while I am driving. Any suggestions on how to get rid of them?

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If they are large enough you can eat their rear legs.

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