Extreme Celebrity Diets - CNN report

Wild_ChickenApril 21, 2004

Well, each to his own! They're all grown-up people.

Link to follow....

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Here's the story:

Here is a link that might be useful: CNN report: Extreme Celebrity Diets

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I'm so happy my job doesn't require me to weigh 90 pounds!! LOL

People do go to extreme measures to lose weight. I still think they should come up with a tiny sponge pill to swallow that will expand inside your stomach to fill you up. Then during the night it could break down and be digested and passed on through, *SSS*. Then take another pill in the morning. Or maybe have something that would deaden your taste buds so that nothing tastes good so you wouldn't be tempted to eat just because you wanted the taste. You could refrain from using it just before the holidays so you could enjoy the great taste of holiday feasts!

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