Read write boxes--help me choose

ChaninSeptember 9, 2004

I am brand new to embroidery and just bought a Babylock Ellure. I want a read write box. Please shed some light and opinion as to which kind--Ultimate Box, PTS, PE Basic--to buy. The machine at this time will be used mostly to embroidery names on dog clothing. Thanks for any and all help/ guidance.

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I don't know about others, but I have the Amazing Box. It allows you to convert designs in different formats into PES for your machine. It seems to only allow conversion of designs that will fit in the 4 X 4 hoop. I think I paid around $160 for it a year ago. I haven't used it much since I got PE Design software.

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I use Embird to convert my designs to jef or pes. Love it It was the best 100 dollars spent. I got the site to give me a 1 800 telephone number to call. Dont trust the net for credit card orders much.( I use my half price Artista version 3 mostly for my Artista mch.(half price from dealer because the newer I can manipulate designs etc
version 4 softwear was just out).
I bought 2 of my machines used only the Janome 300 E was used.
Now if I only could quit downloading freebies It is so addictive. Most of my designs (99plus percent) are freebies
To me my Amazing box was a waste of time and money. You just need a way to get designs to machine. The softwear with a blank card will let you do it

The various forums embroidery and sewing related ones I learn from that I belong to and get daily digest emails from I am sure there are direct forums for babylock machines I belong to forums for emb and new designs and Janome and Artista forums I would ask at those forums too
There are so many wonderful people out there to learn from. Of course some just direct you to pay for designs
I of course learned about downloading and saving designs the hard way too trial and error
Laura Jeans

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I have a low end Brother embroidery machine. So I need to use the Ulimate Box and Embrid together. I just brought both about a month ago. Before that I purchased White cards from Joann's when they were marked down or on sale. I purchased the Ultimate Box and Embrid because my embroidery group have those brands. The people in the group that seamed to be in the know, like Embrid the best. I not sure what the different boxes can do. Get the info from the internet and compare. I need the card to do my designs, so I needed some kind of box. If you have a high end machine you don't need the box(you plug your computer into you embroidery machine). For both kinds of embroidery machines I think it is good to get the software. The software gives you the freedom to get many many different designs thru the internet!

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