sandpaper scratched glass

kaumannJuly 24, 2002

I think Im going to have to live with this one but thought I would ask anyway...

My husband offered to help me paint up our new 9 light front door. Since he doesn't like to use power tools he hand sanded the mullions (sp.?)while I used an orbital on the flat areas. When I got the door all painted up and hung I began to clean up the glass and noticed curious scratches around the panes. That's when I realized that my helper had sandpapered the glass!

Any solution? Buy a new door?


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Glass polishing kit.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lotta work, though

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Oh heck, this sounds like something that would happen at my house! I'd try to minimize the scratching with glass wax. Maybe you will be hanging a sheer window covering over the panes? I doubt anyone but you will even know the scratches are there but you.

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I was going to say glass wax. I've seen it at local hardware places and restoration hardware

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In a door I might like frosted edges around the glass. Have you thought about some sort of a frosting or etching kit?

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