Painting Mistake

twebbzJuly 15, 2006

We moved into a our "new" home a few weeks ago and a few of the rooms needed paint. One of the bedrooms had some rough drywall so I smoothed them with spackle. By mistake, I grabbed the can of white semi-gloss instead of the primer (same size can) and primed the spackled patches, some were quite large. I then put the first coat of eggshell (ivory color) paint on the room. I woke up this morning and realized what I had done and am now worrying if the paint coatings will be stable in the long run. It seems to be OK now except that the "primed" areas are a little more shiny. I do have to put on another second coat of eggshell. I can live with a little shine difference but will the spackled areas eventually peel? I would really hate to sand those areas to re-prime and paint them. Thanks!

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No real harm done.
I would sand the shiny areas with 100 grit sandpaper. Not too much just enough to get it rough. Then paint over it with the eggshell. It should hide most if not all of it.

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