To hoop or not to hoop

annrnSeptember 12, 2004

Hello everyone,

I'm curious to know if you typically embroider one design or do you combine designs/lettering and emboider a bigger field. Also, do any of you never hoop the fabric? I get so frustrated trying to fit the hoop and get that all lined up within the hoop. But if I don't hoop a T-shirt knit my larger designs get wrinkles between the embroidery.

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I don't always hoop my article. I use sticky stabilizer or spray adhesive on regular stabilizer in my hoop & stick my item to it. To keep everything taut, I often use a basting stitch design first to attach all my layers together. I got those free & I think it was from Thread Artist.

I don't hoop towels, knits, velvets or fleece.

I seldom have to rehoop for lettering because I have a fairly big hoop. I did buy an item called GHIA (Giant hoop it all). I am not sure what machines they are availble for. The bracket on the hoop is movable allowing you to reposition within your sewing field without having to rehoop. I use it for long sections where I repeat the design or long areas adding other designs.

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