Need help with Brother pe770

gmabonnieSeptember 18, 2013

Hi All:

I am wondering why when I load a set of embroidery designs that I have purchased onto my thumb drive they come up in order (flowers01, flowers02, flowers03 etc. for example) but when I load them on the emb. machine they order is all jumbled. The one that comes up first might be flowers07, the second one might be flowers08 and the third might be flowers03 - there is no rhyme or reason to it that I can figured out. The pictures on the machine aren't clear enough that I can really tell which one is which. I can only find out by actually embroidering them. Any help? Thanks~

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Do you have a thumbnail software program that lets you see images on your computer? The image viewers show you the number of stitches, the size, and some show you thread colors. It could be as simple as the lower stitch number designs show up first, or the larger stitch number designs. Why don't you check the stitch count of the designs and see if you can make any sense of it. Otherwise--maybe that is the order you load them in? You know that saying, "last in, first out?"

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Thanks for your thoughts. Sorry I haven't responded sooner but a lot was going on (still is) and I didn't even think to come back here as I haven't been doing much. I'll check out the stitch count idea, but don't really think that is it. & I know it's not 'last in, first out' as they are in a very jumbled up order - no rhyme or reason that I can see. But thanks, I'll keep trying when I can.

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It's in the manuals, just read it the other day

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