Weekly Weigh-in 04/12/10

silverswordApril 13, 2010

Hello? Anybody out there???

Harold started the weekly weigh in thread last year, and it really helped me a lot... good support, good times. So I'm re-starting the threads and hopefully y'all will join me!!

My Stats:

Weight: 139


Goal Date: June 2010 (at least to 130 by 06/2010)

Exercise Goal: Exercise an hour a day

Food Goal: counting calories, keeping at 1200 per day

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So glad someone has started this.

I was around 166, was diagnosed with polymyalgia and atrial fibrilation. Was put on predisone and as a result jumped to 192. Although they say it is hard to get weight down when on prednisone, I really wanted to try. I was sick of being so heavy.

I'm also on blood thinners and having problems trying to keep the readings steady. I decided that I was going to try to tabulate everything I ate to keep the Vitamin K at a steady daily level. My GP and cardiologist agreed to letting me do it, but they told me that no one would want to do that. However, I have stuck at it. Information is somewhat limited and I have had to do a lot of research.

I'm trying to keep my calories at 1200 also, and the Vitamin K at 30 mcg's daily. It is very hard to balance them both.

I'm now down to 155.

The cardiologist says that is enough. I would like to get down to at least 150 and preferably 145. I want to do it slowly with the hope that it says off.

I have to try to walk each day, because of the atrial fibrilation, and walk with a walker. I will be 80 in a few months. I did get a pedometer but can't manage the 10,000 steps suggested. Yesterday though, I did rack up a total of 6500 steps. That is the most yet. Usullally it is between 3 and 4,000.

All the best to everyone. Let's make this site a popular one. We all need it, if we are trying to lose weight.


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I would like to join this site, too. It might help keep me "honest." Ha.

On January 5, 2009, I decided enough was enough and joined Weight Watchers and started a walking program. I am embarrassed to say I weighed 221.8 pounds. Lots of stuff happened from 2005-2009 and I pretty much ate my way through it.

I now weigh 160. My official WW goal is 150, although I would love to weigh even less, that's a pretty good weight for me. I will be 60 this year and my weight and shape just aren't the same as they were in my younger days.

My neighbor and I walk almost 6 miles each morning, 5 days a week. We take off on the weekends, which I spend a lot of time in the yard, especially during this beautiful springtime.

Ivamae, you are to be admired for achieving so much, especially with your illness and all. You really inspire me to keep it up. Weekends are my hardest, so I'm glad I came here and read your post.

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I'd like to join, too. I'm starting today to loose the "winter weight" that creeps in every winter here in MN. silversword, my stats are much like yours. I would like to loose about 15 lbs, and my target goal is 125. My plan is to concentrate more on veggies, fruits, and lean protein rather than carbohydrates, to write down everything I eat, and walk or bike daily. I bought a pair of shorts yesterday in my target size and can just squeeze into them but they are uncomfortable to wear. They are my "inspiration" piece.

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