Best Stabliziers

iso4funSeptember 28, 2005

Has anyone embroidered on ladies hankies? I would like to know what's the best stabilizer for this. When you can't hoop them sometimes the sticky stabilizer sticks to the back and it's really hard to come off. What would you do? These are very thin and delicate....

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What if you sandwiched it between layers of Sulky's Solvy water-soluable stuff?

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Does the water-soluable work good? I have never tried it..

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I have used it for heavy free-motion embroidery on quilt appliques. I put several layers together on the top, one on the bottom, to avoid the puckering that I had gotten in the past. I put the entire quilt-top in the washing machine on gentle and it all came out. I recently 'wrote' on a block. Since it was only one block I handwashed it. You have to rinse alot to get rid of it. Don't just dip it up & down a few times. It feels slimy until its all gone.

After embroidering, and before washing, carefully cut away the excess. Less to wash away. The excess is not wasted as you can save it up and make a solution that can be spayed on material for stabilizing just like starch. You can also immerse the fabric in the solution.

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I am new to this forum but I have been using my embroidery machine about five years now.........I like the idea of sandwiching the water soluble stabilizer. I will try it real soon and let you know....I have tried the sticky stabiler for handkerchiefs many times and sometimes it is very difficult to remove. I did some bridal handkerchiefs that were very nice........they said "to dry your tears as you have always dried mine" they were for the bride and grooms' mothers.....just a passing idea..Chris

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OK, first you need to stabilize the back of the hankie. They have really soft thin iron on. Then you need to hoop the cut and wash stabilizer. You can do that along with the hankie or don't hoop the hankie at all. Just baste it on top of the cut and wash with water soluable on top of the hankie. Does your machine have a basting feature? It comes in handy. I just did hankies for my Dad and Underwear as well (as a joke!!) and that technique worked awesome!!! Good luck.
Susan in SC

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