Repair or Replace?

FraidyManJuly 19, 2013

My 12' x 24' outbuilding got hit at a 45 degree angle by a dead yellow birch, about 24 " diameter, which did some damage. The insurance company is paying me for my misfortune.

8 ft of the 25 ft long roof is smashed on one side of the ridge, the rest of the pine (#1) is in good shape. The gable ends are fine, maybe a little squashed (2 inches) at the plate closest to the tree.

The 9 joists all popped as the building squashed out. 4 of the 18 9' rafters are intact, leaving the rest to be replaced.

I have stripped shingles, roll roofing and tar paper off the worst smashed side by bracing the fallen roof inside the walls. The other side is not nearly so badly damaged- mainly the broken rafters. I have 2 sections of steel scaffold that make the roof pretty accessible.

I intend to salvage as much pine as I can. Is the best way to take the roof apart then re-build, or would it be feasible to jack up the roof and "pair" the broken rafters? Which is going to be less work? If you have attempted something like this or know of a similar project, I'd love your insight.

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DonâÂÂt ask your barber to butcher your cow and donâÂÂt ask your butcher to build your barn. For whatever reason, (probably because there are so many idiot contractors out there) many believe they can handle their own construction projects. People donâÂÂt realize how problematic and costly it is (in time and money) to take on jobs like this.

Have you ever seen a carpenters tool boxes, his truck and his hands? These guys have tools and contraptions for so many different tasks. Their hands typically feel like a catcherâÂÂs mitt thatâÂÂs been left outside for the winter. This work is hard and requires the right tools, equipment and experience.

By asking your question, itâÂÂs likely you donâÂÂt have the experience, tools or equipment to handle this project. Giving you construction advice is like giving you advice to remove your own tonsils. I donâÂÂt recommend it!

The insurance company probably gave you enough to do the repairs properly. I recommend you find a good contractor who will work within your budget.

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