Brother Innov-is 4000D Anyone Have it?

keepeminstitchesSeptember 25, 2005

I looked at the Brother Innov-is 4000D at a quilt show this weekend. Dealer wanted $5500 for it with everything, including top-of-the-line software, four hoops, etc. (he said it was a special price for the show). Does anyone have it? I'm a dyed in the wool Bernina fan, but this machine looked really nice (it automatically cuts the jump stitches and is REALLY quiet). Anyone with any experience with this machine, please let me know your thoughts.

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Keep, I have a Brother PC8500 and I love it! I used the Innovis for a few days at a sewing school earlier this year, and it seemed like a great machine! Much smarter than my 8500. It was nice that you can switch from emb. to regular sewing w/out taking off the emb. unit, though b/c of that it's a really BIG machine and weighs a ton. But the on-screen editing and error recovery is fantastic! Can you still get the show deal? I think the MSRP on just the machine is $8000.

The Innovis also has a whole bunch of built in designs besides the fact that you can use a memory stick or a floppy disk in it. I think you can also connect it directly to the computer. And it has a separate motor for winding bobbins, so you can be winding and sewing at the same time.

Boy, I better stop before I convice myself I need one! gggg


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I saw it demonstrated at a show also. I have the Ult2002, but that one tempted me too. I finally told the dealer to just quit telling me the things it did that mine didn't.

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the innovis looks like the ellageo I just bought. Are they the same machine?

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I don't know if it's the same, but the Innov-is will cut the jump stitches! I don't know much about Brother's product line, but that sure was a nice machine. I'm still thinking about asking the dealer if he will honor the special price from the quilt show.

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The difference between the Innovis and the Ellageo is that the Innovis (Brother) has Disney designs and can read Disney cards. Brother and Babylock are the same company.

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aaaaaaaa. okay so I can set my machine to cut jump stitches? I had better read that manual and go practice some more.

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I have the 4000D. I love it! It does everything. The only thing this machine is missing is a remote control....just kidding. Everything is at your fingertips and very easy to use. The auto thread is great and worth is weight in gold. You can also wind bobbins while sewing and you don't have to take the embroidery arm off to do regular sewing. You can combine designs on the screen. It has a usb port and you can link direct to a computer. Of course, you can use your embroidery cards as well. I also use this machine for quilting. The display is also very clear. I traded in my 8500D for this one and have no regrets.

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Well, Wethreemice, now I'm really drooling! It sounds dee-vine!

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I have the Innov-is 4000 as well, it sure is a honey. I understand from my dealer that along with the jump stick there will be wireless transfer from the computer to the machine. How neat is that?

suemili in WNY

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I have the 4000D and I can't say how wonderful it is. I think even the beginners could use this. I couldn't talk myself out of it. If you search around you can find a better deal than what you were quoted, I did.

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It seems to me that my dealer offered it to someone while I was there for less than your quote also.
I have never touched that machine, but it looks like a winner. It runs smoooooooth. I watched while someone else was using it.
The only negative thing about it is that it is heavy.

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I WANT IT !!!! I have the Ult 2002 and I love it and would not buy any embroidery machine but Brother. Can anyone tell me where the cheapest price is for the 4000D. Can you just get the 4000 without the D?

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I absolutely love my Brother Innov-is. It truly is awesome. I received this machine as an anniversary gift and my husband feels he was given a very good deal by Gloversville Sewing Center in Gloversville, NY. He paid $5000. I'm having so much fun I don't want to leave my sewing room!

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Hi, I looked at them last year~they were wonderful, but the weight was just a little too much for me~but they made this unit in black, and the dealer in Chesapeake, VA told me I could have it for $3900 and the company was running a special because the black color wasn't selling well. So see if your dealer has one in black, it's actually very pretty, I like the color. The main reason I didn't buy was because there wasn't an authorized dealer where I am from, would have to drive 60 miles to have anything repaired or 120 miles to take the classes which he offered for free. It's a gorgeous machine and yes it sure does cut the jumps! I ended up purchasing the Singer XL6000 and absolutely love it. Endless bobbin and auto threader exchanger are so nice. Hope this helps, but I think you can get a better deal, especially if you check with a dealer who has the black one, no difference just color! MimiRose

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Hi, Can the 4000D built-in card writer be used with PE-Design 6 without the need for the separate USB card writer?
Thanks, Gordy.

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I haven't done much research on anything except the Brother because I have a dealer on that in town and it's the ONLY dealer in town. I figure this would come in awfully handy for help and repair. The website says that the "estimated street price is $6000". In an earlier post by msmeow I see that MSRP is $8000. When I checked a few months ago at the local dealer, I THOUGHT they said MSRP was $9000. Does anyone know what the price really is and where you can purchase less expensively? I am currently using a 24 year old Singer machine that I believe was the first electronic sewing/monogramming machine that Singer ever had. It still works great but is VERY limited of course. Just how easy is this machine to learn how to use? I am by NO means an excellent seamstress but I do sew a lot......a lot of purses primarily. I really don't want to get in over my head and have this expensive machine that I'm fighting constantly to learn how to use. Since I bought the last machine 24 years ago, I'm figuring this will be the LAST machine I buy. It sounds as though everyone thinks it's great but after reading a lot of other posts on this website, I'm also gathering that purchasing the machine is just the beginning of the expense. How important is it to get PE Design 6 if you get the machine? I really don't have a lot of use for the Disney designs; is it possible to get the same machine without the Disney designs? I really want an embroidery machine but am wondering if the difference in the 4000D and the 1500D is worth the price difference.

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Connie, it's my understanding that you can't buy a Brother machine from outside your own state anymore. I heard that a while back. The 4000D is their absolute top of the line - it has very sophisticated on-screen editing, and a large color screen. I currently have the PC8500D, which is their mid-level machine. It has a good-sized screen, but not in color. You can do editing such as combining designs and moving them around in the embroidery field on-screen. If you don't want to digitize your own designs you don't need PE Design, but you will need some kind of software to download designs from the Internet for your machine, unless you can hook up the 4000 directly to your PC, which you may be able to do. But for a machine that costs as much as the 4000, they should throw in the software for free!

You might want to check into the 8500 - maybe your dealer has a used one or a used ULT or Innovis. ULT was their top of the line machine before they came out with Innovis. I love my 8500 - it's a combination sewing/embroidery machine. I bought it new, so it was supposed to come with a class to learn the machine, but my warranty registration got lost in the mail and by the time I got around to checking into the class my time had expired. But I got the impression that it's an all-day class and goes from very basic sewing through using the embroidery function. I'd still like to have a class on that, to learn how to do large designs that need to be re-hooped. Your dealer or local sewing/fabric store may have classes, too.

I didn't find it hard to learn the machine, but I have a lot of sewing experience.


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Thanks so much. I spent 2 hrs. today at the local dealers asking questions and having her show me some things. They don't currently have any used machines that embroider. They did tell me this machine was MSRP at $8000 and offered it to me at $5500 until they found out that I was going to the ACS Quilt Expo in Nashville (30 miles away) next week and then the price miraculously came down to $4900 because they know there will be a Brother dealer at the show with a show special. When I told them that I really don't want to purchase until Sept., they said they'd honor that price then. That of course, is without the computer program. I'm having a very difficult time getting any info out of them on any machine other than the 4000D.

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At the quilt show in Nashville, the price on this machine was $3999. It was 4499 with the PE Design 6 software. I came home, called my local dealer and bought it for $4550 with PE Design 7 software which I THINK just came out. I haven't got the software installed in my computer yet.

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If anyone is interested in a gently used Brother Innovis 4000D please contact me at . Will come with all the original accessories. I can sell it with OR without the PE-Design Version 6 software. Also will include the new upgrade for the 4000D machine. Will consider all offers and will ship it insured via UPS with original packing and the original box. Will email pictures and specifics if required. Only willing to ship to an address within the US.

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I'm just wondering why you want to sell it?????

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I have the Brother Innov-is 4000D and it is fabulous and gently used. I have not used it in a while because I went commercial so it is sitting in a room taking up space right now. It is absolutely the best start up machine anyone could ask for .

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I just bought one about two weeks ago! So far so good I have just started too play with it. So am I very new to this.

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Do you still have your Brother Innovis 4000D for sale?

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Yes I still have it .. The holidays has been taking up all my time.. It's very user friendly and anybody who has them love them! My email is

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Could mimirose please tell me what dealership in Chesapeak, VA was selling the Innovis 4000d for $3900?


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Hi, I also have the brother innovis. I must have the only lemon. I actually hate mine! I never use it as I can't! It's super hard to thread! The threader never has worked! I took it in multiple times. First time, I got laughed at by someone there saying I was just using wrong thread. I was using brother cotton thread 50 weight. DUH??? But I did feel totally humiliated as she had the whole embroidery club laughing. Last time I took it back the technician adjusted the now all the white bobbin thread is on top when I embroidery. So, I gave that up! And as a super duper plus he lost the attachment that holds the presser feet. They ordered a new one and it doesn't fit. When I put the presser foot down it is still in the up position! So, now I can't do any regular sewing either! I absolutely cry everytime I look at this machine! I also have the pacesetter 8200. It was one of those that the pendulum was not tempered. So, It was nothing but a huge problem till they figured it out. Then finally it ran like a charm so I decided to give brother another chance. NEVER AGAIN!

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i purchased mine about 1 month ago from Mill Sewing Outlet in KY and paid 3400.00 but it does not come with the designing software and i think that is prt of the difference.

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You are not the only one with a lemon I know exactly how you feel. When the machine works it is such a pleasure to embroider with but and I mean BUT when it does not it is so exasperating I could throw it out the window but yes, alas it is too heavy. Mine is just over a year old and I can not tell you the times it has been in for service. It started with the bottom of my work looking horrible, then the tension has been adjusted and repaired many, many times, the auto cutter broke the thread more than it cut it, the thread breaking because it sounded like it was getting caught on something. Yes I understand how you feel you could sit and cry this machine was over $7,000

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im from the uk and i bought the 4000d for the wife as soon as it became avaliable over here. it works great if you are a lite user but if you start making loads of things on it then beware all nasty things starts happening, it threw a wobbly on one pattern that it had sewn out many times befor with no probs only this time it just shot down and smashed into the hoop, this in turn totally smashed in the presser foot arm and all the gears inside. we had ir fixed and a few weeks later it totally seized, so it had to have all new innards in it, I have now bought her the pr600 which i must say is a lot better piece of kit for people making stuff to sell as it keeps on chugging away all day, watch the 4000 like a hawk if you go to make a cuppa it might turn round and bite you big time, like it did to us.

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liz2075, if you've ever pushed the button to raise the pressure foot, you'll have to push it again to lower the foot instead of just using the lever--then you can use the lever if you want (don't know what you've tried, just my experience with my machine). When I thread mine, I pull out enough thread to completely thread it, then hold just a tad of tension on the thread and as I'm bringing the thread down and around I pull the thread gently to the right on the downward swing, then pull slightly downward on the bottom and bring it on up the other side--I don't cut off any excess cause it's better too long than too short; let the excess hang, push the threader button. After the needle's threaded, cut the excess thread off if you want. I had problems with mine until I did that, and I hope I explained it all right.
Spooky, what's a wobbly?
Anyhow, I use my 4000D for sewing and embroidery; have it hooked to my computer right now. I love it. Still learning.

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I am considering purchasing the 4000D. Will it embroidery/monogram on items such as baseball caps, lightweight duffle bags, and purses?

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Does anyone know if you can purchase the Innovis 4000D without the Disney designs? I read somewhere that you can't get the machine without Disney designs in the USA. Or is the Babylock Elegante what you have to get? I love the way you can thread a bobbin in the machine without having to move hoop and the Babylock dealer told me you have to remove the hoop with the Elegante. I was given a price of $4800 for the Innovis 4000D (floor model -about a month old) with the newe upgrade installed and the continuous hoop and I think she said about $4600 for a new one in box but no upgrade and no continuous hoop. I think the Babylock was about the same. Any help for me--I'm in a quandry? The Innovis did a BEAUTIFUL Disney design and I wasn't too impressed with the Elegante design (had empty spaces in design) but then maybe that was the way it was digitized too!!!

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Hi, I have an Innovus 4000D for sale if anyone is interested, it is 18 months old & in excellent condition, color is black. I am asking $2995 for it ,I will insure it to send & shipping is $150 to be paid by the buyer.It has been a lovely machine with no problems, sews like a dream & embroiders even better. If you are interested email me at: I can email photo's if you would like, thanks!

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Thanks to all that emailed me interested in the 4000D I had for sale. It has sold on ebay so I am just waiting for payment now,I will contact you if the sale falls through,I appreciate you contacting me.

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