Husquarvana Embroidery Machine Software

lindsayanngSeptember 22, 2010

Hello there. I am new to this forum and really looking for help and insight.

I do not embroider, but my JUST got a Husquarvana machine because she wants to start. She purchased the Topaz 30 model and bought a bunch of software. Unfortunately I was not there when she purchased this, but it seems she purchased the base software that manages the machine and then some disks of patterns.

I spent 4 hours at her house trying to figure out how to make it so she can unlock her software so that she can make her own designs (like logos and stuff). The software that she has says 4D on the disk and on the program package, but everything I read about says that the 5D is the proper software for embroider.. Is this correct?

Also, the hours I spent there were meant to try and get the 4D software to work with the dongle so she can unlock those modules so she can make her own stuff. She called Husquarvana today and they said that her software package didn't come with a dongle and I was trying to do it with a regular USB.

So basically she bought a lot of money worth of software and the machine and she has a whole lot of nothing (except some new patterns). Is this right?? does the software package require you to purchase the base and then the modules?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Also, if you have a bettter option for machines, she is open to returning to get something that is a little more technologically advanced.

Oh, and when she called customer service the lady on the phone would give her NO answer. She was asking what the name of the actual software was that she needed and the lady wouldn;t tell her!!! I couldn't believe it. The rep for the company had NO information except referring her to a local store

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I have had a Topaz 20 for a year and a half. The 4D came with my machine and had a dongle that came with it. I enjoy my machine. The only problem I have had is with the tension. Since having problems, i have done some research and it seems to be a problem with this particular machine.
I suggest you go back to the dealer and talk to them. You spent too much money not to get help with this! If you take your machine in, your dealer might help get it set up. Good luck.

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