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nhsuzanneApril 18, 2011

Good morning all,

Where in the heck are you all? Playing Farmville or something? LOL I sure hope that FB doesn't replace this forum as there are many here who are not on FB.

Had a good weekend but it was windy and cold and I am sick of the wind. How about you?

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I missed last week as I was gone, but I AM HERE NOW!

The only "farmville" I play is FUNNYFarmville right here in my own office - in REAL life! lol.

I have been getting a fair amount done in little batches since reading my The NOW Habit book. It really motivated me to just START a project, knowing I don't have to FINISH it. I can just keep starting until I'm done - and it's like magic for me! 1/2 the laundry room, 1/2 the pantry, my WHOLE truck cleaned, parts of the garage...The only thing I schedule is leisure time, sleep, and meals. I love it!

I did find out over this past weekend that I am addicted to food - SHOCKER! I took a bunch of tests and came to that conclusion. So...whatever. I am sort of watching my habits and learning about myself. I FEEL hungry immediately if I am stressed or procrastinating and I have been eating to squelch my feelings and to try and get some control. It makes me feel guilt and horrible, so I am now on the lookout and will try to correct that by giving myself positive message. Who knows? But, at least, I am AWARE.

The weather here is incredibly cold for this time of year. They had to de-ice a plane here last Thursday! YIPES!

I did take some kids to the beach yesterday. I wore a hoodie and a cap and had hand-warmers in my pockets. It was a delicious break to sit on the beach, close my eyes, and take in the SOUND of the waves lapping at the beach. The sun was shining, but the wind was trying to blow it out!

Summer - PLEASE COME SOON - I'm begging you!

I want to plant some seeds!

PS: I don't have a FB...yet.

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BJ, did you take photos of the palouse? If you are going to plant seeds you better get planing!

Time for setting then outdoors time will be here before you know it.

I think FB is taking over our communication!

Jam, thinking of you please check in.

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FB is great, but it can't take the place of this place. Maybe I'm just not that interesting, but I don't post a lot at FB. I read, and "like" comments, but I'm just...boring, I guess!

Things are about the same here--I'm counting down until the final final. 18 days to go. It's getting rougher, and it seems like they are trying harder to weed people out. We have 4 tests this week, and the one on Wednesday is a horror. They spent 10 minutes demoing cathethers today, and we're supposed to perform it back for them flawlessly the day after tomorrow. Most of us have clinicals tomorrow, and hence, we will not have any practice time, and this is **not** something we can practice on anyone other than a mannequin. So..... all I can say is good luck to me!! LOL!

Yeah, BJ, I agree with the weather--Saturday was the opening ceremony for Derby, and it was cold, rainy and generally miserable to be outside all day, waiting to watch the fireworks show. Yesterday and today was beautiful, though, but the rest of the week is rain, rain, and more rain.

Gotta go--hope all is well with everyone! I wish Amy, John, or Happyto would pop in. :)



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BJ, I've known for a long time that I'm addicted to food. I turn to it for everything when I'm stressed. Awful, awful.

Thursday night I go back into the hospital for Sleep Study #3. This time my lung doc gave me a Lunesta to take prior to the test. At least I might be able to actually "sleep" during the study..ya think???? Results of the 2nd one indicated that I still stop breathing once every MINUTE, so I am just not well. They are amazed that I function during the day for all these years! I hope that sleep apnea is the reason for the swollen ankles/legs and the weight gain over the last 5 years. Cannot wait for improvement once I get connected with the CPAP machine.

Sorry I've not been around, but work and some personal stuff just kicks the life out of me. Once I can sleep like normal people, I hope to be able to multi-task with the best of them!

Make today count!

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Good Tuesday all,

Maddie, you are anything but boring my dear!! Although it's been a while since we have had a funny story from you. You are working hard right now and I am sure that you feel it's like all you ever do...all fun no play. I hope you get to play soon...like the Derby perhaps???

Dee, I hope you get the relief you need soon. I can empathize with sleep deprivation that's for sure!

BJ, you never told us how your weekend was! Can't wait to hear.

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Dee - I imagine after 3 studies, they are getting close to an answer. I am amazed that you can function too and they don't have a clue how well you function. I can't imagine all you will accomplish once you get your CPAP.

Still miserable weather around here.

I hope everyone gets a chance to check-in.

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Hi Guys!

DeeMarie: I wish my husband would do the sleep study. He stops breathing for long periods of time, snores, and all of it. I worry about him.

My Mom's weekend at the college was a blast! I went on Thursday afternoon, arriving on Thursday night, and when I arrived, we immediately went to another house for a birthday party where my daughter and I kicked some butt in beer pong, let me tell ya!

The next day (Friday), I attended classes with her. Snoozer. (sorry, but droning college pros, I can do without!) Friday night, her BF's mom arrived and we made pizzas and Mai Tais and watched some college-like movies. I am too embarrassed to say what they were, but the alcohol helped. lol. "Other Mom" and I bonded, big time, telling story after story about when we were college-aged!

Saturday was the best day! Started out at the coffee house/study place, making note cards for DD and just talking. Walked all over campus with DD's BF and his Mom, signed up for too many drawings, raffles, and silent auctions... Saw a police dog attack demo (cool), a bunch of raptors at the Campus Vet Hospital, mini horses for adoption, cows on steroids, all that stuff - learned TONS. Then us-two Moms took the "kids" grocery shopping and bought the store. While we were shopping, we started getting calls that we won all kinds of stuff that we'd signed up for! Vacation, events, art, and food! We were screaming about everything; we were so excited! Oh-la-la! Went home, took off for an African Music dinner, and ended up completed exhausted on the couch watching some TV show called "Say Yes To The Dress." Ended the evening planning their wedding! haha! Woke up at 6:30 and hit the road to come back home.

Whirlwind weekend and SO NEEDED! Loved every second! I took a few pictures of the Palouse, but mostly just enjoyed the long drive through the gorgeous rolling hills...solo driving!

The only sad thing about it is that I've NEVER seen Acreage for Auction signs and I saw quite a few this time...signs of the times...I guess.

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Hi everyone!

Was hoping to do more garden digging outside today but honestly it was still muddy from all the 4 season weather we've been having and too bloody cold with the wind. Sigh. It will have to wait. So I continued planting up seedlings into deeper soil. Of course I have sh*tloads of seeds to plant directly in the garden because I'm running out? ran out of room (now my deep bedroom window is completely full of seedlings growing on.

BJ the NOW book is fantastic. I learned to focus more on life. My harmful habits over the years has been living in the past and worrying about the future....in the meantime life was just going by. They only time I really slow down is crafting, gardening or just getting away with DH for a drive. Lately though it's gardening. And yes, Rome was not built in a day. (No women in control multitasking anywhere....otherwise it would have been done in a couple of weeks, complete.)

Did someone mention planning if you're planting seeds??? Planning??? Sh*t - too late for that!

Hey Suzanne, sorry to see you've been alone so much - I get side tracked a lot right now. And then I skim by here thinking I should pop in....but some days I just feel like reading not typing. Must be this 4 season, horizontal windy weather we've been having - just wanna sleep but can't.

Boy Dee - remind me never to moan again about lack of sleep, will ya? My goodness girl that's rough. I've got a freshly made bed with fluffed pillows for ya anytime ya need to rest. And I do provide room service if ya want a sleepy time tea or warm milk. Hang in there - they have to get this sorted for you. LOL.

Maddie - you are rocking! The last time I was on this forum you're were in a bad situation where you were living and then outta touch. I missed the middle cause I was away - seeing you now in school and settled like this is amazing. I'm so proud of you. Pat yourself on the back!

FB is funny - everyone wanted me on it but honestly - I don't want to spend time on it playing games, posting my life. As it was I never put any of my personal details on the account. As far as the internet knows most of the time my postal code is Beverly Hills 90210 and my telephone number is always a 555-1234. I cancelled my account when some whack job sent me a photo of his privates hanging out in a store mirror. I contacted FB for a criminal report - doubt they did anything. At that moment I deleted everything on the account, even my Beverly Hills home! And then closed everything. It's scary how much information people throw out there and then wonder why their homes get robbed when they're away. I always wind up with wacko's which makes me ill. I had to S-P-E-L-L it out to my dearest friend to stop bugging me about FB and getting on it so I could see her posted photos and such. For heaven's sake. And then she was on and on about Skype. Had to spell that out too that I had no interest in that either since we have free north american calling. At least with my phone I can move around - try doing that with a laptop attached to your hip. Too much stuff out there. This forum is my speed.

Oh those Acreage for Auction signs would make my stomach turn - it's horrid. People having really tough times. Don't tell me some are not living the depression. They just like to call it something else these days with a trendy label. My heart goes out to farmers. It's just not funny. Yeah, some do extremely well but many are really hanging on by their nails.

On a lighter note I've dropped a pound below my goal weight. Still well within my healthy weight range so I have to pay attention now. I actually forget to eat when gardening season gets busy. And the reverse happens where food just doesn't appeal to me. Living in the Now. I get hungry about 10:30 am. So I eat. Then I'm hungry about 2pm. Dinner is becoming a challenge so that tells me I'm either being lazy about preparing food or I'm bored with my meals. So I've been looking today at Green Planet online - for ideas.

That's me for now. I'm off to bed to .... read a book! Haven't done this in awhile either.

Look, there I go again blabbing all over my laptop. Stop me if you're bored.

Good night folks,
Hugs to everyone,

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Good morning all,

Very cold and wet here. Perfect pea and lettuce weather! Will plant some kale for my chickens to day if it stops raining.

BJ, glad you had a good time. Sounds exhausting but fun. I would think the best part for me would be the scenery!\\

Peg, I started my tomato seeds in mid-March. We cannot plant outside until the end of May at the earliest. Tomatoes need to be well on their way if I expect to get any kind of a yield in three months. Very short growing season here. This week I started some flower seeds which don't take as long as tomatoes. You must be a lower longitude/latitude than I am to be planting things outside.

Have a brilliant day today in spite of the weather!

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Happy Wednesday,

Just to clarify - I cannot plant things outside until end - May. My seedlings are hogging prime real estate in my south windows and side window ledges. The only thing I've succeeded in planting outside in the wee bit of garden I managed to turn over between storms are early crops such as parsnip, cabbage and beets. They'll start coming up when they are ready. I've held back on "cool season" veggie planting because of this nasty, nasty, wicked weather. My tomato new starts are just starting their second set of true leaves for planting out end May. I have baby tomatoes on my indoor window plants that are just starting. I have to keep a vigilance on their containers because they are fruiting now. I should be planting my lettuce but it's been too miserable. I have to get my proper veggie bed flipped and weeded but it's too soggy.

Not going anywhere today. I should get off my butt today and make a couple of curtains for my craft/plant/spare bedroom. I have large curtains to size down for that. Just need to do it! Okay, who has the Live in the Now book - quick side slap me with it!

And of course - clutter...need to tidy up today. It has grown legs again.

Also thinking about meals today - proper meals. Yesterdays brief post (ahem...) got me thinking about my laziness again and weight loss for the wrong reason. Not good - old habits creeping back. It's a mental habit that I have to watch and self-talk positive behaviour. Bad Peggy.

How is everyone doing with personal goals? My friend I've been going along with for our winter tune-up is having a tough go again. We've been realizing we need a refocus and regroup. She's having a hectic social life which presents challenges. We talk alot about strategic planning for those. Her weakness is wine. So she started finding a compatible juice to cut her wine in half. Then one night she brought just juice but caved unfortunately. We keep bashing around planning and preparation - good weeks, bad weeks. This spring weather I'm finding much harder to mentally deal with than Jan-Feb weather. I keep looking where my veggies should be and seeing weeds. And then there's fencing to build, chicken coop wire to keep out rabbits, tall poles to hold deer netting. So much to do but I have to practice patience.

Finally found my hospital course binder - from my mental health 3 month therapy book. I want to read that over again and re-do the exercises because I feel so different these days. Some monsters on my back have long since gone, stressors gone, new challenges but not near as bad as before. It will prove a good yardstick to see where I'm at and remind me to stay positive. I'm a self help book junkie. All those baby steps put together over time make such a difference today. I used to want to drink beer until I felt calm - well we know how that turned out. Now if I have a beer socially it takes me all night to drink it. I'd rather guzzle water or my latest craze is buying the older lemons on sale and enjoying hot lemon water. I don't want to feel drunk. For those who've been with me over the years this is a major life milestone. I'm learning to stop using other influences as excuses to be miserable. Learning that we all have choices in behaviour. Toxic people are just that - I've pushed them away and cut them out of my life. I can breath again.

It's funny - I loved my family. Both my parents are gone now. I cannot tolerate my siblings and their greed and whining - so they have unfortunately been pushed away. One of which is toxic. I knew it would take the death of my last parent to get away from my siblings. It doesn't mean I don't love them deep down - I always will. I will always wish them peace and happiness. My toxic sister has been unhappy for one reason or another her whole life. She constantly lashes out at the world, scares her subordinates at work and generally if it's not her way she can be beyond horrid. She must be in a lot of pain inside. I wish her peace. I wished all my life with her that we could have been more to each other but we have fought as far back as I can remember. So I learned about toxic people. I had to let go so I could live in peace.

It's not just diet, it's a whole life attitude I'm talking about. The diet part is easier when the rest of the monsters are put in their place. So many of us now are facing such harsh realities with illness here - family, friends. It weighs heavy. I know the suffering. The most I've learned is we have to remember to take the time to care for ourselves. Otherwise we will burn out.

Tell me - are you taking care of yourself outside of the kitchen? When was the last time you sat still and just listened to your breathing? When was the last time you just let yourself exist? When was the last time you let yourself be you?

Think about that for today.


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LOL (lots of love) to you, too, Peg! :)

Thanks for all the encouragement. I found DH in the guest room this morning. He said (what I already knew) that I had had a very bad night. The bags under my eyes can hold a weeks worth of clothes! LOL! Please hold some good thoughts that I can actually sleep thru the study to get some titration results on the CPAP. I want to feel human again.

OK, enough with the whining. Lots of people have far worse problems that cannot be fixed.

Here are some [[[[[[HUGS]]]]] for everyone.

Praying you all have a blessed Holy Week or Passover.

Hang in there with us......!

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If the weather is getting you down this will lift your spirits and make you laugh until you are crying! British you know!

Here is a link that might be useful: Mrs. Brown gets a bikini wax

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Of course I mean wax in my last post. LOL

My raised beds are all ready for the weather to improve. I cannot wait.

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Thank you Suzanne - I have not laughed this hard in a long, long time. I've sent the links all over the place.

This place states that it's a new BBC release.

Well that's me now for the next little while. I'm not sure if it's safe to have a cuppa while watching or not...OMG this is the funniest show I've seen in years!

Here is a link that might be useful: Mrs Brown's Boys

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Have a wonderful birthday!!

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Happy Birthday to you....
Happy Birthday to you....
Happy Birrrrthhhddaaayyyy our little Easter bunny, you-designed-a-great-new-kitchen, and-we-all-love-you Doooonnnna
Happy birthday to you!

OK, they all can't be gems, but my voice was spot-on! LOL!

Hope this is a great birthday/weekend for you!

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We love you Donna, Oh yes we do,
We don't love anyone as much as you,
We you aren't with us
We're blue
Oh Donna we love you!!!

Happy Birthday!!! Hope it is fabulous!!!

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Crikey, how am I supposed to follow that!?!???

Here's an oldie song, but goodie....

I had a girl,
Donna was her name,
since she's left me,
I've never been the same.
'Cause I love my girl,
Donna where can you be?

Whhaaaaa???? It's the only Donna song I know.

Happy Birthday Donna, where ever you are!

You have my blessing to do something silly today,

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Good Friday (literally) all!

THe wind has shut down this morning and I can hear myself think along with the Spring symphony of birds and the brook that babbles along the border of our property.

Then there is the wind damage! Grrrrr, yet another section of fence to replace. This winter has been a record.

What is everyone up to for this Easter weekend?

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HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY, DONNA!!!!! We love you! Check in and tell us how your BIG day was!!!! :-)

NHSuzanne: Hilarious video! Thanks for the laugh! If we had TV like THAT, maybe I would consider cable again! LOL!

Bummer about your fence. This is the first year that we haven't lost a tree or two on our property. We've had some REAL windy days, but nothing took out our trees, thank goodness. Your garden beds look ready to go! I have to haul dirt and turn it into my hay/worm bin castings and spread it. Then I, too, shall be ready!

Easter...I am getting the 2-three year olds again (they are becoming very special to me!) this weekend, Saturday at 11am and overnight for Easter! I LOVE HAVING KIDS ON HOLIDAYS! And, my DD got laid off, so she is here for a week. She's looking for jobs online, and she can do that anywhere. So, it's a perfect weekend!

MIL arrives in 6 days for a week-long stay, but without FIL, so that should go easy. Remember, FIL has Asperger Sydrome, so it takes a lot of energy to have fun with him.

DeeMarie: CPAP! It's a lifesaver! So glad you're doing this for you, your loved ones, and US!, my love!

Peg: Good attitude! As far as caustic family members go, I think many of us have one or two of those. We deal, but it is painful to have family members that we can't just "be" with. :-) Since you asked, projects OUT of the kitchen are many and they are getting accomplished! It feels so good! I feel like I am FINALLY getting things under control. I need to tackle my yard and garage and just get it STARTED!

Okay, back to scanning and filing paperwork for me!

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Thank you all for the birthday wishes - it was a nice one!
I love and miss all of you too.
I admit to spending time on FB - my new "age" goal is to spend equal time here.

Have a wonderful Easter/Passover holiday!!

Love, Donna

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Happy Birthday BJ!

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Sorry I missed your party here Donna. Happy Belated Birthday!!!

BJ, Happy Happy to you too. Have a wonderful birthday!!!

oxoxoxoxox Besh

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Happy Birthday BJ!! I hope you have a lovely day! xxx...ooo

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It is SUNNY here today---FINALLY!

...And our Farmer's Market's first OUTDOOR Saturday is TODAY!!! I love the outdoor Summer Farmer's Market. I am going to take the kiddos there today. The little ones arrive in 3 hours and I am really looking forward to getting some exercise , trying to keep up with them.

Yesterday, we had a 6-year old in the office and I played trains with him for about an hour while his parents talked legalese with DH- so much FUN!-the trains, I mean! I keep a toy box in the office of trains, toy farm animals, and puzzles and play whenever kids stop by...keeps my mind young!

Birthdays are a fun time to set small goals and my goal is to read more POSITIVE NEWS. I love reading the news every morning, but it has become quite depressing lately...so I looked up some happy news websites and will share:


Have a GREAT weekend and let's hear about it on Monday!

((((((((((HUGGLES!)))))))))) to EVERYONE!!!

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Happy Birthday BJ!!!! Hope it's a great one :-)

Will talk Monday......

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Thank you for the good news link, BJ. I like good news, too. It looks like no one else has posted today. I hope you all had a great day! I'll come back tomorrow and post again so no one has to move my last post over to a new thread.

I'm not doing much today but working in my virtual worlds and watching a movie.

Eat healthy and be safe,

- amy

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YAY!!!!!! Happy Easter!

How is Hawaii? How are YOU! I was so excited to come here and see you posted!

What movie did you watch? We ordered the old "Who's Line is It?" from Netflix and are working our way through the seasons. SO, SO , SO funny! And I just love to laugh!

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