skunks under the house

SharJuly 26, 2001

Does anyone know of a way to repell skunks. We need to seal up the opening they are using to get into the crawl space under our house, but we sure don't want to do it with a skunk still under there. The area they are using is not accessible to us, so we have no way of checking to see if they are still there.

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I have heard that an ammonia soaked rag will get racoons out of the chimney. It might work to get the skunks out of the crawl space.

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I'm having the same problem right now with skunks. Here's what we're doing: staple chicken wire or something similar over the spot where they're getting in. Leave it open at the bottom with enough mesh to cover the ground about a foot out from the house. They can get out UNDER the mesh but can't get back IN. You could also throw some ammonia rags or mothballs under there first to "encourage" them to find new digs LOL.

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surround the house with moth balls they will leave in a day my uncle had them under his porch worked like magic

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Click the following link for helpful skunk control info.

Here is a link that might be useful: Skunk Control

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Some years ago I had a skunk move into a garage for a few weeks. I tried leaving the light on and a few other things, but the one thing that got it to move out was a radio playing loud rock music. I think it thought that the music stunk worse then it did, anyway it worked for me. I also have a friend that lived in the city and he had skunks tearing up his lawn so he used a live trap and successfully trapped many skunks. He would use a blanket to hold up between him and the trapped skunk until he could cover the trap. The skunks were given a ticket to skunk heaven so he didn't have to figure out how to get the skunk out of the trap while it was still alive.

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I have an inlaw that is hillbilly to the hilt. He threw a smoke bomb under his shed to get rid of skunks. LOL It worked but you may want to try some of the innovative ideas above first.

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We had family of skunks in crawl space a few years ago. Moth balls don't work. We soaked all our single socks (finally a use for them!) in ammonia, threw them into the hole they were using to get in and then piled dirt over that hole. We waited a few hours and then saw the mother dig her way out and then carry the rest of the family out. We then blocked the hole with steel mesh. They found a new home. This was all as recommended by a pest control expert and worked well for us.

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I read a forum post that recommended sprinkling the affected area with chocolate ex-lax. Who knows? It might work.

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I had skunks under my front cement steps...we tried moth balls, ammonia, it didn't work so we put a water hose under the steps and waited until a very wet skunk came out and then we put wire all around the steps but put it deep so they cannot worked...they are now at my neighbors!!!

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I have tried and dug along the outside of the shed, placing 2x4 in the holes and covered it up again. With in a day, they have now tore out the wood and made the holes larger. I will try the chicken wire and ammonia soaked rags.

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I have had skunks under my garage for 9 years. I have killed 10 of them by traping them and shooting them with a BB gun. I can't get them completely out. I have tried moth balls, ammonia, chilli pepper, loud music, bright lights, expensive "sonor" emitters and nothing ever works except shooting them. Now I am digging a 2' trench with wire mesh fench and concrete completely blocking them. I have provided one way of excape through a 4" drain pipe with chicken wire on the end (with the bottom undone). I am not sure of the depth to which they dig. Anyone know if 2' is deep enough?

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For anyone still checking this post, I talked with wildlife exclusion service; they told me to wait until season where babies go out at night with mother (baby season is summer, so after August or Sept) before trying to rid crawl space. Seal up openings except one that you see tracks or know they use, and do a one way door on that one, like other posters have mentioned.

Skunks go out at night. You could do a stake out at night to see, or check during the day (after using a one way door) to see that they are gone. You can buy a "predator scent" to put in the crawl area to keep them away, then seal up all openings.

If you trap the mother or seal up an entry points, you could be leaving babies to starve and die.

If you have the money, it's best to call a humane service that can do all of the above without trapping. In my area (Sonoma, CA), gave me info. You can check out their website just for info. I have no affiliation, I just don't like to hurt animals.

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I had a giggle at the ticket to skunk heaven. I don't like to hurt animals either- but my inlaws have had skunks get in their crawl space and spray every summer and it makes their house Stink SO BAD it makes your eyes water. Then, FIL has to go into that space to spray something that neutralizes it. I would shoot a skunk on site before I would pay someone else to deal with it- but I am a redneck and also we have allot of skunks- and other vermin.

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You wont believe this. As soon as I finished posting above post, my dos got skunked.

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Use a small trap bait it with canned cat food. Then in the morning get yourself some vinyl gloves to wear and a large tarp , use it as a shield as you cover the cage with the tarp pick the cage up. Put some cardboard down in the back of the truck and placethe cage and tarp onto the cardboard. Drive to the nearest deep creek and drown the little beast.

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