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stitcheasy2003September 30, 2006


I have the mega hoop and would like to know can someone tell me what P1, P2 and P3 mean. Where does your design start? Platinum Plus machine. Where can I get some mega designs? thank you

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I believe this is a 3 position hoop, so the P just stands for Position 1, Position 2, etc.

What software do you use for digitize, editing or splitting designs?

These mega hoops are deceiving in that a lot of people think you can just buy the gigantic hoop and then sew out the gigantic designs. Unfortunately, it isn't that simple. Your machine is still limited to it's orignal sewing field size, so basically you have to learn how to split big designs into 3 separate designs that when put back together will make the 1 huge design. You sew out the part in P1, then take the hoop off the machine, move it to P2, sew out that part, take it off, move it to P3, then sew out that section. It also wouldn't hurt to do a little dance and say a prayer while you're at it. I've found it to be pretty challenging, and there is definitely a learning curve involved. If you haven't digitized or dome some fairly involved design editing, it's going to be frustrating at first.

The only place I know that you can buy designs already split is at Actually, she splits designs that are sold by Emboridery Libary, so you have to buy the design first from Embroidery Library and then purchase the 'split' pieces from her.

Splitting designs in this way is a challenge at first, and if you think this is something you'd like to do, I'd really recommend taking a class from Rosanne, or buying her tutorial. I am not affiliated, yada yada, but I took her class once and it was really helpful. Splitting up the designs and getting them to sew out so that you can't see the split is not something I think I'd ever have tried without seeing her do it first. Although I haven't done one now for so long I've probably forgotten how! Good luck!


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