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nhsuzanneApril 18, 2005

Good Morning Sunshines,

Come out, come out wherever you are and tell us how your weekend was.

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My weekend was fabulous. We had wonderful weather, and DH and I spent some quality time together in the yard, running errands, dining out with friends. Really good times.

Hope everyone is feeling OK!
Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!

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Hi guys! I had the flu all last week so I'm not caught up on what went on around here. I'll have to try to get that done tomorrow. I meant to do it today but I've been so tired that when I stop, I fall asleep & every being of my body hurts! Shout out to all! Hope each has a good week! Patti :)

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Hi guys!

Back from Oregon.

Took 14 yo DD to doc yesterday for sore throat. She has mono. The 16 yo DD has a sore throat today. great....

I'll read and catch up on what I've missed. More later...

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Well, we are all just a bunch of sickies here!

DS and I have had the flu for a few days. DS has had recurring headaches and nose bleeds which we are watching carefully. Something MUST be wrong because HE CLEANED HIS ROOM!! No kidding, vaccum, carpet cleaner, the works! Says he feels fine but I am still watching...

Bj hpe those girls are better soon!

Me, I'm going to take a nap!


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I'm checking in. Been doing some (very) low impact exercise and watching my WW points carefully. Getting in 2 fruits, at least 3 veggies, and 2 dairies a day. Lots of water, etc. Hoping my weigh-in tomorrow shows my good work.

Friday, I'm off to the doctor again to discuss my CT Scan results. We're looking at more 'follow up', according to his nurse's message. (I'm tired of being sick and tired, but I'm hanging in there).

Make today count!

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Good afternoon Gang.

Sorry to hear of all the sickies out there... Hope ALL feel better real soon.

Had a good weekend with my friends who came and now it is time for some me time.

Today is our 9th year anniversary. I am so happy and lucky to have married that dude!!!! I am excited about next year for our tenth cause we will go back to the smokey mountains where we got married.

QOD: Accounting Admin.

Not much new happening..... I'll check in later.

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Congrats to both you and your Hubby! Any plans? I hope that you have a wonderful day.

DeeMarie, I am sending prayers and good thoughts to you about these follow ups. Please keep us posted. Good for you on the exercise.

Well, that flu has flown the coop! Finally, we are feeling a little better. Boy did that virus want to hang on, though. Just when I was feeling better to go to CURVES, this had to hit. Oh well, back in the saddle.

Everybody, be strong and be WELL!!


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Lynn~Happy Anniversary! You are just 1 year behind Dave & I. That should be easy to remember.

I woke up the past couple of mornings with migraine headaches again. I don't know what the deal is. I did decide that I was going to go to my paint class no matter what last night so that is exactly what I did. LOL We did landscapes. (That is the first time that I have remembered what it is even called.)

Well, shout out to everyone! And, to all a good night! Patti :)

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Good THURSDAY morning everyone!

I'm on my way to a 4-hour meeting with the Vice President of our department---sort of a lets-hold-hands-and-sing session; complete with facilitator and break-out sessions. Should be a yawn, but I'll try not to close my mind. I'm a trained facilitator, and I know how hard it is to get people motivated when they want to be anywhere but where they are.

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

QOD: Why are you not posting lately? Give a "howdy-do" when you get the chance.

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Good Morning All,

Happy Anniversary Lynn. Wishing you many, many more to come.

Patti, sorry you are suffering with those damned migraines. They are horrible. I hope painting takes your mind off it. Hope you will share your landscape with us. What medium are you painting in?

Tikanis, glad you all are feeling better too. The winter time illness' are really hanging on this year. I am fearful of the flus and disease that they are talking about on the news. Makes me very happy to live in the woods!

BJ, hope your family is feeling better too. Take care of yourself too.

DeeMarie, I am yawning already. I hate those types of sessions and you describe them so well! Hold hands and sing is exactly right! LOL

Did Raeanne leave town without telling us? Check in girl.

Besh, you too. Wasn't yesterday something? WAY too hot for this woman! I was cranky. We got a nice bit of rain last night and I am looking forward to more this weekend.

I am off in about an hour to Virginia for a show. I really would prefer to stay home with my own horses but I will make the best of it. It's grueling time though, 14-16 hours on our feet..............eating late, not enough sleep. Thank God I can get my horse fix or I would be crazy!

Have a great week and weekend everyone. I will be back Monday afternoon.

Hope all you MIA's check in while I am gone.

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Hi I'm here.

I have been naughty and just lurking. Don't know why. Well I guess one reason is that I am on vacation this week and I have gone into this cleaning frenzy so I am limiting my computer time. I can get so lost on the computer and let time just fly by. This morning is the first day that I stayed in bed (9:00 AM). My house is cleaner (not 100%, but so much better). Today I am going to do some things outside.

Suzanne, yesterday was wonderful! It was quick though. Today it is in the 50's. It was so strange last night, we had a campfire with the kids and some of their friends, and all of the sudden the wind just picked up and you could feel the cold air just blowing in. We had to put out the fire; the winds got to be too much and it has been so dry here lately.

WW is going great. It has been a challenge this week being home. I lost 7# last week and I will be happy if I just stay the same this week!

Happy Anniversary Lynn! Doesn't the time just fly? DH and I have been married for 26 years!

Sounds like there are a lot of sickies here! I hope everyone is feeling better today.

All for now. Have a great day.

Love, Besh

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I haven't been around, but it doesn't look like I missed much. (((((HUGS)))) to all that need them and all those that don't LOL. Sounds like a lot of the family is under the weather.

I got back from Syracuse on Tuesday, but I have been working a lot and my MIL is visiting, so my computer time has been limited.

Maddie - I love those glasses WOW. And I think I recognized the person behind them LOL. My problem is that I don't look good in too many glasses. My face is small and they usually overwhelm me. My first pair of glasses were children's glass - no joke! I will try some on in a store and see what shape looks best.

Magickitty - Happy Anniversary.

We haven't heard from Joanne and Gretchen in a while - hope all is well with them.

BJ - let us know how the girls are. I will keep them in my thoughts.

DeeMarie - Good luck with the Dr. tomorrow. I will be thinking of you.

Gotta run to the store and figure out something for dinner - very boring.

I am still on track with SSing, but feel I have already hit a stall.

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Hi goils!

I have just been reading lately--don't know why; I guess b/c I don't have anything intelligent to post! LOL!

Things are about the same here--we're getting ready for the opening of the Derby Festival, and getting ready for Canada, so that's where my time is being spent. Oh, yeah--- and glasses, too! LOL!

Raeanne--i have the opposite problem--I have small features, but I'm fat, and that creates a whole new set of peoblems! I found a pair that look good--Jackie O kinda, and Rog did them for me in black and clear stones--

One QO was what do we do? Well, by ed-ju-ma-cation, I am an accountant. I got tired of that, and became an auctioneer. At this point, I am working on my jewelry and website, so that i don't have to go back to corporate America--although, I still want my own auction barn--

Has anyone heard from Joanne lately?

Hope all is well!



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I intended to post this before, but I don't remember if I did.

I'd like to get everyone's web site address.

Mine, as some of you know, is still I haven't updated it for a couple of years, but plan to get back at it soon.

Does anyone else here have a forum? I've decided to start a forum called A Joy Forever. It will be about art, health, and whatever else, and will also provide a place for people to talk about their work and what they like to do. And maybe some inspirational things. There can't be any obvious advertising, but since I'm the administrator, I get to decide what breaks the rules. :)

Is everyone's page updated with current email addresses and all? A couple of times I've sent messages and didn't get a reply, so I'm not sure if it got missed. Nothing important, just wondering if we are all updated.

I'm still frustrated with my weight and my looks, but trying hard, and somewhat angry that I have to try so hard. Oh, well. Other things are going okay.

I'm sorry to hear about all the illnesses. WildChicken, it seems like you always have your hands and your life quite full. I do wonder why it all seems so hard sometimes.

On the positive side, when I called my son today, he answered on his cell phone at a game watching my granddaughter play soccer. Still many joys left in spite of the difficulties.

Back later. Please let me know if you have any ideas of what might be good to include on my new forum. Thanks.


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(ahem.... snort...choke....gasp....)


BJ--I love you. You are everything I wish I could be, and I am honored to call you my friend, my sis.

Love and hugs,


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Maddie, many thanks!---you're such a good singer!!!! lol. Wow! That's quite a compliment you gave me. I finally caught up on my reading and found I will miss you this year in KY. Bummer. But you still need to come to Seattle and so this makes the trip more necessary, don't you agree? My mom and dad and I will miss you SO much! We're missing the Colonel's pic nic this year since my dad thinks it'll be a madhouse in its new location. Anyway, I'm a love-a, love-a, love-a you and wish you the best in your at-home biz. You shine, sister! Go girl! And you WILL have an auction house someday---check out how far you've come already! Have a great trip on your upcoming vacation!

Raeanne~ Thanks for the e-card---I love Maxine! You are so cool to start my day like that! Smoochie! Hey! You've got to start checking in more----you're kinda quiet lately---me too. I have had my hands rather full of DD with mono and spring break, but this weekend, I'm catching up on laundry and life and diet chat. My older sis sent me a book called The Crystal Bible. SO COOL! You'd love it! The local star gazers shop has just about every crystal you can imagine, so I've been reading up on them all---and of course, every time I crack the book, I think of you!

Amy~I just got a new domain name registered for a website I'm building, but TIME---I need TIME! You ideas sound like a lot of fun! My oldest DD has started drawing this year and is having a lot of fun at it. I love her stuff. She does realistic-looking drawings of all kinds of stuff. She aslo dabbles in abstract photography. It's been great!

Back later to finish this; my dryer is buzzing at me!

Love to all!

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Whoa, Marci! THANKS! While I was posting, you must have been working your MAGIC! ((((HUGS!))))

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BJ~I swear that I woke up this a.m. knowing that the 23rd of April was something important. Now, I'm certain. It is an important day for an important person. It is sad that you & Maddie won't get to get together at the Kentucky Derby this year. But, you have had the opportunity to meet so many of your sisters on here & that is very special! I love that you are able to travel the way that you do.

NH Suzanne~I would love to share my artwork on here but I don't have any way to do that. We are using enamels. I hear that a No'ereaster is heading your way. Is that right?

Amy~Glad that you posted!

Besh~Glad that you posted!

Maddie~Glad that you posted!

I just haven't been able to kick this flu or whatever & all I've been able to do all day long is sleep. We have had company over for dinner the other night though & that was fun. And, then I went to her house yesterday to learn to paint on material. So, we are learning to paint on just about anything that we want to. LOL (It can be tied down or not!) Shout out to everyone! Patti :)

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BJ - What can I say? I am always wishing you the best of everything, not just on your birthday. I agree with Maddie's sentiments, you are always an inspiration and I wanna be just like you when I grow up LOL. Your family, friends and acquaintances are all better people for having you in their lives. I can't watch Survivor without thinking "BJ could kick their a$$". My DH only met you that short time and he believes it too LOL. Well in my opinion the world is a much better place, because of YOU. So have a great day, a great year and a great, long, healthy, prosperous, fun filled, full of love, happy life.

Great job Marci! We needed a party around here - too quiet lately.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BJ!!!!! Hope you and the family have a fun-filled weekend. You are an inspiration to us, such a well-rounded personality, and always a great motivator. I'm so glad to have met you. When I strayed away from this site, years were the one who sent me an e:mail with just these 3 words: "where ya been?". I will never forget that e:mail. It gave me the bump in the pants that I needed to reconnect and decide to never, never give up! Thanks for always being here for us, your family, and your friends. WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!

BTW, There's a small package in the mail for you (DH promised he mail it), but there is more to come. I've just not had the time to do the shopping I want to do for you lately (for obvious reasons). Watch that mailbox, though!!!

Make today count!
Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!!!!

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Happy Birthday, BJ!!

I hope you make a whole wonderful weekend of it!


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BJ, my one and only sister that I have met, in person! I am so happy to know you and to have met you and I wish you nothing but great things on your birthday!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BJ!!!!!!

Love, Besh

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All that we needed to bring everyone here was BJ having a birthday. I can feel the love and it feels good.

BJ - After reading your post, I ordered The Crystal Bible - thanks.

Dee - I for one am grateful that BJ got you back here - it wouldn't be the same without you and your wonderful mantra.

Patti - sorry you are still not up to par. Hang in there.

I left my mother on Tuesday to come home to my MIL at my house - it would've been nice to have a day with just DH, but we managed and this afternoon DH is driving her half way back to the city (NO he's not leaving her on the side of the road - BIL is meeting them). So I am basking in the silence of my house.

Well dirty bed linens and towels are calling me...

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Raeanne, I'm waiting for a blanket to dry, as I type this! Just 2 loads of laundry washing machine is leaking; thank goodness it's in the basement. DH can't find anything wrong with it, but I'm convinced that water out the bottom is not normal. LOL!!!

Ate way over my points yesterday, but took them out of Flex Points for this week, and I'm on to another day. Forgetting already about that nasty old garlic bread! LOL!!

Make this a great Sunday! Don't forget to check in this week by actually p-o-s-t-i-n-g, OK? We love lurkers, but we sound funny talking to ourselves!

Besh, a Dept56 collectors club we belong to wants to plan a trip to Salem in October! haha....not sure we will go along until they decide on the date...the Jets are DH's #1 priority in the fall. :-)

BJ, hope you had a great day!

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!

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