HELP - ants & ant eggs inside boxes in the house!

karynJuly 19, 2013

We're in a temporary rental house for 6 months nearing the end before we close on a new place. As a result I've stacked boxes in bedrooms.

Today I grabbed one of my small boxes on top of the stack (product box from a brand new camera) and it exploded with ants coming out of it. Inside it was filled with eggs!

I have dozens of boxes against the walls in this room and if this is any sign of what's inside I'm going to be in big trouble. Maybe this one single box was the nest and that's it, but it's scary to think what could be in all these boxes now.


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You probably should call an exterminator. They have made a nest ( a rather large on) in those boxes. I just hope they are not crazy ants. They are hard to rid- they don't take bait and they like to nest in houses and electronics. you have to kill them, and kill the queen. You don't want to transport the queen. In the future, you don't want to stack boxes against walls like that- it also attracts mice. Don't ask me how I know.

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NON- Toxic ant killer
1 tbsp. sugar
1tbsp. molasses
1 tbsp. dry yeast granules
mix together, place near where ants are seen. will be taken to nest as food and will kill all who eat it.
non toxic to children or pets, could get a belly ache when yeast expands, as that is what kills the ants. good luck.

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If they are crazy ants, there is no control method as of yet. And using sweetend stuff is definitely not one to use in the house; that is their goal; to take over your house so they can pillage, etc.

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I got rid of my crazy ants- but I lucked out. They had been pillaging in my electric lines, and in my walls- It took me forever but I finally found the nest- an old, disused hanging basket planter, hanging from the side of the house. They had made a nest in all that dirt, etc. All attempts at killing them had failed- you HAVE to find the nest and kill the queen.

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Thanks Angie. We are on a house that is all concrete foundation and flooring. I read awhile ago that they sometimes form their nest under the concrete; which in our situation is about 1 ft. or more below the present yard level. I've walked looking for a nest, but failed to come across one; and now need to focus more on that.

In the meantime, any suggestion of what to look for.

Our whole bacck yard is heavy in fire ant hills; and have recently started using Dry Molasses for them...... so need some 'successful' method to now also look for crazy ants.

And, to folks that feel otherwise, they (crazy ants) do bite!

Right now I have about 8-10 bumps all over the body where they get me; usually at night. Wife is 'going crazy' herself ... manner of speech ... in trying to find out where they are coming in. We are finding them on the linoleum floor on the bathroom ... way inside the middle of the 15 ft. from foundation area of the outer walls.

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it sounds to me like your ant issue may be bad enough to warrant an exterminator- are you sure they are not a type of carpenter ants? Usually when people have crazy ants that bad, they find them in electronics- tvs, computers etc. They are attracted to electricity. I had minimal sucess with ant granules- amdro- they took it. I don't know if I had not found the nest if they eventually would have killed the queen with it- but the terro sap I put out they drank like mad, and it never affected the colony. I think the granules might have worked had I not found the nest. But if it is that bad, I really think you need an exterminator. They have access to chemicals the general public doesn't. And he can verify if they are indeed crazy ants.

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We are in the south eastern section of Texas that is recorded as having been taken over by the crazy ants; along with fire ants as well.

While I am not 100% certain these are ca's, from the images on the internet I copied off, and then caught the bunch in a glue side of wiping paper; the one you use to 'wipe' hair off a suit, etc.

Then magnified them LARGE and what we see has the same body, long head sensors, etc. The color does not really show a yellow tent ; but being inside the house, thought perhaps they change color a bit while there.

Now, regarding their name ... due to their scrambling around in a crazy manner ... I have scrapped off some of the outside fire ant hills, and they too act crazy when threatened. BUT... they have notable mounds of brown dirt one can easily notice; versus flat, and hard to see (I presume) crazy ant mounds.

But see no sign of 'hill' mount up near the foundation ... possibly eliminating fire ants as being inside. And also, now thinking some more, when we were brushing the ones in the bathroom this morning, they did not act 'crazy'; but did try to run away before we caught them on the glue paper.

So I'm stuck in a rock place at the moment....

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I came across a solution along my travels in Europe. Where I find ant hills on the outside of the home I boil water and pour it down the ant hill. A few applications of 220ð water and the ants are gone on the inside of the house as well. It usually works with one flushing of boiling water.

I don't know if our Canuck ants are crazy but I believe the queens live in the mounds, boiling the Queen must do the trick.

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