Philips Magnavox TV problem

tomknixxApril 27, 2004

My one year old daughter was recently playing with the TV (Philips Magnavox 25TS56CI) remote controller and turned the TV on and off repeatedly. Now, when you turn the TV on, there is perfect audio but a white screen with horizontal lines in it. The sceen then looses the horizontal lines after about 5 seconds (the sound remains perfect during all of this), turns pure white, and then automatically shuts off after another 5 seconds. We have tried waiting a few days before turning it on again thinking that perhaps something was "over heated" but there is no change. The owners manual is less than helpful with this problem. Any suggestions?

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On the CRT circuit board(picture tube), you will find R3340, which is a 10 ohm 1/3w resistor. The location of the resistor is printed on the bottom of the ckt board. It is burned open, replace with a 10 ohm 1/2w resistor. This will solve your problem. The original resistor was sized too small, should have been a 1/2 watt.

This resistor is mounted standing up on ends. Mount the replacement resistor the same way. You can probably get the resistor at your local Radio Shack. You will probably have to buy a package of 5, but what the hey . . . they are cheap.

Be careful and don't get the circuit trace too hot and damage the circuit trace. (it's very small)

Good luck.

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THanks for the help Pee Wee.

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I'm having a very similar problem with my Philips Magnavox 32" TV (Model #TP3285). When I turn on the TV, I get a light gray screen with white horizontal lines, then the TV turns itself off after about 8-10 seconds. Sound is OK.

Pee Wee: Are the 25TS56 and TP3285 similar with respect to the CRT circuit board? I'm comfortable with electronics and electronics repair, but I'd rather not crack open the set unless I'm fairly sure of the problem.

tomknixx: Were you able to repair your TV?

Thanks very much in advance for your helpful advice!

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Pee Wee:

I don't know if you still monitor this forum, but if you do: my sincerest thanks! Being the impatient person I am, I took the back cover off the TV and tested resistor R3340 with my multimeter. Sure enough, it was indicating an open circuit. I got the 1/2 watt 10 ohm resistor from Radio Shack (cost $0.99 for 5) and replaced the resistor. (Took me longer to find my tools than it did to replace the part.) TV is back to normal!

Many thanks!

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Glad you guys got your sets repaired. There are not that many symptoms that respond to this type repair, but sometimes you get lucky....

The reason that resistor failed, is because it was designed undersized. Duh, like a 1/2w resistor costs more than a 1/3w resistor. The real culprit is a picture tube arch, but not to worry, as the set gets more playing time, these minor archs will decrease and the 1/2w resistor will usually handle the surge.

Now you are full-fledged tech!

Good luck,

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As Doc1 stated earlier - I don't know if you monitor this site but me and my friend owe you a great big THANK YOU!

The same exact problem happen to my Philips Magnavox 2 days ago. We were playing video games just fine 3 hours earlier - powered the TV off and when we went to power it on again we were greeted with a white screen with horizontal lines in it. The sceen then lost the horizontal lines after about 5 seconds and shut down.

Needless to say I was outraged - when you spend good money on a TV you EXPECT it to last longer than a few years. So I called around for repairs/pricing $250.00 minimum with a $55 - $70 "inspection charge."

Anyhow, my friend found this site - and we decided to take matters into our own hands. Mind you we had absolutely ZERO experience in this area but we figured the worst had already been done - what additional damage could we do - but maybe electrocute ourselves.

We took as many precautions as we could and armed with nothing but our .99 (1.07 after tax) replacement resistors (5 per pack) and soudering pencil we set to work.

Less than 2 hours later (like I said no experience) the TV was working. You have never seen two little sorority girls more proud of themselves.

We jumped, we screamed, and called literally everyone we ever knew.

THANKS SO MUCH!! If you're ever in Cleveland we're taking your to dinner! ;)

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Thanks for all the help - never worked with TV's before, nor have I ever soldered, but figured I'd give it a try, seeing as it would have been thrown out otherwise - so for 20$ at RadioShack I got all the necissary parts, and got home, within an hour, the TV was fixed. Thanks much.


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I have a KHL Digital TV...Same Picture problem as the magnavox with the gray screen and white lines...took off the back and could not find part mentioned for the resitor number different for the KHL and where would it be located on ours (due to looks like 3 different boards). Any help is GREATLY appriciated!

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Mine is a 19pr15c125 Philips Maganavox smart version TV

Could I fix it the same way. It turns off by itself almost as soon as the picture lights up. The picture seems fine though


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Just out of curosity, where is the resistor in the circuit? Part of a hold circuit for a momentary power switch?? Always looking to expand my horizons.
Bob Brown

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The resistor is located on the crt(cathode ray tube), pcb(printed circuit board) socket.

The resistor supplies apx +200v to the collectors of the r, g, b, video driver transistors. If this voltage is low, it causes excess brightness(excess beam current), causing the set to "shut-down".

If the shut-down is too quick, you will NOT see the excess brightness, because the picture tube has not warmed-up enough to display anything on the picture tube. To see if the set displays "excess brightness", you will need to turn the set "on" about 5 to 10 times. This will heat the picture tube enough to display "excess brightness", IF that is the PROBLEM.

Of course, there are OTHER defects that will cause a tv to shut down. There are built in safety circuits, that will "activate" if excess voltage/current or heat is detected anywhere in the set.

Good luck,

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My TV (model number 27TS54 C101) is also showing similiar(I think so) problems. It shuts off itself as soon as I switch it on. I opened the backside of thw TV but could not locate the resistor you were mentioning. I am not sure if this model is similiar to others mentioned in the above messages.

Can you help me find the resistor in this model TV?

Thanks a lot for your help..


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you will need to post the chassis number. It will be 27, then a single letter, then 3 numbers.

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The chassis number is 27B800 7562.

When I switched on the TV, I could see a spark coming out of capacitor(?) C506 , and TV shuts down immediately.
Could this be a problem? If it is, what should I replace it with?


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Also any advice on where I should be buying the parts from?

I do not have any soldering experience before. Is it easy to pick that up? Really appreciate any advice on this.



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C506 is your problem, the value is 820pf @ 2kv. You may be able to obtain the part from the distributor listed below. (800) 553-6168

You will need some solder, a soldering iron about a 35w size and some "solder wick" to remove the old part. These will be available at your local Radio Shack store.

Solder wick is a flat braded mesh wire, which you use to "soak" up the solder from the leads on the old part. You press it against the lead, on the bottom of the circuit board, then press the 'hot' soldering iron against the brade and it will soak up the old solder. (caution - don't leave the soldering iron on the connection too long or the connecting trace will come loose from the circuit board.) After removing the old part, press the solder wick on the pads and soak up any excess solder and clean out the holes.

Leave the leads long on the new part untill you have it installed and soldered, then cut off the excess leads.

You will need to get to the bottom of the circuit board to remove the old part. I think that you can do this by removing the back and lay the tv on the picture(be sure and put a pad under the picture tube, to prevent scratching the tube.)

PS: you might need to practice soldering some wires togeather and unsoldering them before attempting your repair.

Good luck,

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I am having a problem with my Magnavox tv. I lent it to a friend of mine while I was away this summer and she claims that she was watching tv one day (actually a video) quite normally. After the movie was over she went to change the channel and the tv went into what we've now determined is "demo mode".

A self-promoting advertisement for the tv scrolls over and over. The television displays what is in the ad (eg. the caption comes on when they talk about caption and the sleep timer is demonstrated). The sound and picture quality are fine, but I can't watch real tv because the set won't respond to the remote or manual stimulation.

I am in college, in my senior year, and I'm trying to save money so I can buy new furniture and appliances for my real apartment, so I really don't feel like spending money on tv repairs for a tv that I got second (or maybe third)hand, and which I was planning to sell in a matter of months.

Please help. Oh by the way, where can I find the model, mfg and chassis numbers? Thanks in advance.

Berrybonita :c)

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Berrybonita it has been a long time since this has come up but I think you press the volume up and volume down on the front of your set at the same time.

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Thank you Pee Wee,
I had the same problem as tomknixx but my Philips Magnavox is 25TR19C225 with chasis 25F800 7583.
I checked the resistor and it was open, so I replaced it with .5W and now I have different problem :)))
The screen is totally black but it doesn't shut down by itself anymore.
Did I mess something up badly, or is there hope?

Thanks again.

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Not knowing what all you did, while changing the resistor, I have no idea.

Also, telling me that the "screen is totally black but it doesn't shut down anymore", doesn't give much of a clue either!

Do you have sound? Do you have high voltage? Do you have an antenna or signal source connected to the tv?

Not being able to see/hear the symptoms of your set . . . . makes it impossible to make any type analysis.


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Pee Wee, thanks for replying
Sorry I didn't write this down before

before R replacement:
-gray screen with horizontal white lines,
-goes brighter and brighter and then shuts off by itself (in 5sec.)
-the sound is perfect.
I changed the bad resistor, really carefully

after replacement:
- antenna is connected to the TV
- screen is just black
- sound is still perfect
- the voltage is high

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You may not understand the term "high voltage". This is the voltage that supplies the brightness for the picture tube, it's about 25 - 30 thousand volts.

Without a high voltage probe, you can check for high voltage by: go to Radio Shack and get a NE2 neon lamp. Go to the hardware store and get about a 6" piece of plastic tubing(just large enough to slide over the NE2 lamp). Clip the leads off of the lamp and stick it into the tubing.

With the back off of the tv, turn the tv on and place the lamp end of the tubing next to the high voltage transformer.(transformer with the large lead going up to the picture tube). If the neon lamp lights and stays lit, then you have high voltage.(you may have to move the lamp around the sides of the transformer). If the lamp does not light, then you have NO high voltage and you will have NO brightness.

If you have no high voltage, you will need to trouble shoot the horizontal output circuit, which usually requires a meter, a diagram and some technical knowledge.

Good luck,

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Hi Pee Wee;
I hope you are still wathching this forum.
I have a similar problem with my 25" Magnavox TV.
Model TS2554 C101
Chassis 25B800-7562
When switched ON after a few seconds I can hear click and the screen is almost black with green, read and blue patches. We found that when we touch the antena wire the picture comes back for a while. But that does not work any more. The sound is still there, no change. When I opened the box I noticed that something called D409 is making some sparking or kind of light when we press ON button on the remote. The area on the board is kind of dicolored like burned. I soldered that little piece out and tried to measure its value, it was 0.000. I am not sure is it a resistor or it is a diode. Is that the culprit or it is something different? Would you please give me some advise.
Best regards,

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I am having a similar problem. I hope it is a simple fix like these were.
I have a Phillips Magnavox 32" which is just shy of 4 years old. It's Chassis # 32K800 7591 and Model # TS3260CI.
It was working just fine. Then I turned it on about 1 hour after it was used last. It now has a white screen with zig zaging lines across it. It will then turn itself off only a few seconds after I turn it on.
Does this sound like a resistor problem to you? And if so- what is the model number for the resistor part? (Is it the same as listed previously?...or different for this model Magnavox?)
Also, can you tell me where the resistor is located? (I haven't done any previous TV repairs- am I crazy to attempt this?!?!)
Thanks in advance for any help!

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Pee Wee I sure hope you are still monitoring this site-this sounds like the same kind of problem we are having with our PM #19A800-7561, chassis #1317K181H. This morning when my husband turned on the TV, the satellite had to download something and everything was fine. Midway through the download, the TV turned off. When we try to turn it back on, it turns off so fast we don't even get a picture. Any ideas? It sure would be nice if it was such an easy fix as it was for doc1 and tomknixx.

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Hello - I hope you can advise me with some particulars about solving a problem with our Philips TV mn 27PS55 S321 (27T800 chassis) - when first turned on, there is a good picture and audio - soon it begins getting jittery in the horizontal - still have recognizable picture and audio, but not much fun to watch! - sometimes it settles down after a few minutes, but lately it will jitter for 3-5 minutes and then automatically shut itself off.
I am fairly skilled with a soldering iron - I have already carefully reflowed all the major solder joints around the flyback transformer and other large components in what seems to be the horizontal section, but it did not help - I stayed away from the smaller components for fear of dislodging surface mount bits. I would appreciate any pointers to what I might try next! Thank you.

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Pee Wee, I got to hand it to you, 2 weeks ago my TV went dead with the Grey Screen and wavy lines. I called around and got some outrageous quotes for fixing it and was about to write it off and get a new TV. Then I ran across this thread during a google search. A few days later armed with the resistor, my soldering iron, I took apart the housing and removed the old solder and resistor, added the 1/2W 10 ohm resistor from Radio Shack and I am back in business!!!

Thank you so much mate!



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I have similar problem with my Philips/Magnavox 25" TV/VCR combo. Model CCZ256AT31. I couldn't find the chasis number anywhere on the backside or inside after opening up the case. Could someone direct me where to find the chasis number for this model.

The problem is once the TV is switched on the picture comes up for around 5 second and TV automattcaly shuts off. If I turn back on the TV, the picture comes up and goes off again in 5 seconds.

PEE WEE, if you are looking at this post can you please take a look at this problem of mine. Let me know if you need more information.

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Pee Wee--Thank you so much! I saved my $400 TV with a R3340 resistor and an $8 soldering iron. The soldering wasn't pretty but works just fine. You are my hero!

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I have a 25" Magnavox Model No: RS2556 A602 with the chasis number 25Z105-00AA which turns off by itself. The TV works for a while and then it turns off by itself. After the first time the TV turns off as soon as it is turned on (the red light does turns on and power turns off). I would be glad if anybody in this forum can help me out. I did open the TV and looked at the resistors on the CRT board but did not find any faulty ones (from seeing the messages on this board).

Thanks in advance.

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I have a Phillips 36PT71 B129/Chasis 36H800 7592 TV. It will work for about 15 or 20 minutes then shut off. It may or may not start back up. If I let it set for 1 hour it will start back up and work fine for 15 or 20 minutes then shut back off. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi. I also have a problem with my Philips 36" (Model No. 36PW9765/12R). I purchased it in Germany 3 years ago, and use it in Switzerland. It shuts itself off for no apparent reason. Sometimes it is after a few minutes of viewing and sometimes it happens after an hour. When the t.v. shuts off, the red light on the front panel begins flashing and I have to unplug the unit to reboot it. Sometimes this works and sometimes the set will shut down so fast I don't even see a picture. All I can do is wait for hours and try again. The problem began in late August and is becoming increasingly severe. Now the tv will not let me watch a tv show beginning to end. Do you have any recommendations for fixing it? Service in Switzerland is astronomically expensive, and I can't transport the tv to the service centre b/c it's too heavy and big for my car.

I would really really appreciate help on this one! Thanks so much!

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I also have a problem with my Philips TV shutting off.
Model 32PT6441/37
Chasis LO4. 1U AAA
When the TV is switched on it automatically shuts off.
A green light on the front blinks 1 long blink then 3 short blinks then 2 short blinks then repeats all over again.
Reading some of the other post I removed the back but could not find R3340 anywhere on the crt.
MY TV is a 32 inch flat screen.
Can anyone please help?

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I have a Philips/Magnavox model #6p5441c103 (50+ inches) manufactured in '97 that has given me good and faithful service ... until now.
I turn the TV on - the green "on light " indicator button shines for about two seconds and then the TV turns itself off ... no light no sound no high/low voltage ... nothing.
I called Sam's (and others) to get a schematic but was told they did not carry "big screen" TVs in their files back then ('97, '98), ergo, no schematic.
I called Philips/Magnavox to request a manual/schematic and was told - apologeticly - they "are no longer servicing that model and have no information."
...Can any of you geniuses out there tell me (1) What is the cause of this TV's schizoid behavior?(there's no R3304 on the PCB that I can find) and (2) Where can I find a manual/schematic for this model?
Thanks beforehand.

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I had the same problem posted at the top of this page. I turned on my TV one day and got a grey screen with white lines. The audio was fine. After a few seconds the set turned itself off. I followed Pee Wee's suggestions and it is now fixed.
My TV is a 27 inch Philips Magnavox, Model TS2779 C221 (TS2779CI on the manual). The chassis no is R27TNTN.
The problem was the resistor R3340, and it is located on the circuit board where the picture tube is attached. Its exact location is labelled at the back of the circuit board.
I used an old 30/35 W soldering iron and the following from Radio Shack:
- high-tech rosin core solder #64-015E
- 10 ohm resistor, 1/2 W, 5% tolerance #271-1101

After a few minutes it was all done. Thanks Pee Wee and take care.

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Thanks for the response Mr. appdev and the advice about R3340
...but ...
I have a projection screen TV that has three separate CRTs (green, blue and red) with three separate PCBs for each
(one has resistors in the 700 series ...the next 800 series and the last has 900s - all 3 digits ... no R3340)
All three are connected to a focus control that is in turn connected by a hot and neutral wire to a T900 Flyback Transformer on a grid at the bottom of the set (thus the high voltage area that has only 800-900 series resistors on it... 'no R3340') ... but ...
it does have a PHILLIPS RMF L 5K1 5% 10W 647 ... WHAT IS THIS...?
Could this be a modified resistor comparable to R3340
Could replacing this help?
Sure would like to talk to PEE WEE 'GENIUS'

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My TV model: Magnavox RS2749 -C602
Chassis model: 27Z101 - 00AA
Problem: Picture shuts down after 3 minutes (dark screen), sound still on however at reduced volume
Could not find the R3340 resistor on the picture socket board. Only find thoses label R3, R9, R13 etc.
Please help.

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Model TP3272C.

All of a sudden, all functions on the remote control do not work (yes I changed batteries) AND, I tried all the buttons on the set itself, and NONE work. Power on/ go. go.

However, I can still turn the set on and off using my cable remote control. I am stumped.

Right now, I have closed caption ON and cannot turn it off. Any idea how all functions on the Magnavox remote AND on the set itself stopped working while I can still turn power on/off via cable remote?

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Hello, and Happy New year!
Please help, I have a phillips magnavox 60" manufactured in
2000, chassis # PTV835, Model # 9P6034 C101. When first
turned on the picture would go to a concave type and 1/2 size, and the volume would go up and down, however after being left on for about 15 minutes the picture would go back to normal, It kept getting worse and worse and now I have no picture at all nor any sound. The sound seemed to get worse along with the picture. Also it seems the remote would no longer operate the TV once the problems started. I have a limited knowledge of TV's but do know electronics pretty well. I'm guessing I have a voltage problem but do knt know how to diagnos the part that's bad. Can you offer any suggestions? I have pow4er to the set and the green LED lights up when the power switch is turned on but that is all it will do. No hum, no buzz nothing.
Gary Kiser Pekin Illinois.

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Help!!PEE WEE!
I have a 32" philips Magnavox color tv - TS3260Ci Chasis # 32K800 7591, it also has "HI POT" written next to the chasis number... my problem, I was watching the backyardigans with my 4 year old daughter and the tv started to loose all the color and just went black leaving only the sound and the ablity to change the channels!! I took off the back and noticed a burned out resisitor? on the small circuit board on the neck of the tube. I was burned to a crisp! it has the numbers 5342 printed on the area next to where the resisitor was soldered in. I am not sure put I think it is the placement part?? I do not know if it is a resisitor or a transisitor!! I know I can replace it since I can work a solder iron.. my only experience has been with electric guitars however... please any and all advice is greatly appreciated from me and my daughter who is going nuts without her cartoons!!!
Wishing everyone a Happy new year and may the Grace of God keep all of us safe and always in his Loving Kindness.
Thank you!!

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OK, so I bumped into this spot when searching my Philips model number, hoping to just get schematics. But Tomknixx described my problem, and Pee Wee pulled the fix right out of his hat. I wish all problems were this easy.

I took photos of the boards and my fix, seen here (or just click the shrine link below)

I notice some recent posts are asking about different problems, or hoping to find R3340 on their sets. There is nothing standard about the fact that this particular resistor is got an "address" or Reference Designator of R3340. Only Philips sets with this same CRT circuit board would look like this.


Here is a link that might be useful: Pee Wee's R3340 Shrine

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Dear PW,
I have seen you helping a lot of individuals, I am also one of the suffering ones. Following are the details of my 27inch Philips Magnavox.
Model TP 2785151
Serial 59728151
Chasis No: 27K8007591
We came back home after holidays and the TV started showing grey lines and shuts off in 3-5 seconds.
WOuld appreciate your help and I am ready to take on the challenge to fix my TV.
Thanks in advance.

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Hi Pee Wee-

I was hoping you could offer some advice on my problem. I have Philips 27PT6442/37 Television. Two days ago the sucker simply stopped turning on (The screen remains black and the power light remains off). I'd had a couple of problems with the set in the past (feedback, ), but never this problem. I fear I may have bought a lemon as the TV is only 5 months old. In any event, I have zero fear of breaking it further so any insight you can offer would be much appreciated.



P.S. the TV is plugged in and the fuse is fine as well.

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I'm troubleshooting a Philips projection screen TV right now. It will not do anything at all, only a green steady light in the front comes on. I have notice that red crt has a discolored or cloudy filament and was wondering if that is bad and is causing a protection circuit to activate or if that is normal and there could be something else wrong. Also are there filament replacements and are they expensive.

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I have a 25" Philips tv, and for some reason, I can turn it on and all i get is a gray screen with almost horizontal lines. There are two adjustment screws on the back. The set only stayed on for a matter of seconds before it turned off, and when i turned the bottom screw all the way to the left, it stayed on. But if i even try to turn the screw to the right it gets really bright then shuts itself off. I found another post on here that dated 2004, and Pee Wee was the star of it. My chassis number is 25B800-7562 and the model number is 25ts54. I noticed that the resistors were the most popular or problems. Pee Wee, are you here?? Please help, I love this tv and dont have money to replace it or have it repaired.

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Well, using peewees info and jamie's pics, i managed to find R58 which has a black band on it which is not parallel to the other colors, and it scrapes off as if its burned. I lightly scraped at it and it came off like chips of dried paint. could this be my bad resistor?

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I have a problem with my Philips Magnavox tp3281 c101. My kids where playing video games when the tv popped with a burning smell. I switched it off and on, but there was no picture nor sound; although, I could hear a clicking sound. It was as if the tv was trying to put itself on; there was also a little smoke coming out from the back. Well, I removed the back-cover and decided to inspect the chasis. it appears a resistor (may be) is burnt. I removed it with a soldering iron. The info written on the item is (HRR 821K 2KV). A "c" with "m" symbol and number "88" also follows. What is this item, and how do I go about replacing it? Is there any else I should check for? Thanks

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This is a follow up to my message above. I did some research. it appears the item is a disk capacitor. Should I just replace it with a 2kv disk capacitor?

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I have a 13" ac/dc/vcr model # MC09E1MG/17 it has a similar problem as the others listed it will turn off after 10 seconds or less, I did check the resistors on the CRT board located on the back of the tube? they all seem to have a value none of them seem to be open.. HELP? is there any particular component (location number)I should check, your help would be greatly appreciated

    Bookmark   January 28, 2005 at 9:55AM
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there is no help for you here. nobody seems to want to offer anybody advice anymore.

    Bookmark   January 28, 2005 at 1:38PM
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hello my proplem is that my kids were pushing buttons on the front of the tv and now it is on child safty lock mode and i can't get it off have no manual for this model# 27ms343s tv buttons don't react is there a reset button
ps also have no remote

thanks Harry

    Bookmark   January 29, 2005 at 8:25AM
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My two year old son pulled the tv from the tv table after which when I switch it on the led for power glows for a few seconds and goes off. The screen has nothing.
This is a phillips 27 magnavox

    Bookmark   February 18, 2005 at 11:38PM
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I have the Magnavox tv 25B800-7562 chassis TR2502-C122
original problem was the vertical squashed down on bottom of screen, replaced the C557 & C419 (100uf 50V) & 1000uf 16v), now the set will not turn on. There is just a click sound, maybe from a relay.
I should also add that when I substituted one of the caps, one of the voltage ratings was lower, which I went back & corrected.
Anyone know where to start looking for the power problem? Bob

    Bookmark   March 7, 2005 at 6:47AM
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sellerinm: check the polarity of c557 & c419. These capacitors have a (+) side and a (-) side, if put in backward, they will not operate.


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I just received a four-year old Phillips Magnavox from a friend who got tired of watching DVDs on my little 19" set.
Trouble is, it did not come with an instruction book or remote. Do you know where I can get instructions for this TV?
Model TS2554 C101
Chassis 25B800-7562

    Bookmark   March 8, 2005 at 4:22PM
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I have the exact same problem with my Philips Magnavox as the first post.

Model Number: 25TS54 C122
Chassis: 25B800-7562

Since it's an identical problem, I was hoping it would have an identical solution. Looked at the circuit board, and as Jamie pointed out somewhere in the middle of the posts, the resistor designations are relative to each board. If anyone knew which resistor needs replacing on this model, I would sure be happy to know. Like many others, I priced out a repair at $250. Seems a bit rough if I can fix it myself.

In Response to drpat:

If you're looking for old manuals, try this site:
Might cost you a few bucks though.

And Magnavox makes quite a few universal remotes that are usually pretty cheap and sold at department and chain stores. The packaging for universals usually states which makes and models it can be used on.

    Bookmark   March 8, 2005 at 9:46PM
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I attempted to hook-up wires to additional speakers (RCA) jacks on back of the unit, a model PTV 835, approx. 50" projection TV, and it killed the whole thing. The tv "on" green LED is on and it blinks when you click anything on the remote but no sound and screen does not light-up at all. You can see the three picture tubes are lit-up but seem rather dim but all are even orange glow but no bright color emitting from lenses, none. I was hooking up wires from the input of an Aiwa to the output of the TV. Nothing strange happened other than the TV (video/sound) is now inop, but remote and power are available. What happened?

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Evidently the input of the Aiwa being fed to the output of the TV has shorted the power supply of the TV output.

There are usually warnings to NOT CONNECT AUDIO OUTPUT to SHARED speakers. Or INPUT FROM AN AMPLIFIER TO THE OUTPUT of the TV.

You most likly will need professional service to locate and repair the problem.

Good luck,


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Pee Wee:
I would appreciate any assistance you may have or anyone else. I own a Philips big screen with a problem that doesn't appear to be addressed previously.

The left side (only) has developed a picture problem...the people or text now have 'shadows' (for lack of a better description). The left side of the picture appears to be tilted down or drooping to one side which is most likely aiding in the problem.

There are no volume issues. I tried the Convergence option on the Remote, but all it offers is the Red and Blue corrections. Please let me know. Thanks!

    Bookmark   March 15, 2005 at 8:59PM
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Pee Wee
I am hoping to get a sugguestion from you on my tv. Its a philips 27 inch flat sreen model 27PT643R399 chassis
L01.1U AC.

I used it one day and the next day when I turned the power on it started only staying on for about 5 sec, the green power light stays on . I have changed the resistors mentioned in earlier questions and no change. A repair shop said something about a transformer.

Any thoughts or comments is greatly appreciated.

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my tv is a phillips and it got wet and when I turned it on the first day it worked fine now it's turning itself off and on can someone please help

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rjblt - the cpu has sensing circuits that will cause the shut-down symptom that you describe, but the problem can be in several circuits.

Try this: turn the set on, after it shuts off(relay click), turn it on again and again. While turning the set on, watch the screen for any indication of any light.

A bright line across the screen indicates a defect in the vertical circuit.

Brightness across the entire screen indicates a lack of voltage on the 200v line.(which goes to the crt)

There are other problem that will cause the same symptom, but these are the most common.

Post the screen symptom when turned on several times.

Good luck,


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it comes on as snowy channels cause it's not hooked up to any cable but then it shuts off then it just keeps turning off and on and off over and over

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Pee Wee
At the very top of the tv screen there is a white line that runs from side to side, that changs to red, blue, & green after a couple seconds.

There is also a high pitched whining noise
when the tv is turned on.

When I adjusted the bottom screw on the flyback The tv would just turn on and off, over & over, before a picture would show. When I turned it the other way, it came on, the picture showed for 5 sec then it shut off.

Could this mean my flyback is bad?
Thanks again

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Sad to say it, but it sounds like a bad picture tube to me rjblt. The picture tube can't handle the higher voltage, so it overloads the other circuitry.

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Pee Wee, please help!!!!

My 27" Philips Magnavox TV (Chassis 27B800-7562) was down last week. It was happened with white line on the bottom of screen and a bright spot at the left of the screen.But the audio was ok.

A few days later when I turned on the TV(trying to check it), the screen was black and no audio at all. I used the remote to open TV, I could hear sound of "Di-Ta". It seems I cannot keep the TV on (I mean when I turned on the TV,it was turned off right away).

I opened the TV and found that whenever I turned on the TV using remote, I could see D409 sparked. And I found the PCB under R457, R423, and R424 was scorched(especially R423 and R424). I measured their values and got R457=470 ohm, R423=R424=97 Ohm.I measured D409, it was shorted.

Please advise what's wrong with my TV. Can you please tell me what type of Diode D409 is and what the values of R423, R424, and R457 are?

I am appreciating your help very much.


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Pee Wee
My Philips tv has a white horizontal line in the middle of the screen now. It still stays on for about 5 seconds and then shuts itself off.

Can you tell me how to locate the vertical circuit on my television? What does it look like? Are there certain numbers I should look for.


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Pee Wee,

I have a 36" Philips TV, Model TS3661C129 (Chassis 36K8). The problem IÂm having is the picture is pulsing, and then shuts down after ~5 secs. This happens on all inputs. I have found if I pause the video the picture does not pulse and the set does not shut down. I measured all test point voltages and all check ok (when video was paused). If you can provide any help, I would greatly appreciate it.


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Post all Philips/Magnavox problems on seperate listing, showing model and chassis numbers and defect symptom. Not what you "think" is defective, but what the set is 'actually' doing, or not doing.


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Hey Pee Wee!

I'm having a problem with my s-vid/composite/coaxial inputs on the back of my MS3250 C321.

Started when watching cable, white crackling lines would appear (with an audible crackle also), now the entire screen flashes white and fades back to the picture like a flash on a camera.

Then my s-video stopped working properly a couple days ago, if I jiggle the wire a lot the picture sometimes popped on for a sec, now cannot get it to work at all.

Today I bought a converter and unhooked the cables so I could route everything through to tv with one set of rca's, but now its starting to flicker from the picture to black, on and off every few minutes. Or it flickers and comes back looking almost black/white. If I jiggle the rca's sometimes it helps, but most times makes things worse. Please help me!!! Thanks

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Magnavox 20MT133S (20MT1331/17)
Problem: While watching TV the sound went out on all channels.
I switched off the TV, and then turned it on again... the screen is now black with a single thin white line at the top. I can change the channels, as indicated on the screen, but I get no picture! Doh, the set is only 7 months old.
PW can you help?! Please!
Thank you for your help.

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I was having a similar proble with my Phillips Magnavox #MS3250C121 Ser # 62158087, we would turn it on in the morning and about 5 seconds later the screen would go black and the red power light would stay on you could keep chaning the channel and then finailly it would go back on I called Magnavox about it and they told me the TV was going into standby mode because I probably did not have the right hook up to the cable I went and bought a new cable to use from the wall to the back of the TV and now when we turn it on it stays on but in the process we lost the AV channel and cannot use the dvd player does anyone know what would cause us lose the AV channel we have tried the automatic channel programing and it will not come back and we don't know how to manually input AV it isn't like a number that you could input manually -has anyone ever heard of this?

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Hey this philips tv...model #32PT6441/ has the same problem as Thomas13 R3340 resistor...power comes on...led powers picture...then the led will blink once...three times then twice...and it repeats this...Help...please

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We have another problem with a Philips with a model number 13PR12. Fairly often, the picture will briefly go to static, and the set will emit an annoying squealing noise (through the speakers). It is as though it thinks the signal has faded, although it is fed from a distribution amplifier, and none of the other TVs have any problem. Shouldn't the receiver have some kind of squelching?

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hey peewee, i got the same problem as mkasle and thomas13.
philips tv...model #32PT6441/37
Chasis LO4. 1U AAA
32 inch flat screen
the problem is basiclly is the same no video feed. i can hear audio though. Can you please post the solution to this problem. I do hope it is a simple defect to fix. Thx for your help PeeWEE. it is greatly appreciated.

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Veteran, Did you find out what was wrong with your TV? I would like to know because I have the same problem. If you find a solution Please tell me. Thanks.

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I have a Philips ts3263 c101 chassis 32v502 keeps blowing the transistor Q503 can somebody tell me how to fix this problem.

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I have Philips 27PS55S that powers up and then shuts down several times with a black screen and green power light still on. After about 1.5 minutes the picture (poor quality) starts to come in little by little to fill the screen starting in the middle working it way out to the sides. All the while turning off and on clicking a few seconds apart. After a few minutes the tv works fine until I shut it off again. It's like it's self correcting until the picture is right. Once warm the tv works like it never happend. This started as a gradual process getting worse in the past few days. It started with a high pitched sound at start up and a blurry picture for about 10 sec. Of course now worse as explained above.
Hope someone can help!!!

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My Magnavox 20MT1331/17 is not turning on, what could be the problem?

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I have a Magnovox TV Model #TS 2753 C103; Ser.#64095295; Chassis # 27 X 602-00BB. It was working fine when it suddenly turned off and now will not turn on again. I have tried both the power button on the TV and the remote. What precautions should I take when removing the back cover to look for burned resistors, etc.? What should I look for when I have the cover off? Thanks.

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Philips Magnavox 60' Big Screen
Model # 60P8241
Serial # 7302XC

Just recently my tv stopped turning on. It will only turn on after I uplug it and wait a couple of minutes. Or sometimes it will be on, then when I try to change the channels/volume, it gets stuck, so I have to unplug the tv. Any help or assistance is greatly needed. Im really hesitant of calling a tv repair guy whos quoting me over $100.00 just to take a look at it. Thank you.

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Model # MS3250C121 Chasis #32M800 7603 The problem is my 32" Magnavox. Originally when I turned the tv on the screen got a grey film on it(top to bottom) and shuts off. After several tries it would remain on. However today, The tv comes on and immediately shuts off after the picutre appears, red light stays on but no picture. There is sound. Is there anything that I can do to repair this problem. I am not that skilled with electronics but enjoy tinkering. I'm on a tight budget and don't have lots of money to spend on repairs. The TV was manufactured in Dec 2001. I received on Jan 14 2002. Any help will be appreciated. God Bless

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Anyone having the problem of the Magnavox with the following scenerio:

'When I turned the tv on the screen got a grey film on it(top to bottom) and shuts off. After several tries it would remain on. However today, The tv comes on and immediately shuts off after the picture appears, red light stays on but no picture. There is sound.'

I called Philips today( 1888-744-5477), and the technician told me to unplug the set for several minutes, and replug. He stated that sometimes this model builds up a static resistance, and this problem occurs, and that by unplugging and replugging this resets the TV.

Well, I tried it, and it worked. My problem was solved. Thank the Lord for small miracles. I didn't have the money for repairs.

Hope that this helps someone else.

Here is a link that might be useful: Philips-Magnavox Online Support

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I have a Magnavox 60" and the screen looks very dark from angles and with lights on in the house you cant see a thing on the tv , the screen has a white cloudy look on bright scenes of any movie. One person said it was the color tubes so i called around for estimates and its a lil exspensive, if thats even the problem, so can this be don by someone with little to no exprience???

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Hi Pee-Wee, I have a problem similar to many of the postings.
I have a 27RF70S125 Philips.
It turns on for a bit (between 1 minutes and 10) then turns off by itself.
sometimes it won't turn back on for a while
any resistor/capacitor you suggest to check?
also, do you know where I can find the schematic?

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TV has no picture or sound, when you attempt to turn on all you hear is clicking sound and another click in about 2/3 seconds. TV chassis 25T102-00CC. Any help will greatly appreciated.

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Same problem that Thomas & Mkasle have.

I have 3 of the same Philips tvs with the exact same problem. Model 32PT6441/37, Chassy L04.1UAA. Turn it on, the light stays on for a few seconds - then it blinks then the tv shuts off. No picture & I hear no HV. I had a arcade game repair shop for 18 years so I should be able to replace what the common problem is. Arcade monitors were much simpler!!
Thanks for reading & I hope you can help me out.

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Thank you Pee Wee, Tomknixx and Jamie46!

I just fixed my 32" Magnavox TV (Model# TS3260 C121, Chassis Model # 32K8007591) for $1.07!

This weekend my TV exhibited the exact same problem as Tomknixx's. Thanks to Jamie46 for providing pictures that showed me that the CRT PCB in my TV was the same as the Philips Magnavox 25TS56CI. Finally, many thanks to Pee Wee for his excellent diagnosis and solution. I was able to replace R3340 after determining it was bad.

Steve (Xannatharr), you and I have the same TV and the same problem. Pee Wee's resistor replacement fix worked like a charm on my set. Of course since you posted last Sept this is probably a day late and a dollar short...



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Pee Wee,
My Philips Magnavox 25TS56CI has been sitting in my garage for a couple of years with the same problem as described in this forum. I am handicapped and I got TV when I retired after 25 years of service and I didnÂt want to throw it out. I ran across this forum a week ago. I got a friend to come over and replace the resistor. Now it is back in my bedroom with a nice big picture. Agent, Thanks PeeWee!


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I am so happy I stumbled onto your site. Many Thanks Pee Wee, for the information on saving our relatively new tv. My husband fixed it up in no time and we are once again happily letting the kids watch it LOL. You saved us hundreds - Thanks You - You Rock!

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After seeing how much you have been able to help everyone, i have a question about a magnavox 27"
chassis model no 27Z101-00AA
model no RS2749 C401
the problem is the horizontal picture size has reduced to about 1.5 inches, upon visual inspection of the board i found a resistor (r415) burnt past the point of reading the value, if possible could you guide me to a source of the value, or if you have access to a schematic with the value I would greatly appreciate your help. also even though the rest of the componets looked clean should i test any other of the componets nearby? thanks

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I have chassis # 32T800. Sounds like I am having the same R3340 resistor problem. Does this TV have that resistor on the CRT board? Thanks.

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My TV model: Magnavox RS2749 -C401
Chassis model: 27Z101 - 00AA

Problem: Picture shuts down after 3 minutes (dark screen), sound still on however at reduced volume when picture is out.
A couple taps on the side usually bring it back to life but would like to fix it permanently.

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Hi Carl99,

Just want to help. I had same problem as you on my Philips TV. The TV works for a while the it shut off itself and the led blinks. It turned out that the SSB had problem.

I just fixed the problem following the instructions of Gerry Carr (

I ordered the part from

Here is a link that might be useful: Philips SSB Problem

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After reading all of the previous posts here, I feel like I should stand up and say, "Hi, I'm Eric and I had the poor judgement to buy a Philips TV" (kinda like at an AA meeting).
Anyway I have a Philips Magnavox Model TS2554 C122
serial# 14768808 chassis 25B800-7562

My problem is that the volume is stuck on full blast.
I opened the back of the set and found it to be very sooty (we heat with wood) and also one of the speakers had come loose from its mount and was laying on the circuit board.
I cleaned up the inside as thoroughly as I could with a paintbrush and a shop vac. I tried to clean the volume buttons on the circuit board.
Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
PS - PeeWee you've done nice work here, thanks

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I have model# ms3650 c127 chassis number# 36m800 7603. The problem I am having is: When you turn the set on you get 6 colored horizontal lines across the middle of it then in about 6 seconds the set turns off, however the red light stays on. Any help is greatly apreciated. Thanks in advance, Shane

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i have a phillips magnavox model# 55p8241. at first the TV would not stay on for 15 minutes at a time, and now the Tv stays on unless i unplug it.there is no picture and there is no sound.

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hey all i have a Model# 6p5451 c101 Chassis# PTV-750 AH01

the set is Dead, It set in a basement for bout 6 months, and now it does not work.

I have checked the fuse,built in fuses,all resistors non are bad. I have checked the "HOT" and there is no voltage
going to it at all. The rectifier diode is putting out 165V DC. From what i can tell the fliter caps are working,( i don't know what their value should be)

now can someone please help me out here.
Thanks Bob

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TP3281 C101



32" pip
manufactured-1999 -jan.


it just shut off in the middle of a show and thats it- will not come back on and it is not the remote or batteries.
thought i smelt a little something had melted or shorted.
not sure- tried unplugging and manually turning it on via the white-on/off switch. help please!?.

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Phillips/Magnavox model #TS2746C221, chasis #27F8007583

I may have a different problem from the others. Every once in a while (about once every two weeks) the TV picture color will darken. The picture is still visible, the color darkens all together (the entire screen) -- no grey or white screen, it doesn't turn off, just darkens. Afraid it is the the picture tube? It just started doing this about two months ago. Can't tell if it is happening more frequently or not.

The TV is only 4 years old! Very frustrating to pay that much for a television and have it only last this long.

Thanks so very much for the time you take to reply to this question.

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Just used those directions last night to fix my 32" Philips/Magnavox TV by replacing the 3340 resistor.

Thanks PeeWee! And many thanks to my expert-solderer brother Ezra, and friend Steve (who's been trained in discharging TV tubes, without which I wouldn't have touched it). I spent $1.04 on resistors, rather than the repairman's over-the-phone $150 estimate...

For those who'd like pictures, I've attached a link to a page with some shots we took during the process.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pictures of Replacing the Resistor in a Philips/Magnavox

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I have a Magnavox Projection TV Model# 7P 5433 W101, whose color is bad. A repairman said it wasn't worth it for him to fix it (bad color gun). Could I fix-it-myself? And how?

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Another happy camper here with a PHILIPS MAGNAVOX TS2556 C221. Thanks a lot.

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Philips 61LP60
Was working fine but bad color. Changed CRT coolant everything went slick, super easy. Fired up unit now stuck in the audio test mode, indivdual speaker test,tried unpluging ect still stuck and no picture, didn't change anything on inputs? Any ideas? Thank You Todd in Wisconsin

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I have a Phillips TV it is a Flat Screen and it has Component Video Svido and AV, I had the TV for a couple of months now and the Problem I have is the Picture is very Crappy, It has lines coming off of everything Movies and Games. I watch DVDs on my PS2 and I use Component and the Picture Bends in and out at the top and sides. without the component cable the top of the screen bends and flashes. What do I need to do.. it is all very distracting.

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Magnavox xs2749 c401- 27z101-00aa Tv
Hello,the very top of the tv screen with a reflection but I didn't fix until the screen went black with a small white line across the center of the screen. Did some reading and replaced the vertical IC, a burnt 1ohm resistor (r425) and 100/35v capacitor. Turned tv on and the reflection was there for a minute or 2 then fine. Great! But wait 2 weeks later the reflection on the top of the screen came back and in two days the vertical white line came back across the center of the screen. What did I forget to change the first time? Any ideas what causes the reflection on the top of the screen before blowing the resistor. Hope some can help.

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Alot of helpful advice here.

I am going to try the 3340 fix on mine and will let you know although my problem is slightly different.

1999 Phillips Magnavox TS2575C121 Chasis 25F8007583
Picture OK
Sound OK
Shuts itself off after 14 - 15 seconds consistently and after repeated turn ons.
Curiously, it will turn on by power button, by volume control - or + or by channel up or down or by activating menu from front panel buttons.
Indicator light comes on when turned on and goes out when it shuts itself off - no blinking.
The 3340 is a cheap and cheerful remedy if it works - stay tuned.

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I thought I fixed my tv, but it still won't work. I too have a gray screen with white horizontal lines. It cuts off in 5 secs. I replaced the R3340 but it still doesn't work. My model number is MS3650C129 and serial number 67181835. It's a 36" tv. What else could be wrong?

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I have a Phillips Model# 27PS55S121 CHASIS# 27M800 7603

We have picture but no sound.

    Bookmark   November 20, 2005 at 10:39PM
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I am an attorney who was contacted by a colleague of mine who had very similar problems with his MT 1331/17. I am investigating a possible class action against Philips/Magnavox, but need to get some more information as well as possible persons to be willing to represent a class. Sometimes a class action is the only way to move matters like this forward. If anyone has any interest in discussing the matter further or might be otherwise willing to assist in developing a possible class action, please feel free to email me at


    Bookmark   November 21, 2005 at 10:52AM
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You guys even solicit business on the Garden Web. I can remember when lawyers had ethics. Bet you don't.

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Earlier post as tAnGeNt.....The 3340 is a cheap and cheerful remedy if it works - stay tuned.

Replaced the 25 cent resistor at 3340. No change in TV. Still shuts itself off after 14 - 15 secs.

PS we have a Mitsubishi (old name electrohome)in a beautiful oak cabinet that is 18 years old that serves as our main TV still, has gone through three kids and still works fine today. Never been repaired. Now that's value!

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I had a tv repairman over the other day to look at my projection tv. He informed me that the tv was not worth fixing because it needed 3 new bulbs and it would be cheaper to buy a new set. How much does thes bulbs cost to replace and can I do it myself.

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Pee Wee or anyone,
Can you help me I have a Phillips Magnavox Tp3281 C101 and I was watching it and all of a sudden it popped and went off.
When I try to turn it on only the green lcd will come on for a second then it makes two pops then nothing. I have no sound or video. What could be my problem. Thanks,Doglover_2

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Pee Wee or anyone,
Can you help me I have a Phillips Magnavox Tp3281 C101 and I was watching it and all of a sudden it popped and went off.
When I try to turn it on only the green lcd will come on for a second then it makes two pops then nothing. I have no sound or video. What could be my problem. Thanks,Doglover_2
Forgot to say the chassis: 32D700-7570

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pee wee
i have a philips plasma tv.
modle no'42fd9932
the tv gowes in stand buy and when i turn the seat on with the remote the green light comes on with a clickin noise and the it clicks back off after a few seconds, and flases read no picture or sound black scren at all times!
please someon help me not sure of the chasi number

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I have a philips 32PT6441/37 TV and ordered the repair kit for the Horizontal Driver from Tritronics Inc. The trouble I have with the kit is Resistor 3414. The install note calls for a 2 watt resistor however, the kit contains a 1/4 watt. I installed the parts anyway and the tv worked for about a minute and then went out again. This is the second time I repaired this TV. The first time I only replaced the transistor and that was 8 months ago. Does anyone have any suggestions/comments that will help fix this tv?

Thanks in advance,

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i have a 32" tp 3267 c102 and the vertical hold is somewhat down.When you watch ball game you can`t see the stats on the top of the screen.Ican`t find any adjustment any where.
The tv works fine otherwise,it jumped a little bit when it first started and then would be alright,now it is down a little all the time,it plays good would like to keep it.

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My Magnovox tv model no.RS749 C401 powers on with a brigth horizontal white line accross the center of the screen but with no sound and control buttons do not respond.

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I have a Philips/Magnavox
Model TS 3260 c129
Chassis model 32K800 7591

Everything works fine until you turn the volume up past "27"
then their is no sound. It like the tv has muted itself.

Any suggestion


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I have Phillips Magnavox model number ts3661c129 the television is pulsating and then shuts off, After a few times of turning on and off it will stay there a way to fix it thanks for any help.

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Model # MS3250 C121, Chasis # 32M800 7603.
The problem is the tv would take longer and longer to turn on and now it wont turn on at all. Besides that it will make a high squelling noise if the tv is just plugged in.
Please let me know if you can help.

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Mr. Pee Wee!!
You ARE The Man!!
Being an owner of a 27" Magnavox TV - I ran into the same problem as many here, Grey Screen with Diagonal lines and a TV shutdown within 10-15 Sec.

I read your Post, ran to Radio Shack and bought the 5 pack of 10 Ohm 1/2 what resistor, grabbed the soldering Iron, and BINGO I have a TV again.!!!

Being a Long Time NY Football Giant fan, and the last game of the season coming up this weekend (2 Days Away) I couldn't be More Happier!

Thank You for helping other who help themselves!
George Armstrong - Go Jints!

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I just bought a used magnavox model # TL7125 C122 for my son and needless to say it had no manual or remote, the problem is that I can not get it to autotune in the channels, when i hit menu only the captions come up nothing to tune or adjust color at all. I bought a universal remote it works but still willnot acess the menu. It will pick up a few channels but its wierd channel 18 shows up on channel 85 and channel 35 turns up on 60 something. do you have any idea how i can fix this?

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Thank you all for posting problems and answers like these. I have learned alot from them. If you need parts let me know.

Now I have 2 problems of my own I would like some help on.

1. Toshiba 27" MDL CE27C10 Board PB3610 #23480475A.....No sound. I have replaced TA8200AH and still nothing. I believe that a cap is bad but I don't know wich one. There are about 8 of them in a row around there.

2. Phillips Magnavox 31" No model no board# Bought in 1999. The CLOSED CAPTION will not turn on. I can bring up the menu and change things but it still will not show on CC1.

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Dear Mr. Pee Wee,

My elderly mother has a Magnavox model CP4760 A 104 She has no picture(Black screen), yet the menu and channel light and time, shows up on the screen. The volume and different channel sounds, as she switches channels, work fine. There is no manual with trouble shooting and schematics. I am trying to help her. Can you help me?

Virgil from Ohio

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Our Philips Mag. model #MX2790B101 with a chassis #27Z500-7563 flickers all the time when the screen is bright. When the screen has a dark scene nothing seems to be wrong, but as soon as the background is light,/bright the tv flickers like crazy and looks to go out, but doesn't(as yet). Can you tell me what the problem is? It is a 27inch. and just started this about few months ago and now is getting much worse.
synjyn in Ohio

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solution for magnavox model#27MS343s. I accidentally activated child lock and the t.v. wouldn't come back on for days. Their customer service rep. tried to convince me to pay $56.00 for a replacement remote (not worth $10.00) no way. So, 1st, I bought a Philips Universal Replacement remote #PM4S for $10.00 at CVS pharmacy. 2nd--I originally followed their steps trying to make the t.v. come on but it didn't work, so, anyway you have to press the code search button until it remains on (stays red) then quickly press the t.v. button, it blinks once but stays on. 3rd.--(patience needed)then sit and point the remote directly at the t.v. and press the POWER key repeatedly could take up to 10, 100 or 300 presses but continue. You will suddenly hear the t.v. come on and that means you went past the code, so press the Channel down button once or how many times necessary until the channel changes then you have found the code. IMMEDIATELY press the "M" key in the center of the channel and volume keys. You have saved the access code. Oh, I forget push the menu/in/out button and scroll over to where the child lock is and remove it. I hope this helps. It took me two days, but it was worth it. I hate unnecesary cost.

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As if you aren't busy enough answering all the problems, I was hoping you could help me with mine. (Sure appreciate all the effort and time you put in helping folks).
My Magnavox CP4771 A104 ,Chassis 27T101, went dead and I tracked down and replaced the H.O.T. Q502. The set worked great for 4 days and then shut down just like it did originally. I can get it to restart after trying several times, but now all I get it a single Horizontal Line in the center of the tube. The set stays on some times and sometimes it shuts down. I haven't left it on very long for fear of burning the tube.
Can you advise?

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Hey guys great thread. My parents have a Phillips TP2785 C221 (27K8007591) and the geometry is wayyyyyy off. Does anyone know how to access the service menu to correct this? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Sorry to add to the pile but I have a fairly new Magnavox model 20MS3442/17 that suddenly was turning on by itself and then when playing xbox through it, found it changing to CATV or something every few seconds so I kept changing it back then it stopped after a while but then the next day the TV just says CATV (I THINK?) and mono and will not change modes and when I try to with the remote it goes black though is still on. I forget when but it was programming itself counting up through the channels though I don't have this hooked up to anything like cable, just use it with the xbox. So letting it finish that does not help either.

I can hold both volume buttons and press the TV/AV button and it turns blue, but when I let go of the volume buttons it goes black again. Also I can hold the TV/AV button so that it works with the xbox, so now I have a guitar leaning against the button to make it work but still can anyone help me actually fix it? Thanks.

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I have a Magnavox tv we bought in 2003. My 2 year old has "misplaced" the remote. He was pushing buttons on the tv last week and somehow turned on the child lock. We cannot get the tv to turn on anymore. I called Magnavox, but he said all I can do is order a new remote for $45.00!!! Isn't there something else we can do! HELP!

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I just got a new 27 inch magnavox stereo tv during black friday, it works fine except for the fact that i bought it to use as a second monitor for a computer. When ever I switch to the video in or s-video in on the tv My picture starts to form darkened areas as if the video is being burned into the tv. I'll switch it back and it will still be there until I turn off the tv. I know that it is not burning into the monitor due to a constant unchanging picture because it did the same thing during a video and every time it appears in the same spot. Is there any way to prevent darkened areas?

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Hi PeeWee, I have a phillips TV Model # 27PT5441/37 Chassis # L04.1U
Serial # YA1A0428014444.
The Problem we are having is this we turn on the TV and have sound, no picute for about 5 secs, then it will shut itself off and the power light will blink on and off. Any ideas on how to fix this will be greatly appreciated. Thanks again!

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I'm really surprised you people don't realize PeeWee isn't going to scan down 130 some messages to help you. Start your own post!!!!!!!!!!

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Sorry, I saw others post others Mag probs here so assumed as silly as it seemed, to post mine here one was telling them not to, so *shrugs*

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I have a Philips projection TV model 9p5514c101. It is a 55" tv. The problem I have is the colors. I have tried to adjust them but just can't get it right. I call a place called the partstore and they believe that it is the focus/screen control, because even when I try to adjust it on the menu it will not really change that much. My question is... when I get the focus/screen control could anyone tell me how to adjust the knobs in the back. I have a red, green, blue focus knobs and red, green, blue color adjust knobs. Thank you for anyone that can help me.

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I have a TS3661C129 (36K800) that originally had the problem with the 10 ohm resistor on the PCB that connects to the CRT. The resistor was replaced, but with in a few weeks the video started pulsing and the horizonal linearity at the top and bottom was slightly to wide. When a picture with a significant brightness comes on the pulsing gets worse and shuts down. Checked the video amp (TDA6108jf) and found it a bit warm, but doesn't seem suffient to say it is overloaded or breaking down. Can you give me a suggestion as to the cure to the problem?

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My sister gave me her 5 year old Phillips Magnavox PTV835 but when I got it home it was doing the same thing as many of the readers describe: picture on...after 10 sec horizontal lines and then no picture but still has sound... I was so encouraged by everyone fixing their own tvs by replacing the resistor but when I took the back off of the tv, I was totally confused. How can you tell where the resistor is?

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I have a 25" Philips Magnavox TV (Model number: TS2556 C121, Serial #: 33471131) that had been working without any problems until yesterday, when it suddenly lost its sound. I can turn up and down the volume and that displays the volume level, but there is no sound. I've tried muting/un-muting as well to no effect. Also, I noticed that the smart picture and smart audio buttons do not have any effect either. And I can't change channels to Aux/DVD. The Closed captioning is working though.

Reading through the posts, I tried to open it, but not sure how to open the back of the TV. Any help in this regard would be greatly appreciated.


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Had a power surge to the house. Philips Model 25TS56C121 will not turn on. Philips Model 27PS55S121 will turn on but no picture and there is a clicking sound coming from inside the housing. Thanks for any help.

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I have a TS3259C1 model that was working fine. One day child was watching TV and we heard a pop. Then the TV clicks from the back (like an electrical relay click) about once a second. Have to unplug to make clicking stop. Plug it back in and clicking resumes. Nothing on screen.

Another post for a different TV on another web site noted it could be "a shorted horizontal output transistor".

Any thoughts.

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RE - Philips TV (32PS60B129)

When I turn on the TV, the tv starts up then turns off. Eventually after a few on and offs the TV will work ok. When the TV finally does turn on the picture does not go all the way to the right and left side for a minute or two. After it does then the TV works just great.

I have experience fixing electronics. Do you think it is the transistor driving the flyback transformer? (I had this problem on a different tv many years ago). If you think it would be difficult to fix, can you direct me to a schematic of the board so that I may try to fix it myself.



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Everytime I turn the TV on, CC1 is ON. Even if I turn it off, it still comes back on. The strange part is that when I toggle the CC settings via the remote, they appear in an orange window in the center of the screen, but when CC1 is on from Power-on, it appears in a red window at the top-left of the screen.

Any idea how to turn it off for good?

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I have a 13" Magnavox (model number PR1350 B121, serial number 40896711) which was working fine until yesterday when our one year old was pushing buttons on the tv and now all that shows on the screen is the "introduction menu". We have to unplug the tv to get the tv off. When we plug the tv back still plays the menu. Neither the buttons on the tv itself or the remote will work. Please help!

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my Philips Magnavox TV shuts off right when i turn it on

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I have a Philips Tv it has a flat not curved screen buts is not lcd its normal size.

*made in- April 2004
*Model#- 32PT6441/37
*Chassis#- L04.1UAA
*Serial#- YA1A0415005856

The problem started with the volume going to max, but later progressed. Now when you turn it on the click comes but it takes a while for it to actually start. finally its on BUT NO Picture, there is however sound for about 2-3seconds maybee. after the sound stops it turns itself off - but isnt completely off because the green power light blinks 1 2 3, 1 2 , long 1 repeat-if blinking order makes a difference. and i really want to fix my big heavy 30sum inch tv.
We took of the back of the tv slightly to see if the fuse was blown but it looked fine . I dont know anything about tvs. the fuse was all i could think of and theres a mess of cords and things i dont want to damage. I hope you can help the more detail the insturctions the better for me. its just not worth repairman fixing it. I hope you can help me it would be most appreciated.

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I am having the same problem with my Phillips Magnavox TS3254 TV. Chasis Model # 32Z500-7563. The TV starts and after a while the screen goes gray with white lines and shuts off. I have seen many postings to replace the R3340 resistor on the CRT circuit board. My model does not have #s that high on the CRT board. The circuit board # is GR6B-97 212974C0320B is also printed on the board. The resistors are labeled R54, R55, R60, etc....
Can you tell me which resistor need replacement?


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My Philips TV which I've had for about 6 years stopped working. When I press the button to turn it on, the red light next to it flashes for about a second, then pauses, then flashes again for shorter. What is wrong with it and how can I fix it? Thanks!

Model Number:A68AJB82X

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My Tv is Phillips-Magnavox Model#9P5514C101, Chassis PTV836. The whole TV works great with one exception; Component Input went bad one day. Black with squiggly horizontal white lines. I was wondering if anyone knew what the problem is. If so, I would greatly appreciate it since this is the only message board I have found with any useful information. Thank you.

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hey, i know this sounds like a dumb question but I guess i leaned on my remote somehow and i put closed captioning on my phillips magnavox tv. I have no idea how i did it, but now i can't figure out how to get rid of them. I have looked all through the menu and cant find it.

please help, thank you

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T.V. turs on sometimes you can see a horizontal white line then turns right back off, you can push volume or channel buttons and it will do the same thing. Any ideas on how to fix this problem would be much appreciated!

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I have a Philips Magnavox Model 7P5441 C101 Television and when you try to turn it on there is a wire burn smell, so I took the back panel off and look into the board and had my wife to try to power it on with the remote and there is a round ceramic disk capacitor that sparks and is burned through.

I got a magnifying glass and looked on the board and at the capacitor there is a number C811 it looks like or it could be CB11, it is the only Brown Round Ceramic disk Capacitor there on the right board when looking in from the back.

I tried to call and get a schematic but can get no one to help me, I would appreciate very much if you could help. I was going to purchase a capacitor off of the internet that looks like it but I do not want to purchase the wrong one, and also if you do not mind in which way does it go in as the side with the numbers, I think they go toward the front of the Television correct?

Please send help to my email address would you please, Thanks Again.

Thank You
God Bless

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I have a Magnavox Model #TL7125 C122 that I bought used from a hotel where I used to work. My problem is that because it was a hotel tv it was slaved to a Master Remote that I obviously do not have. The display is stuck on and no matter what I am watching, whether it be cable or DVD, the number three shows in the lower lefthand corner. Is there any way to get rid of this without the remote? I am giving the tv to a financially stuck friend of mine and would like to have that problem taken care of for her. Any help would be appreciated.

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I am getting a 64" Magnavox tv from a friend, and she says that the flyback transformer is out. Is that a very big problem? And just where would I go to find one of these? Does the great Radio Shack carry these? Just thought I would ask...
Thank You,
Shane in Texas

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I just started experiencing this morning my tv going on, on its own and off, constantly. No matter what I do, it does this. The only way to stop it from happening is unplugging it. I have had the tv for less than 3 years. It is a 20" Magnavox Flat Screen. Model #: 20MS3442/17
Any help would be appreciated, so I don't have to throw it away cause I will not pay those high price tv repair bills.
Thank You
Stacey Lorson

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I have a 27PT5441/37 and there is no power. I changed the fuse, which was blown, and as soon as I placed a new one in, it blew. I have heard that it may be the transformer. Am I on the correct path or is there something else? Thanks for the help.

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I have had my Magnavox 27MS343S for several years. I have DirecTv hooked up to it and have been using an S-Video cable for the picture for many years. One day last week, suddenly the picture is in black/white only! Crystal clear still, but no color. I switched the mode over to "Cable" and the color works but the picture is not nearly as clear as in S-Video mode. Any suggestions would be very appreciated! :)

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I am thinking about purchasing a used 55" phillips/magnavox tv, but the problem is the screen is dark. Any ideas?

    Bookmark   October 21, 2008 at 4:35PM
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Hello, any body Please help...

I have a 42 inch Magnavox LCD TV. Model # 42MF438B/27.
Problem: no Video after 5 min. on, sound still good.
My TV has no R3340. It had 3 circuit boards, the smallest circuit board is inside metal chasis and I cannot pulled it out.
Any help is really appreciated.

Thank you.

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Have a 2000 tp2784c that i have swithched over from satillite to antenna because of cost. have reprogramed set through the menu set-up but it only displays one local channel.if i hook up another newer set to co-axial it has all the channels. what am i doing wrong with that set. i have hooked up aconverter box but still no channels but 1.

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I accidently turn on the child lock from my MENU button on my tv... i don't have a remote control and now i can't turn on the tv... can i fix it with a universal control?

    Bookmark   January 4, 2011 at 4:11PM
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I slept with my TV on. When I woke up in the morning the TV was off. Tried to turn it back on but nothing happens. Unplugged and replugged, still nothing. No signs of life from the TV at all. No lights on the power button or anything. Anyone know why? or how to fix?

    Bookmark   January 31, 2011 at 11:32AM
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I have a similar problem, the tv gets blurry and shuts off. I checked for 3340 on my crt board but couldn't find one, so I started testing resistors and found 3337 had no continuity. It has a red red pur gold and white color code. I'm guessing I should replace it but just wanna make sure I should replace it with the same size. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello there i have a magnavox model 32mf337b/27 lcd tv about 4 years old dont use it much but as of lattelly i been having a problem when i turn it on it shuts of and i believe it goes into safe mode why i dont knowm
manual says there is is to much heat built up or wall clearancearound ventsmay not be getting itnought air to unit my question #1 if unit is off all day it should not have heat issues and yes there is itnoght clearance please advise me to what you think it may be happening or need tv is like new.
thank you

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Hello there i have a magnavox model 32mf337b/27 lcd tv about 4 years old, i dont use it much but as of latelly i been having a problem when i turn it on it shuts off and a red light starts to blink, at this time i pull the power plug off wait 1 min re plug and try turning it on again sometimes it works after i try other times i will have to do this 4/6 times so it starts up and stays on, note after its on it looks and plays great also i notice powering up to screan comes on takes longer then usual, i believe it's going into safe mode why i dont knowm
manual says there is to much heat built up or wall clearance around vents, may not be getting itnought air to unit my question #1 if unit is off all day it should not have heat issues and yes there is itnoght clearance please advise me to what you think it may be happening or tv may need it's like new.
thank you

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I have a 3 year old model 47MF437B/37 magnavox TV that has developed a "split" screen. That is to say, there is one picture but the color is darker on one half than the other, not much, but I can see it and it's driving me nuts. I called the service people and they reccomended rebooting the TV by pulling the power plug and holding the on / off in for one minute. It didn't help, any ideas? Thanks.

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My Magnavox combo TV Dvd vhs when i turn it on it Shows SP count 0:00:00 and shuts off after a few seconds, if i unplug it for awhile than plug it back in it would last longer on about ten minutes than SP count 0:00:00 pops back up on the TV screen then shuts off again can you help me pee wee or any body else out there my kids can't play Xbox any more.

    Bookmark   February 17, 2011 at 9:09AM
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I turned my tv on then turned it off immediately and now it will not come on by remote or manually. It was only on a couple seconds when I cut it off.It a great TV until I did that to it. Any suggestions please. It is a model RS 2749 C602..

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Why is my audio and picture on different channels? The audio is on av2 while the picture os on av1. Why is it like that?

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I was repairing a Magnavox TV, old fahioned CRT set, 2003, and unfortunately I broke the CRT circuit board into 2 pieces!!! Anybody know where i could get a replacement?

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I have a 42 Philips plasma mod# 42pf7320a/37. problem is, while watching for a while the screen will go black no sound or anything. after 20 seconds tv comes back on. might do this 2-3 times in a night & then ok.Hope you can help, Thanks Bud

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When I turn on my tv it hss audio but my screen is black & there is a red light were the power button lights up....

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have magnavox model 25TS56C121 have it in spare room, so don't use it often today I tried to turn it on and when I did the on light just blinks and then turns off any help would be great.

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I have a 50ML8105D/17 that keeps turning off after only a minute after turning on. The red light on the front panel that indicates there is a lamp problem comes on but the lamp is working. Also, the cooling fan is making a funny noise. Please help.

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My tv model ptv810-ah01 turns on then instantly turns itself off. No picture nosound. How can I fix it? It is a 1999 model. Is it even worth fixing?

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Hey everyone, I need hellp!
The dumb smart sound feature annoys the crap out of me, especially when I am trying to listen to music through external speakers from my x box. The smart sound always fades in and out at the wrong time HOW DO I SHUT THIS OFF!?

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i have a 1999 philips magnavox big screen model #9p6034 c102 was watching tv and then it made a static sound and then no noise, i have tryed to turn off & on tv and put volunm up & down but nothing. the picture is working fine, just cant hear anything. please help!!!! it's driving me nut's not hearing anything thanks and the chassis model number is ptv835

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27inch tv/dvd combo mod/27mdtr20/17 year2004 tv is ok but picture has some issues peoples faces look green yellow and somes areas purple how i fix thanks in advance pee wee

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I have a 57f510 hitachi tv, with the same problem as the first post, it turns on goes white with horizontal lines through it, then it turns off after about 8 seconds. How would I fix it? The same way they did? Just let me know I am not good with this kind of stuff but I will give it a try if It will save my 57 inch tv :)

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