Dog wee-wee smell on my lawn????

dis2cruiseJuly 16, 2002

hi I hope you can help me....My dog is old and has problems walking. Soooo, she piddles in only one spot all the time. Right next to our patio, so you could amagine the smell. What can I spay on the lawn to get rid of this concentrated smell. My dh said maybe vinagar with water?/

Any help would be appreciated.

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Pour 3 gallons of clorox bleach. That'll kill anything, and I believe its bio-degradeable. In a few days the bleach smell will disappear.

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Well, bleach will kill the smell. But chlorine bleach will also kill your grass and it's got the problem of being a pollutant. It's not Earth-friendly. I'd like to suggest that you try one of the enzyme solutions sold at PetCo or Pet Smart type stores. They do get rid of the smell and they won't hurt the grass or the rest of us.

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When your dog goes, follow behind with a watering can.

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