Hand Embroidering Vintage Pillowcase Find, but.....

honeysmomcooksSeptember 15, 2013

Good morning! - Just a quick question for all of you experts! Picked up a pair of vintage pillowcases at an estate sale this weekend - totally cute, I can't wait to tackle them! They have cute floral pattern printed on the fabric and are ready for me to embroider. HOWEVER, the fabric smells musty and "old." Don't want to wash them, as I expect that the pattern would wash away (as it's supposed to). Currently I just have them hanging to air out, but don't think that's going to take care of the smell enough. What would you do to mask/rid these of the smell while embroidering?? Febreeze?? Baking soda??

Thanks in advance for your ideas!

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Its Difficult to remove the smell without washing. I would recommend you to wash the pillows. Start Over with White Vinegar. Add something floral to the mix and it will smell like dying flowers.

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ilovetogrow z9 Jax Florida

I am not sure what you call vintage but I would embroider pillow cases in the 1960's and it would take many washes to get rid of the blue transfer. Maybe a quick rinse with a fabric softener may help. Have fun and good luck. Paula

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When I was collecting dolls and came across musty smelling clothes I would put them in a paper sack with soda. I shook it to make sure the soda was distributed well and let it set for a couple of weeks. You might try that and shake it a couple of times during the process. Worked for me.

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its realy very difficult to remove smell without washing, you can try ny mild washing agent with some floral smells like lavender or something so that your smell goes away...

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