Singer Futura

juju56September 8, 2007

I bought a singer futura and all the built in embroidery works great. But when I try the one from the internet I am told I need a zip file opener I bought one off znet and down loaded it. It still comes out in goobley goop. If you know what I mean. I payed 600 dollars for this machine and I can't take it back. But how do I get what I want off the internet? Juju

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Hello all
This is a first for me. I bought my wife a FUTURA and so far its a Great Value as far as we can tell...
We have experienced one glitch that were unable to work around. Lets say if the power goes out and the program is lost is there any way to restart at that point (say the third block of five half way through )how do I restart at the same point ? I know we can skip blocks and get to the same block,ALthough if you dont thread the machine it wont run. so how do you restart a half run program ? Is there a start point option we are unaware of ?thanks for listening as this seems to be the only proublem that were unable to find any anwsers for
Don and Jodeanne

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