Silk floss questions

BarbaragaSeptember 22, 2006

I've just purchased some very finely textured silk floss and have a few questions.

I'd like to store it on the cardboard or plastic bobbins (currently I store my floss in plastic bags), but the silk snags so easily, would the plastic or cardboard bobbins be less likely to snag it.

Has anyone used conditioner (I saw a box of it near the floss in a store) for keeping threads straight when sewing? Does it leave a residue on the thread or make the threads appear stuck together? Anyone have positive or negative experiences with it?

In a book, I read a suggestion to use a little bit of water to help keep the silk from tangling when sewing. I plan to try it unless someone has a warning against it. First, I'll sew a sample and machine wash it to test for colorfastness.

Any other advice for sewing with silk floss?

Thanks in advance! I also posted these questions at the DMC forums but haven't had any responses.

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~I'd like to store it on the cardboard or plastic bobbins~

I store all of my silks on these. I have never had a problem with them snagging. I cross stitch with them and haven't had any problems with it snagging on aida any more than cotton thread.

~Has anyone used conditioner~

I also store them in these. Haven't noticed any residue or stickiness. They will keep dust free, also.

As per you using water to prevent snags, I haven't tried it but it sounds like it would work except for the bleading.

good luck,

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Thanks Marie.

I had a large wave of family visit this month, but now the house is at peace again, and I pulled out my new project last night and studied it. I hand embroider on clothes, so I'll definitely test for colorfastness and pre-wash any colors that run before sewing. I shopped last night for the thread conditioner (can't remember the brand name) but couldn't find it at 2 stores.

I've never put floss on bobbins, but since the thread snags so easily, I thought there might be something on the bobbins that could snag the thread. Thanks for the encouragement.

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