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Tikanas2April 17, 2006

Wake up!! It's a brand new week!


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Morning everyone! Hope everyone had a nice Easter

Tikanas and Jen ~ How did fasting go? It went very well for me. Even with being around a lot food all day Wednesday and Saturday I was able to avoid all temptation.

Donna ~ glad you took my advice on the shoes...LOL

Deb ~ my theory about cheating, although I don't always do it, is to make sure the cheat is really, really worth it. If your cheat was better than S*X than I would say it was definitely worth it...LOL

Raeanne ~ I forgot to mention that SS now says that occasionally mixing berries with either a pro/fat or carb meal is considered level 1.5 and creates a very minor imbalance because of the high fiber content of the berries. So your dinner with your friends was 100% legal.

I hope all you MIA's will have a chance to check in today


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Good MONDAY everyone!

I would like to forget (foodwise) that Easter ever happened this year...'nuff said, OK?

Anyone (besides Raeanne!) watch The Sopranos? OMG was LMAO last night. I guess ya hadda grow up in a New Jersey Italian family to get half the jokes. Funny stuff.

QOD: My question from last week will be repeated. Tell us all about the good stuff you will do for yourself this week.

I'm going to do a bit a gardening (which I started on Saturday). Most of you will remember that I don't know a rose bush from crab grass, but we fired our landscaper so I'm stuck doing some on my own for now. Here's what I've resolved....if I absolutely hate a bush or plant, I will 'prune' it until I like the shape of it. In the best case scenario, it dies, leaving DH to just pull out the root. In the best case, it blooms into something I like. For now, the stuff I "pruned" looks much better. Hey, I told DH when we moved there that I was much better inside the home. lol! He made the choice to fire the landscapers...I was willing to let them carry on!

Hey, I think my views on gardening could almost be compared to Maddie's view on cooking. Am I right? Prove me wrong Ms KY!!!

Gotta run.

Take care, eat healthfully, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Back on track, and yea zig it WAS worth every bite and sip!!!!!! But back to the real world. Had all my pre-op stuff done today. Go to the family doc Wed.
Tikanas what do you know about first degree av block. Ekg in Sept. fine now this shows up. I know about the slow impulse to the ventricals, just wanted to know if you knew any updated info.
DeeMarie look on the gardening web they are great and some have pics.
Have a good night

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Hi everyone,

Where did the last 5 days go? I can't believe my mini vacation is over already. DD did come home and I did get to spend lots of time with her, as most of her friends weren't home for the holiday (including her DBF).

I agree with DeeMarie, let's just forget the food choices I made yesterday. I am going on a NO chocolate diet for the next two weeks. I am trying this experiment to see exactly what effect it has on me. After two weeks, I will introduce just a little and see what my symptoms are. I am afraid I am going to find out I feel much better when I DON'T eat chocolate. So I threw the rest of the Easter candy (most of it was from my preschool kids) away or gave it away.

QOD - I am going to my friends tomorrow night to scrapbook again. I am making 2 wedding cards out of paper bags and starting on a mini-scrap book for my sister. I also went to the half-price bookstore today and treated myself to 4 new books. AND I bought some new clothes for spring today.
Come to think of it, maybe it is a good thing I don't have any more days off!

debi - When is your surgery scheduled? That was too funny about the chocolate martini. I have never had a martini, but if I did, a chocolate one would be my choice.

Tikanas - I got your email and I will get that info to you soon.

Raeanne - Glad you got to spend some time with your DDs. My DD isn't going to graduate until next December instead of this May, and she is staying at college this summer to work and volunteer. I hope to go up there for a weekend or two while I am off.

zig - WTG on the fasting. You have willpower girl!

I need to get some things ready for school tomorrow (sigh) so I had better get moving.


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Greetings All,

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend. Mine was great as we didn't have to go anywhere so I got to ride in the beautiful spring weather. Ah............this season is my favorite.

Been busy with taxes. This year is a huge mess and we finally got it straightened out! Long story.

Not much new here besides horses, donkeys and more donkeys and, let's not forget the goats! LOL

Dee, someone told me that on the Sopranos someone was looking for a long lost cousin or something and called directory assistance and asked for Peterborough, NH! (where I work). Too funny of all the places.

Marci, time flies when you are having fun. I have a couple of scrapbooks I would like to get together but it's not happening! I guess I need to be inspired.

QOD: This week I am going to continue my lunch time walks and I am also going to ride my horse after work at least Mon.,Wed., and Fri. So far this week, so good! I am also continuing to eat well and not indulge in anything except an occasional glass of wine.

Dee, you should try to identify the bushes you are pruning as some require pruning at specific times. You can kill by pruning incorrectly.

Have a great day everyone. I will try to check in later.

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Good TUESDAY Morning!

Suzanne, I was actually TRYING to kill this particular bush. lol! You are correct about the Sopranos; he asked for several communities up there. Actually, I never get to see where they filmed because that crawler at the end of the show moves too quickly; however, those NH locations looked great. Most of the shows are filmed within 10 miles of where I live, so we here in Jersey yell out "there's the deli on Main Ave.....there's such-and-such park"! Oh Suzanne, can you elaborate on what "an occasional glass of wine" is? LOL!!

Raeanne, you sure are busy this week. I was speaking about you to friends over the weekend. They asked us to go away with them for a few days not far from you. They also want to go to Laconia this year, so DH was considering it.

BJ, I hope you are at least lurking. I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Hope you, family, and friends are OK.

Amy, how are things with you?

[[[[[[[[[[[HUGS]]]]]]]]]]]]] to all of you working through physical difficulties.

Zig, I would love to have your willpower. I was thinking about you fasting on Friday night while I prepared a low-fat version of linquine with white clam sauce. Tried to make myself feel guilty over eating, but it didn't work!

Marci, good to see you post. My friend had a chocolate addiction. She would eat a pound of it on a Friday night (getting over a lost love), and on a Saturday morning I would call her and she would actually sound like she had a hangover! Once she stopped it, she said she could think more clearly and felt much better. Go figure!

Hello to Tikanas, Besh, Gretchen, Joanne, Jen, John, Patti & Dave, Milkdud, Debi, mscindy, and everyone I've forgotten.

Make today count!
Take care, eat healthfully, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Marci ~ Good luck with the chocolate experiment. I didn't even like chocolate until I reached 50. Thank goodness I only like the dark stuff which at least is suppose to be good for you but not in the quantities I'd consume if I didn't reign myself in.

debi ~ I only really beat myself up when I waste a cheat on something that wasn't worth it. Good luck with you doctors appoinment and tests.

Dee ~ I'm kind of like the poem about the girl who had a curl right in the middle of her forehead and when she was good she was very very good and when she was bad she was horrid.....with my eating I'm either really good and in control or really really bad. Thank goodness I'm more good than bad butIdo have my days...LOL

NHSuzanne ~ This is my favorite time of year until the next season come along anyway :-)

QOD ~ I was off yesterday and spent the afternoon with my nose buried in a book, went roller blading in the park for my exercise and read for a while after dinner Ah life is good :-)

I know nada about the Sopranos and I mean nada!

Better get back to work. I have appoinments all afternoon and I'm trying to catch up since I was off all last week too.

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Dee Scissorhands - I'm not Italian but many of my closest friends and neighbors were from large Italian families and I really LOVED this past episode of Sopranos. Let me know if you are in my neck of the woods. I think Suzanne is near Laconia.

QOD - I am spending Thursday with 2 close friends for a "girls day out" and am guaranteed to have many laughs.

Marci - I'm glad DD came home and you had a nice time with her. Enjoy the scrapbooking - I have a kit and have never taken it out of it's wrapper.

Zig - I keep dark chocolate stashed away, just in case of a real emergency. So far it has remained intact.

deb - a guilt free cheat is the best LOL.

I went to the trainer this AM. I am surprised at the progress I have made since I started. Although I still don't see a change in my weight.

Have a great day.

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Hi all,

Been MIA lately, sorry about that.

Looks like everyone is keeping busy and getting ready for summer!

I watch the Sopranos all the time and like the show, im kind of curious which "inside" jokes you are talking about. I think I get all the humor, but I may have missed something! Personally I think he would of been better off going to P town RI or VT, rather than NH :)

I had a really good interview for a 9-5 job last week. I was qualified, told I interviewed well and wowed them, however Ive been told that before.. so im hoping for the best but not counting on anything.

The bowling tourney season is over for this year, and I did pretty well. I traveled all over from Mass, to VT and all over NH. Ended up with a 2nd place and 6th, and enough prize money to pay for some equipment, so all is good.

My GF moved about 40 mins away to take a live in job caring for her uncle. She needed the money and a place to live for free helps as well, but im afraid its going to put a huge strain on things. In her shoes I would of probably taken the job too, but with only one day off a week we can kiss camping and kayaking goodbye this summer as well as seeing each other much.

This along with 2 of my friends having 2 years olds and families, and the other who is recently divorced acting like a jackass and being selfish with his time, leaves me unsure what to do with my time this summer. I really cant afford to buy a golf membership, and dont like to play alone anyhow, and kayaking by myself isnt much fun either. If I dont get the new job Im thinking about getting a part time job. If im going to be bored I may as well get paid for it :/


Im going to read the last couple threads to catch up. I hope everyone is doing well and losing!

take care


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ummm...hi, deemarie. and hi everyone. I'm doing okay. Been going through lots of stuff with my forum, but it's still going strong. My friend that I've talked about that I got involved with 2 1/2 years ago now has been having some difficulties. In the beginning he talked about how he had buried his feelings and was only going to have intellect like a robot. I told him that wouldn't be a good solution in the long run, and I told him why. We agreed that he wouldn't try to let his more troubling feelings up until after he was on an antidepressant and had a counselor/therapist there who could be a support to him. Because of his fear and distrust of people, he didn't get on an antidepressant til just over a year ago. A couple of months ago, he finially got himself into counseling there, and sure, enough, just like we planned, his feelings are coming up and are not that easy to deal with. hmmm. So you can see where my mind's been lately. It's taking a long time, but I was suicidal for 15 years, so it's not like I haven't been there.

Still painting, still working with my health, still haven't given up, lol. I didn't do anything for Easter. I haven't read much today, but I'll try to do more. I'll post my forum below again in case anyone wants to drop by and check things out. We have a lot of picture threads, since I love pictures :D Can someone tell me how to post images again? I tried it and it isn't working.

I've had to stay with reduced carb. Not only do I need it to keep from gaining, but I have more fibromyalgia and arthritis pain when I eat carbs. I never did buy any winter wheat flour to make SS carb foods from, but I'd still like to try it.

Thanks for thinking of me.
Back soon, I hope

Love to all

Here is a link that might be useful: A Joy Forever Forum

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Good Morning Everyone,

Amy, I am glad you posted. Reduced carb is the only way I can go. Everything else puts weight on me.

John, Glad to see you post! Best wishes on the job. We are all behind you.

My eating has been good. I have not had much of an appetite since I TRIED to Fast. Kudos to Tikanas & Zig for making it through. I ended up quiting early because I was getting pretty light headed and sick. The fast did do me some good though.

Raeanne, I have not seen a weight loss yet either. I have lost an inch in my arms, but thats the extent of it. My spoon shape is still quite large. lol!

BJ, Where are you?

Better run. Have a great day.


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Hey, thanks for checking in John, Amy, and Jen!!!

Today has been hectic to say the least. Just ate 2 dark chocolate eggs.....after a wholesome lunch. I must say that each creamy morsel was totally worth it. LOL!

Congrats to all who are losing. Stick with the exercise too.

Make today count!

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Hello All,

I hope everyone is enjoying glorious spring weather like we are!

Zig, this is my very favorite time of year. For me, nothing compares to the rebirth of spring.

John, good luck on getting that job. If you did Feng Shui you could have put a request in your silver box in the helpful people gua. I put one in there for the weight loss program I did earlier this year and I won three personal trainer sessions at my gym! I hope things work out with your girlfriend.

Raeanne, are you and Dee planning a get together? Remember the Chiluly exhibit in Lennox or somewhere in the Berkshires, that we were going to meet at? Maybe it's still there

Amy, I am glad you checked in and that you are well. I am glad you continue to paint and haven't given up on your way of eating.

Glad to hear from you Jen. Stay away from those twisters out there!

DeeMarie, ocassional glass of wine = whenever there is an open bottle!! LOL just kidding. I am really trying to not drink wine at all during the week or weekend unless I have company and it's special! Probably like those dark chocolate eggs.............LOL

I have been riding alot but it's been so windy and stormy looking with no rain. Yesterday we rode and a dead tree crashed down very near us and scared the $$it out of us and the horses. Could have been a real nightmare if my girls weren't so sensible. They kept it together but were a bit jiggy the rest of the way home.

We are very dry here too. We haven't had any appreciable precipitation for 8 weeks! Not good, not good, not good.

I am praying for rain.

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NH Suzanne - The Holsten Gallery in Stockbridge has a Chihuly exhibit. I saw one in MA somewhere near RI and it was unbelievable - I would love to go again. How far are you from Stockbridge? I think I'm about 2 hours.

Amy - you have been a very good friend and glad that he is finally seeking the help that he needs.

John - wish we were closer, I would kayak with you. Congrats on the bowling.

Jen - It is very discouraging to do all this work and not see any real results - but I am hanging in there.

Dee - very hectic day for me, but very productive so I am happy.

Hope everyone has a great evening.

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Hi Everyone!

I am still around, just have been very, very busy. I will definitely read and catch up tomorrow night and then post.

Enjoying beautiful weather too!


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Good Evening
Went thur all the pre-op test lift off is the 26th. I lost the weight I put on plus an extra .5.
Tikanas- the av block is just at 0.0215 no concern until 0.03. I will have to be monitored, and he is 80% sure this was cause by my TSH'S being so high because of the stress. I am to have a repeat EKG and an Echo.
John my mom was a bowling teacher and pro, I taught junoir bowling for earys, my son has a 200 avg. I gave it up for golf
What's everyone planting or reading love both and also love knitting?

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Hi everybody! Just a quick check in! I am SWAMPED!! I hope to catch up and post by Friday.

QOD: Not A DARNED thing so far this week! : (


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Just a quick post to let you know I'm still alive and well! I had my range of motion measured today, and I've exceeded the goal originally set for me of 120 degrees! The PT was happy and so was my doctor when I saw him today.

QOD: I'm still doing pool therapy 3 times a week and working out on my own twice a day. I'm getting stronger, trying hard to eat better. I didn't have a bite of chocolate for Easter or afterwards!

John and Amy, it was sooooo nice reading y'all's posts. You both lead such interesting lives. John, I hope you get that job if it's what you want. Amy, you sound like such a good friend.

Well, I've had a busy day, so I'm going to get a much-needed good night's sleep now.

Take care!

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Way to go milkdud!!!!

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Joanne, Gretchen and BJ, are you OK?

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We're having a...............

for Donna and you are all invited!!!

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Hi Everyone:
I'm trying to go back and read some of threads. Feel like I've really been gone forever.
Mom is final stages of lung cancer and I just don't seem to have any time anymore.
BJ your package was sent last Saturday, hopefully it will get to you before your BIG day!

Happy Birthday Donna - hope it's a good one!

It's my DS 22nd Birthday today - we are having family and few of his friends over. Everyone is bring one of his favourite foods and a couple of "strange" beers as gifts.

DD and SIL are doing great, we are trying to landscape the front of house for them this weekend.

Curling season has just finished this week and golfing season started two weeks ago. Very strange to be doing both at the same time!

I will try hard to read what is going on and check back in regularly.

Nice to see Amy and John on the thread too.

Take care

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Working on another surprise for you, so be on the lookout!

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Happy Happy Birthday Donna!!!!!!

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Dee and Maddie are the official singers of the group - so I will just say:

Donna have the best birthday ever. Glad you have joined our family. Let us know of any special celebrating you have lined up - perhaps a little shoe shopping???

Joanne - (((((HUGS)))) I will keep your dear mom in my thoughts. DS birthday sounds like it will be a lot of fun.
Keep us posted when possible.

Marci - thanks for the getting this party going.

Dee - your voice is sounding mighty good this morning - have you been taking lessons?

debi - great news on the additional 5 pounds! I really need to tackle some landscaping issues this year, but I am at a loss on what to do. It is a wooded piece in front of my house, so it is mostly shaded. I was thinking of just plopping in some lilies, ferns and hosta and keeping it mostly natural looking. I don't want it to become too manicured, because I just don't want to take care of it LOL. Marci is our resident knitter.

Suzanne - we aren't planning a get together, Dee just mentioned that she may be coming up this way with friends. Did I mention that there is a Chihuly exhibit in Stockbridge at the Holsten Gallery. How far is that for you? I think it's about 2 hours for me.

I am going to try to go kayaking this afternoon, as it is beautiful and the rain is moving in tomorrow. I have another busy day at work so I better get back to it.

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Raeanne, I'm practicing my singing for the "Golden Oldies' American Idol" which I have been trying to sell to FOX! haha I feel like you with the gardening....want it to look natural looking so I don't need to devote too much time.

We are getting all rain tomorrow, so I hired a friend (who is out of work) to help me organize a couple of closets. She gets a break from the search for a job, makes a bit of $$$, and we get to bond. Plus I get the job done faster without too much distraction!

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I hope that you celebrate all weekend long! : )


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Good morning!

Thank you for the birthday wishes and beautiful graphic! I am so glad I joined your family!

Actually Raeanne shoe shopping is on today's agenda. I have to get myself together and head out - I will jump back on later today.


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Donna ~ May you have every wonderful reason (besides shoe shopping) to celebrate your birthday and your life with a joyful heart!

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Hello and Happy Birthday Donna! Make it a great day!

I know I have been out of the loop, here and everywhere else. I have been so sick with some sort of horrid cold that I can not shake. I am debating calling the Dr. which I think I will do before the weekend comes and then I have to go back to school next week.

Joanne, (((HUGS))) to you and your Mom. I know how draining that can be. I hope that she is not uncomfortable.

I'm getting my hair cut today. I have been growing it for the last 3 years, and now I am going to cut it off. Time for a change.

Take care everyone. I'll check in again soon.

Love, Besh

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Happy birthday, Donna! Hope it's a beautiful day for you.

Take care!

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Happy Birthday Donna! I am glad you decided to join this group. I hope you have a lovely birthday and hope that each day this year is better than the next! What a wonderful month to have a birthday a happy, happy!

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Happy Birthday BJ!!

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Happy birthday, BJ!

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BJ - my dear sister, I wish you would come and join us in a piece of cyber cake. We miss you and things just aren't the same without you. I hope this birthday is the best yet and that it is filled with love, laughter, wonderful surprises and that all your wishes come true.

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BJ, I miss you too! Come back, come back! I hope that you have a wonderful birthday. Do something special for yourself.

Love, Besh

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BJ - Happy Birthday my fellow Taurean!

I hope your day is filled with love and laughter - may this be the best one yet!

We miss you!!!!


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We truly miss ya Beeeeeg. Check in to let us know all is OK. You are a great gal, a wonderful mom, a terrific motivator, and possess more energy that 3 women. Hope you are having a super day. Been thinking about you all weekend.

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Hope all is well. Miss you!

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Hey BJ, Happy, Happy, Birthday.
Hope that parcel got to you girlfriend!
On my way to see DM today - think I may need to take a few days off to get caught up here at home.
It has turned chilly here again - it has been so warm that all the trees and spring flowers are about 3 weeks ahead of schedule.
Take care and have a good day.

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Hi Guys!

Thanks for all the nice b-day wishes and personal emails.

I have had a lot going on, but also felt like I got so far behind here at the "garden" that I felt like I couldn't catch up---so I kept putting off checking in. I know Maddie and Dee Marie know how I feel about that! Sometimes time slips away so quickly and then it seems very uncomfortable to try and catch up.

I knew everyone here would say, "Just hop back in!" But even so, I wanted to read everything and know exactly what was happening. I keep thinking I'll have time to read the few months I've missed, but it'll have to wait for my yearly trip to KY. I'll print and catch up while in the airports, and getting some time in the bluegrass state. This year, I am taking my oldest DD with me, so it will be a little different!

Joanne~ I haven't rec'd the package yet, but the mail system and connections between our 2 countries is not super great yet! Anyway, I'm sure I'll get it soon.

I have had a LOT of negative change in my life in the past few months and hopefully, with the summer arriving, the light will be brighter and I will be able to understand more of why I was planted on the earth for. I've had a bout with depression and adjustment and couldn't get it very together for a while. Me? Yes. Imagine that! I was surprised myself.

It's nice to be "home" here though. Checking in and seeing that I was still welcome means more to me than any of you can ever imagine. Thanks so much for the emails and all. You are truly an amazing group of friends. Always there. Never invasive. Perpetually accepting.

All I can say is wow.

PS: Raeanne: Thanks for the link, sis, but I hadn't forgotten how to get here! But you KNEW that was the key for me. Smoochies and Huggles. And Dee Marie, you too. And Tikanas. And NHSuzanne. And everyone. You are simply the best.

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