Black bees hive

edwin_applianceJuly 21, 2007

Hi all,

There was a black bees hive found in front of my father in law's house. He damaged half of it, with the bottom half was cut & dropped onto the ground. He thought they will relocate. Next day, he found the hive was already partly repaired! The bees are still coming & going to & from the nest.

What should we do now? Any suggestions? Is it the best way to kill them all? Personally, I don't want to kill them. If I damage the nest enough, will they "give up" & build their new home somewhere else? I was thinking to get someone with gardening background to "clean" them up. Any suggestions are welcome.

Please advise.


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For whatever reason (global warming or something else) bees are in very short supply this year and everyone's worried about them - the future of growing things, etc., so if it's remotely feasible to just leave it alone this season, use another door, very gently (at night) move it over out of the way a bit, I'd say that would be terrific.

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Sounds more like hornets than honey bees.
If they are black and white they are hornets.
Honey bees are black and brownish.

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A link that might be useful:

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Carpenter bes do not build hives.
They are mostly solitary.

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Sounds like bald faced hornets,black and white.Can you leave it till fall when they leave.Those are nasty bees too,.

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The choice is to leave them alone or to kill them. They will not be discouraged. They do not negotiate. When fully dark they will be as much at rest as they get, one of the long distance aerosol sprays marked for such insects will kill them. Aim at the nest opening in the bottom. Be close enough for good blast when you start. As you spray, move in closer as the pressure of the spray drops. For European hornets, I use one of the electric bug zappers for a few days to reduce their numbers. They will fly into the zapper all night long. Clean out the zapper each day.

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