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nhsuzanneApril 6, 2009

Good Monday all,

Come out and tell us how your weekend was!

Trekaren, have a great vacation! Yes, I do the same thing when preparing to go away!

Besh, I cringe when I see that post come up! I wish the gremlins that were/are plaguing this site would take care of that one!

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Good morning!!!
My weekend was wonderful. Baked a really low-carb bread that I'm experimenting with on Saturday and it turned out well, then went for a 6 mile hike on Sunday. Only fell down once!

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Good MONDAY morning!

I'm in a great mood because last evening my sister and I planned 2 more vacations this year with our DH's! There is nothing like having a few banked to keep you going when the alarm rings at 5:15am to get you up for work.

Got my walk in, had a 3-point breakfast, packed a salad, WW yogurt, fresh fruit, and looking forward to a fitness center class this evening. The week is starting out OK.

Hope that all who struggle will come by and put it all out here. It's half the battle.


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Hi, I've been trying to do WW on my own. I have several books and seem to be doing pretty good. I can't figure out how to get a 3 point breakfast that is still good for you.
What did you have? I usually have cereal, milk, juice total 6 points. Any help is great.

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Happy Monday!

cathy, one of my 3 point breakfasts is a bagel alternative bagel (1 point), 1 svg of fat-free cream cheese (1 point), and an orange, 1 point. It's filling and keeps me full. I have extra points because I have ff skim milk in my coffee, which adds another 2 points.

I lost another 1.4 pounds, total 24.6 pounds as I start my 14th week of WW. I wasn't too sure how it was going to go, because I had a couple of glasses of wine both Friday night and Saturday night. I think the difference was I got in plenty of exercise both days and tallied the wine points, and stayed within range. Anyway, I'm pleased with it all.

Wow, silversword - 6 miles! I'm impressed!

Dee, sounds like you've got a good day planned!

suzanne, how's the weather in your neighborhood? It was 80 here yesterday, but tonight is to get in the 30's!! Crazy.

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Good afternoon! It's chilly and sunny here in SE Texas today after a warm Sunday in the high 80's.

How nice to see a new poster today! Welcome, Cathy. Quite a few people here are doing WW in some form or fashion. I'm sticking with the Core plan from last year because it's so user-friendly for me, but we have posters who attend the meetings and are doing the current plan with success. You'll get lots of help here.

Silversword, share that recipe if you're really pleased with it! You have great recipes.

Dee, I love living vicariously through you on all your wonderful trips! We're in the talking stage about doing a cruise with some fairly new friends from church. They're pro's at it, so we're excited aobut travelling with them.

I was too busy last week, but I did a quick peek in here. Sounds like everyone's doing well with their WOE and weight losses. I'm maintaining right now, not what I want to do, but too many temptations wreck my best intentions.

I worked a 12-hour radiothon on Thursday, and we were fed way too well - lunch was from a famous soul food place in downtown Houston, and dinner was Jamaican food from the Reggae Hut, also in downton. YUM! I did pretty well with my eating other than that day though.

I'm still working out at Curves at least 5 days a week and going for adjustments at the chiropractor's 3 times a week. I love going to work out after a treatment because I feel so agile and graceful!

Got to clean this house because we're having our card group over Thursday evening after the Maundy Thursday church service to play canasta. It seems like forever since we last played, and I'm excited about getting to play again.

Wishing everyone a successful Monday!

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Good afternoon,

Yes, trekaren, when we go on vacation, the prep work is all up to me. I then need the first 2 full days just to recover from all the planning and packing.

Cathy, I don't do WW now, but I used to in the past. For breakfast I would often eat 1 Thomas' light multigrain English muffins (1 point) with 1 egg, cooked in cooking spray. Sometimes I would add a slice of tomato or a few big leaves of spinach as well. It was a yummy and very satisfying 3 point breakfast sandwich. I always skipped the juices--added points with minimal nutritional value and a lot of sugar. In fact, I don't think I ever used points for drinks. It was always water or unsweetened, decaf tea or coffee.

Our date night was a lot of fun. Had a good dinner that stayed within my WOE's "rules" and a fun time at our friends' home for his birthday. Saw a few old friends we had not seen in a long time. And that made for such good conversation that I completely stayed away from the snack table.

Dee's cabbage/ground beef dish was a big hit at our lunch gathering yesterday. One attendee was recently diagnosed with diabetes (type II) so that gave him something hearty that he could eat too.


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Hi Milkdud,
I'll share once perfected :) It came out really well, with only 4.1 carbs per slice, but it has no sugar whatsoever (I'm trying to make a good bread for my diabetic MIL) and thus did not rise (it's a pretty dense bread). She gave me permission to add a bit (around 1 tsp for 3 loaves, so not much) and I think that will make it rise a bit more and allow for "sandwich sized" slices, which is what I'm aiming for. It tastes wonderful but the slices are just too small for me to be happy with it.

Wodka, the six miles nearly killed me!!! We're going to stick to our usual 2.5 every other day for the rest of this week, then go for our big 7 mile goal this weekend. I slipped and fell on some loose dirt... don't know how it happened, and didn't think I hurt anything but today my forearms are killing me!

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Cathy, my 3-point breakfast was a Thomas' Lite MultiGrain English muffin (mentioned already) with a wedge of Laughing Cow cheese spread on both sides. I also had black coffee and approx 1 point worth of cantalope. It kept me going until my 10am piece of fruit at the office.

Good Luck!

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I feel like a stranger around here. I have been so busy between meetings, painting, work, and play.

That is why I will give a little info about me.

Married 31 years
Mother of 2 daughters 29 and 27
Mixed Breed Dog named Barkley
Living upstate NY near Lake George
Working for 17 year as an Admin Asst
Volunteer with some community groups
Work out with trainer 2 times a week and try to do at least cardio the rest of the week
Diet - just trying to eat healthy in moderation
Need to lose weight but am concentrating on just being healthy right now - no goal at the moment
I have been known to enjoy a nice glass of wine or 2?
Hobbies: painting, kayaking, hiking, reading, photography, cooking, traveling, boating, wildlife....
I take painting classes 2 times a week
I love many types of music, but mostly rock - not so much into the country - Coldplay is playing on my iPod right now
I am currently reading "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" by Barbara Kingslover - started a month ago on vacation and haven't picked it up since I have been home even though I was truly enjoying it.
I think I have been posting here for at least 9 years
I think that is all I have to share

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

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I LOVE Barbara Kingsolver!!!!

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Just gotta share this: I took a walk down SS-memory lane a few minutes ago to find the spinach-cheese squares recipe. I found a long recipe thread dating back to 2005! If anyone is interested, just type in SS spinach cheese squares, and it will bring up that thread. Many good recipes on there that I can tweak for WW/Core, but remember that these were for Somersizers, so they use real butter and cream! YUM!

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Good morning!

milkdud, thanks for posting the SS recipes. Some really looked good, but I would also have to tweak to work in my WOE. Patti's stuffed chicken breasts recipe was so similar to WW's chicken cordon bleu!

QOD: Do you all have big Easter plans? My sister and her family are coming to visit us. I think one night we will boil shrimp and sit outside by the fireplace (love the warm days and cool nights!) She and her daughter want to do a lot of walking while they are here, so that will help keep me on track.

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Good Tuesday all,

We had a deluge here in NH last night. There is fear of flooding on some rivers but near me.......I hope it does not come to fruition.

Raeanne, I can't believe you haven't finished that book yet!! It is really so good and she is such a great writer.
Right now I am reading Alice Waters biography and it's really good.

QOD: No Easter plans here. If it's nice I will be riding but other than that nothing. We used to get together as a family when the kids were little but now that they are all adults we don't really bother. Jan your shrimp boil idea sounds lovely - can I come? Do you get local shrimp from the gulf? It's impossible to get up here any more.

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Went to WW meeting this morning, and was down 1.8 lbs. Not great, but better than the last two weeks. Thanks for your encouragement here. My clothes are definitely getting looser, and I've upped my treadmill walking routine from 3.0 mph to 3.7, and my running routine from 4.0 mph to 4.7. I walk for 4 min, and run for 1 mile for a total of 30 min. It's getting easier. I'm going to visit my daughter in Ohio in May, and she wants to play raquetball while I'm there. I used to be an ace player, but weight and age have slowed me down. Maybe this time I'll be able to keep up with her better.

Have any of you tried the Smart Ones meals? They were on sale recently and I bought several. Each time I eat one, I really notice the high sodium content. Not good with my bp problem. Just wondering if it's just me, or does any one else have this problem?

Have any of you read "The Shack"? I got a Kindle2 for my birthday, and just downloaded it. We are going to have a discussion group on this book at our church. Those I know who have read have had rave reviews.

Thanks again to all here who have offered encouragement and kindness. It does help!!

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Time at work has been crazy..lots of changes going on there.

I have lurked occasionally but need to catch up.

Just wanted to say hi, I'm still around and will check in soon. I miss you all!!

In case I don't get back this week I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter holiday.


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Good Wednesday all,

It's cold and blustery here in NH today! Brrrrr

Donna, I hope all is well at work. Lots of changes are going on where I work and it's more than a little disconcerting. Layoffs could be on the horizon.

Joyce, congrats on your loss! It's a good one too. I am sure your exercise is helping alot. I bought DH a Kindle for his birthday and he absolutely loves it! Have fun.

i am just bursting at the seams for the riding season to early morning rides before work....I just can't wait until it's light enough at 5am to be in the saddle. This is my favorite time of year.

QOD: Those who are cooking Easter dinner - what are you making?

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QOD: One of my stepdaughters and her boyfriend will be coming to our house, so just the 4 of us. I will NOT be cooking WW friendly. It's all Italian for me this holiday. Such a treat, as my in-laws are Hungarian and don't go near the Italian food in the way I remember growing up. My stepdaughter, however, is Italian on her mom's side, so she is up for it! Shrimp cocktail, Antipast', Lasagna, my mom's famous meatball recipe, sausage, good crusty bread, pastries, fruit, nuts and expresso for dessert. Oh yeah! We are going to do lunch/dinner @ about 3pm, and I do not plan on going nuts, but they are all ready for this.

Make today count....the meetings for today are about to begin. 10am - 5pm, with a short break for lunch. I need to win that lottery!


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Good morning!

Joyce, congratulations - 1.8 pounds is a very good loss! Way to go! I have tried Smart Ones, but it seems like someone told us at WW once that Lean Cuisines were actually the healthiest of the frozen meals. I only look at the points, but probably should check out the sodium more often.

Suzanne, yes, we buy our shrimp locally. Before Katrina, we would go down and buy them directly off of the boats, but haven't done that since. My husband's going to check around and see where the best place is, since we haven't boiled any in over a year. I'm watching the weather - chance of rain both Friday and Saturday nights, but we should be able to get the shrimp boil in.

Dee, your Easter menu sounds delicious!

A little off topic, but did anyone watch American Idol last night? I had to pull up Adama Lambert's performance of "Mad World" again this morning on You Tube - you know it's good when Simon gives a standing ovation.

Looks like we are going to warm up today so I can put my potted flowers back out. We actually had frost this morning. Doesn't it seem like weather always gets a little crazy around Easter time?

Have a great day!


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Jan - I just got through listening to Adam again. That was unbelievable. I would definitely go see him in concert.

I was going to ask if anyone had a Kindle - that seems like something I would like and would probably get a lot more reading done.

Joyce - I haven't read The Shack but have only heard good things about it.

Suzanne - I hope the weather cooperates for a nice long Easter ride.

Dee - Did you say dinner was at 3? Set the table for 2 more LOL.

QOD - I don't have any plans and not sure what I will cook either. I guess I should start thinking about that.

Been too busy to post much, but I catch a glimpse when I can. Miss all of you.

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We'll probably eat at DH's parents' house on Easter. I will take a big spinach salad to share with my choice of dressing on the side. I think the main dish is going to be ham.
Eating at DMIL's is always difficult for one on a diet. She makes delicious spoonbread and always has an array of desserts, not to mention starchy things like potato salad (the sweet and sour kind). Lots of sugar, lots of starch, and most likely honey or sugar cured ham. How can I possibly go RIGHT and stay on track?
Determination, I suppose. The scale has moved downward for me two days in a row, so I need to hang on to that motivation to make it through the weekend. (Though that Italian food does sound good!)

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raeanne, I agree - I'll got with you to Adam's concert - ha!

For those who missed it, you should be able to click on this link and hear it. I hope you find it as entertaining as raeanne, Simon Cowell, and I did - ha!

Here is a link that might be useful: adam lambert

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Rebecca, it's the same way at DMIL's house during holidays. I figure it's one day so I should not stress too much about it plus I almost think the stressing about it does more harm somehow! You will do well because you are already planning ahead!

Raeanne, the Kindle is really neat. So easy to tote around too. It really is a great invention.

Jan, I don't watch AI but I listened to your link. It was nice. Did you watch BL last night? It's starting to get really good now. I cannot believe some have lost over 100 lbs in just 14 weeks! It's amazing.

There is nothing like gulf shrimp! I remember eating alot of it when I was growing up in FL

Marci, I have been thinking of you alot. Please check in.

Besh, that thread just won't go away!! LOL

Dee sounds like a splendid meal! But boy do I feel full alrady LOL

John, it was so nice to hear from you don't stay away so long!! Don't leave us hanging for details brother!

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suzanne, yes I did watch The Biggest Loser. I was flipping between Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, and The Biggest Loser (I've got two of them being tivo'd, but not sure which.) Last night WAS great! Full of surprises. I can't imagine losing 100 pounds in 14 weeks. It's taken me almost that long just to lose what I have, but my exercise routine is a lot, lot tamer than theirs!

Now, off to do that housework I've been putting off all day. That will definitely burn some calories!

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Good Thursday all!

It's going to be a beautiful, sunny day here in the high 50's and I am stuck in my office! Oh well, at least I have a beautiful view and a nice deck right by my desk that I can step out onto for a breath of fresh air! The birds are singing sweetly this morning!

Check in all.

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GOOD Friday and a peaceful, reflective day to all.

I'm in work until about 1pm today with only one meeting.

Last night DH and I ran some errands, so that should save me a few this afternoon.

Tomorrow morning DH is going fishing with is DB, so I will walk with my neighbor, head off to the hairdresser, and come home to start my tomato "gravy" for lasagna, and prepare some brunch for a friend who's stopping by for girl talk and a Gidget movie day. Silly stuff.

Hope that everyone has a blessed weekend!

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'Good Friday' morning, everyone! It's already 75 F. here with a high of 75 and very overcast.

I'm driving over to see my son and his family in a little bit. Those girls need their Easter goodies, and we're celebrating my youngest son's 30th birthday a few days early. When, oh, when, did my son get so old when I am still so young???

We had the best time last night playing Canasta with our friends plus a new friend. Lots of laughs, a few tender quiet moments thinking about Larry and missing him. We stayed out way too late, and poor hubby had to go into work this morning. I, at least, got to sleep until 8:30.

Dee, if I sniff really hard, maybe I can get a whiff of your 'gravy'!

Suzanne, waving to you. Sorry you had the place to yourself yesterday. Hope you get some good riding time in this weekend!

Wishing everyone a great day!

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Good Friday all,

I am at work for a short time and leaving sometime before noon today. It's gorgeous and I have a horse ride in my very near future!!

DH is home and we are continuing on our new field. There is a sea of work to be done but it will be beautiful. We met with the contractor who is going to Power Rake the fields and get it ready for seeding. It will be worth it I know it will.

We have no dinner plans for Easter so I will make something a little special but frankly I would rather spend my time outside working or riding than inside cooking and eating. It's been too long a winter to stay in right now!!

Have a wonderful weekend.

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Good Friday and Happy Easter!

Am still cleaning house! I am the worst procrastinator. Suzanne, I agree with you - I'd much rather be outside than inside! Yesterday, I had best intentions on finishing the housecleaning, but instead I worked in the yard, planting crinum lily bulbs for the first time - hope they live. If they do, they will be beautiful AND perennial - the best kind of flowers!

Husband did me a favor doing the grocery shopping, but you should see some of the stuff he brought home - delicious looking cookies from the deli, Miss Debbie brownies, Hershey's miniatures and M&M's! He says it's for my sister and her family, but I know better. And I even gave him a list!

He's off to go buy the shrimp, which we'll boil with the corn, red potatoes, onions, and sausage! Hope whatever I've learned from WW stays somewhat in my head! Also hope the weather stays decent, so we can sit outside - 30% chance of bad weather, but we'll just have to take our chances.....

Speaking of weather, I was amazed by the wildfires in Oklahoma and Texas and feel so for the people who lost their homes and those who were killed by the fires and the tornadoes. I hope none of you or your families were/are affected by this.

Take care - I'm off to find the mop!


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I'd like to make a carrot cake for Easter.... anyone have a good recipe?

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silversword - this is NOT a diet friendly cake! lol But it is the best carrot cake I have ever had! Let me know if you have any questions.

Carrot Cake

Mix together and beat well:
1½ C veg. oil (Could substitute some SF applesauce for some oil)
2 C sugars
4 eggs

2 C cooked mashed carrots (about 2 lbs.)

Mix together and blend into carrot mixture:
3 C flour
2 tsp. baking powder
2 tsp. baking soda
2 tsp. cinnamon

1 ½ C chopped nuts (walnuts or pecans)

Bake in greased tube pan @ 350ºF 45-50 min.

3 oz. cream cheese, softened
6 T softened butter
1 tsp. vanilla
4-5 T. milk
3 C powdered sugar

Beat with electric mixer until well blended.

I am having Easter dinner at my house tomorrow, so I am in the middle of cleaning and cooking. I'll check in later.


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Hi Everyone :)

I came by last week and started writing a post but didn't get it finished, so I'll try for something less ambitious today.

Raeanne, I'm glad you are still painting :)Of course, I'm biased in that area.

I'm having some problems with health and such that I might share more about later. I was in the hospital a week ago and keep having to go in for appointments.

Heather, my cat, is still good, and healthy. I'm still building in virtual worlds and thinking about painting, but not painting much. I do eat relatively healthy and never have sweets like muffins anymore. My body can't handle it. I've been too tired to make pro-fat muffins but might soon. I've discovered that I need to stay away from wheat, too.

I'll leave it at that for now. Just wanted you all to know I'm still here and thinking of you. This is the best group on the web you know :D


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Hi Guys,

Sounds like everyone is busy, BUSY!

Happy Easter!

No big plans for Easter, really. I did the baskets at 6 this morning and hid eggs. DD came home from college; the other DD is going to b/f's house on the other side of the mountains.

I made it through the mom's weekend, whoa, college weekend life is wild, is all I can say.

I've been gone for the week, as my father had a heart attack and I've been preoccupied with everything around that. I may have to fly to my home state to be with the family. He's 82, and will have a pace maker installed on Monday.

Glad to see lots of people posting and lots of things happening.

Amy, nice to hear from you!

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