Magnavox Horizontal Hold

thiserApril 9, 2006

I have a Magnavox TV Model Number TS2760 C207, Chasis Number 27E508-00AA that is having a Horizontal Hold issue.

Sometimes, on most channels the horizontal hold works fine, but mostly the tv seems to be searching for a horizontal lock. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Its actually the vertical hold, sorry.

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It seems to be directly related to the brightness of the image on the screen, the darker the worse the picture gets

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replace capastor # 432 located by the hv flyback should be 100u at 200 volts see if that will fix it. Should be abale to by at your local raido shack store.

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Will not be able to pick that capacitor up at radio shack.. If you need 1. I got 1 to sell you. There hard to find unless u want to pay $7.00 or more for 1..
I will send you 1 for that including S/H.
Thanks Paul
Email me at: if you want to purchase. You can send thru paypal and will get shipped today!

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