palette/design gallery-what do i do?

tghardinSeptember 22, 2006

Hi, please bear with me-this is a long story. I bought an Ellageo off ebay and the woman sent me everything she had including a palette card writer, design gallery and the installation disks for both. We have a MAC computer for our home computer so I had to buy a laptop to use for embroidery. Only problem now is the laptop does not have a disk drive, only CD ROM and the palette installation is on disk. I have an upgrade for palette on CDROM but there is no current palette on the computer and therefore has nothing to upgrade. Is there any way to make the stuff work or do I need to get all new programs?

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Can you find a friend who can transfer the disk to CD for you?

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You can purchase an external usb floppy disk drive for around $30 that is always handy to have for instances like this when you want to install older programs or view old files on your laptop. I purchased one and use it all the time. The other thing I purchased is a USB hub for under $15 that gives you extra ports to plug things into since a laptop has a limited number of ports.

First thing is take the machine to the dealer for local sew&vac for a checkup. The $65 price is money well spent to find any problems with the machine.

Second item is to go the the babylock site and check their download site for any updates or patches for the software version you have--you will probably get a lot of current, useful information on their software and usage that sometimes isn't included in the manual.

If your new laptop has ServicePack2 installed, SP2 sometimes does strange things with devices and software compatability should you have problems installing any drivers for any device for the laptop.

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Thank you both for your help. Very helpful information. I sure hope I can get this thing up and running without spending too much more money! It truly has been one expense after another making me question if I should keep going with this or just put it all back on ebay and call it a day! :)

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Some machines are so complicated to get working that I would say that life's too short LOL SOme are really simple. I have the Janome 300E emb. only machine. It couldn't be easier to use. When I read about all these software problems, I don't knon why people bother. This is supposed to be fun, after all!

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Sometimes it's not worth buying a used machine when you get through with all the problems and additional expense. Dollar for dollar, you may have been better off buying a new machine with licensed software, machine warranty, and free lessons from the dealer.

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