Broken water line?

Kimberly_TooJune 22, 2002

I have a soggy spot in the middle of my back yard. I'm in Arizona where we havent gotten any rain in a long time. I'm assuming that the water line coming into the house is leaking. Do I call the city or a plumber to handle this? Does anyone know what the cost of something like this is?

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My guess is that the city's responsibity ends at your property line. Call them first just in case.

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First, turn off your water into the house, then you should have a meter that reads your water use. If the needle or meter is spinning then you defintely have a leak. Had this problem, don't call the city, start researching plumbers. Please be sure to check w/BBB before hiring one. Have two or three come out and assess the problem and provide an estimation or some may even give this to you over the phone. It could be a broken connector that ties two pipes together. Where is your water source? Coming from the street in front of your home? I'm trying to figure why it would be leaking in the back of your yard. If you have a septic system, could this be another option?

We had two pipe leaks in our yard and under home due to PB pipes. The yard cost $1000 to fix and we went on the cheaper side. He didn't grade the yard level when done and we've had difficulty getting it level in all this North Carolina clay. Lesson learned we should have gone with the more expensive $2000, and they guarantee the yard to be repaired back to it's original condition. If you do pay for city water, they may give you a break on the high water bill since you are acting quickly. Plead that your on the problem and ask for a break since you are already facing the repair expense. Good luck and let us know how you make out!

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It depends if the line is leaking before it passes your meter or after. In my town, if it's leaking before your meter, the city will take care of it.

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Did you get help with your broken waterline yet? I'm sure that by now you've fixed the problem. However, if not, E-mail me, I am also in AZ. & could recomend a good company located in your area.

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This morning i washed my face at my bathroom sink and everything was fine. However about 15 minutes later when trying to get water out of the kitchen sink, it was very slow. So then I went back to the bathroom sink to try and see if it would work and it was the same way and then no water would come out as if I had turned the water off and there was air in the line. Then I began to hear what sounded like water running somewhere. It sounded like it was either coming from above me(attic) or possibly in the bathroom(wall?) somewhere. There was no visible water anywhere. So then I ran downstairs into my storage room directly under the bathroom and it sounded like a bunch of water running above me where the air duct was but I'm not positive if it was really right there. So anyway I quickly shut off the water to the house, but I had no time to check anything out because I was already running late for work. Any ideas? I'm pretty sure it must be a broken water line or can I know for sure before calling a plumber?

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How did you find a nine year old post to prevent you from starting your own post?

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With everything that uses water (faucets, washing machine, dishwasher, ice maker, etc.) OFF, open the main shut off. If the meter moves, you've got a leak.

Sometimes finding it can be a challenge.

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"How did you find a nine year old post to prevent you from starting your own post?"

What difference does it make? MYOB.

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